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FBI Joins Investigation Into 'Unfathomable' Death of Sandra Bland


FBI Joins Investigation Into 'Unfathomable' Death of Sandra Bland

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Friday announced it was joining the probe into the disturbing death of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old black woman who died in police custody in Texas on Monday.

An investigation was launched on Wednesday by the Texas Rangers, a branch of the state's Department of Public Safety, after a campaign spread demanding answers about the young woman's death under the hashtag #WhatHappenedToSandraBland.


It will turn out after careful investigation that she hanged herself while resisting arrest.


Enough is Enough. The next time, the very next time someone, anyone no matter what color, creed or gender, it doesn’t matter, dies in police custody the entire police dept. needs to be arrested and charged as being an accessory to murder. I am talking about the entire department including secretaries, dispatchers, janitors, anyone even remotely connected to the department should be behind bars until justice is served…No more ‘probes,’ the ones that take months leaving the bereaved wondering what happened to their loved one. The next police officer or officers who do not follow protocol should lose their job immediately. Take their guns and badges away as they no longer are qualified to serve as persons capable of upholding the law when they decide to take the law into their own hands. I know most officers do a great job but it only takes one bad apple to ruin a whole barrel.


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Ah, you two had me right up until you started " gatekeeping " for the police. Terms like " some credence " and " one bad apple " don’t cut it. Some people just can’t bring themselves to " say xhit, even when they have a mouthful of it. " This beautiful person didn’t deserve anything like this for a routine traffic stop. I don’t want to even venture a guess what they might have done to her before she died. What a monumental disgrace!


Where is the information on the arresting officer? I mean, NO mention of the rest of the story? Come on, Common Dreams, you are dropping the ball on this story.


I am 99.percent certain this was not a suicide.

I am 99.999999999 percent certain she did not “assault a peace officer”.

I am 100 percent certain she was Black.


Glad to see the Feds involved but then they didn’t seem to make much difference in Missouri.


“I know most officers do a great job but it only takes one bad apple to ruin a whole barrel.”

that’s old school. nowadays, i would say most cops are pigs.
ignorant, sadistic, control freaks with shaved heads and pot bellies.


An interesting news item appeared on the CBC regarding an undercover Police operation here in Vancouver.

It was in the East End the poorest community in the lower mainland. Poverty and drug use is high. People sleep in streets or in run down hotels. In any case a number of people in wheelchairs had been robbed and since most occurred in the East end an officer went undercover there using a wheelchair and feigning a head injury. He carried a money belt around his waist and made sure people saw he was carrying money.

Nobody robbed him. People went out of their way to help him and warn him about flashing his money. One person even helped zip up the moneybelt to ensure no one saw. people offerred to pray for him. Some people gave him money. Not one person ever shortchanged him on any transaction. He was rather taken aback at the compassion shown to him in this the poorest of neighborhoods,

Needless to say he never caught anyone but his perspective on the people living there certainly changed.

There is a whole lot of common decency in people that are poor be they black or white or of the First Nations peoples. There is no decency in the Police officers that beat and prey on them.


There a Video of a lawyer standing besides two of her clients. A Policeman in plainsclothes arrives and asks the men to stand still so he can take their pictures. The lawyer statesthat there no need for the men to have their pictures taken or for them to answer any questions and gives that council to her clients.

The officer then states that unless the lawyer steps asides and leaves the area she would be arrested for “resisting arrest”… She refuses and then is arrested for “resisting arrest” even as she stands there with her hands out to be cuffed.

The officer went through this excercise knowing all of this was being captured on Video.


The murderous pigs are enforcers for the oppressors! All part of ruling by fear; but, the hammer will come down on fascist, police state amerika!
There will be an enormous Social Revolucion; the empire will fail! The People will triumph!


That one demands a link.


The dick KNOWS he has impunity,


Well, I can confirm that you did not exaggerate:-

The officer arrested the lawyer for “resisting arrest”, inside the courthouse, even though she turned around and proffered her hand for handcuffs, all while the whole thing was being videoed.


And the police will assure you that being 100% black had nothing to do with this tragedy!


Well, there is a big, fat, rat in the room with this one. As someone that has been assaulted by police twice when I was younger, they will say anything to justifiy the unjustifiable.


Thank you. No most PIGGS don’t do a great job unless you call brutalizing and, in this case MURDERING citizens, a great job. I was surprised that Commondreams did not pick up on this event sooner than this, but I will repeat what I wrote at another site:

This was MURDER. Those piggs MURDERED this woman. They are MURDERING or attempting to MURDER citizens most every day now. We are paying tax money so that these MURDERERS can go out and MURDER people. When will we say that enough is enough and get rid of these MURDEROUS creatures???


unfortunatly the treatment of “suspects” , while perhaps weighted against minorities, knows no color line. I had a friend a few years ago, white, the son of a judge, assaulted in the local jail by officers. Multiple broken bones while in custody. I myself was assaulted twice by cops in my younger days. Until they face real accountability the mistreatment of citizens will continue. I believe this woman was murdered by cops.


As someone that has trained scores of cops in non violent (as much as possible) restraint procedures. (Martial arts instructor) I would say that this is a wrong characterization. Most cops are not ex military. The few that are are actually the ones that are the best in my opinion. They have been subject to military discipline and are generally the most thoughtful people I have run into in a police situation. The real problem are some of the others, attracted to the power of the position, and subject to just 10 weeks of training. I would honestly say that 90 percent of the officers are normal, hardworking people…dealing with a stressful job. The problem is the 10 percent that cause almost 100 percent of the problems. They are not subject to any accountablily and are silently supported by the other 90 percent that do not want to end their careers by being a “rat”. therein lies the problem.