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FBI Joins Investigation Into 'Unfathomable' Death of Sandra Bland


As Naomi Klein pointed out, Black Lives Matter (which Sandra Bland heroically gave, and lost, her life for) has everything to do with climate justice. There is no climate justice for the same reason there is no justice for poor folks: because elites are so stupid (maybe it’s the in-breeding) they can’t imagine how the brutality they sponsor could ever explode in their hands. Even when the violence they inflict irreversibly damages the one-and-only home planet.

It’s the same struggle, against the same goddam mega-dimwits. The obvious ineptitude of power elites, as they run out of toes to shoot off of their own feet, should be cause for hope that they can and will be deposed. But it’s getting very late in the game, and the stakes keep getting steeper.


That would be really unfair, though. But I’d certainly sign up for a law stating that the offender’s entire chain of command, including the Chief, all go to prison for something so egregious!


That suggests the cop is either too stupid to be a cop…or he knew the fix was in. EDIT: Having read further, it’s clear that it’s the fix.

He should certainly lose his job.


This death while in police custody is going to be brought before a grand jury. What a laugh! What a travesty of justice! The grand juries’ actions are all a joke in the US, whether they are convened in New York, California, Missouri, and certainly in Texas, as for example in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida where the members of the George Zimmerman shooting incident consisted of a group of old, racist, white women, or other examples with an occasional white man who is unable to weasel out of the assignment by declaring himself a self-employed carpenter, plumber, etc. The juries should be a jury of peers, who in most cases will be black men and women.

Also consider that the sheriff of the county’s police department where the possible murder took place was suspended in one of his earlier policing job and fired from another. Why must there be so many racists, incompetents, and psychopaths in police departments across the US? We encounter this same shit over and over again.


If these good officers, trained by our military, lack the guts to stop a minority of bad apples from killing and injuring and legally running rough shod over the populace, then they need to go. Pronto! This is the " banality of evil ", writ large, dude. If someone with your experiences can’t see this issue clearly, we are in a lot more trouble than we think. The black, brown and poor in America don’t need Uncle Whitey forming another study group and coming up with some new spin on Community Policing. They need Uncle Whitey to get his ass and head wired together. Pronto! Good ol’ boys call this disease " posterior craniosis ". Street corner talkin’: " having your head extremely far up your arse. " The cure: The Definition of Stress is " the irresistible urge to kick the living shit out of someone who desperately needs it. " The boots are being laced up and we’ll not like the ensuing splatter. THE PIC has got to be dismantled.


While FBI are investigating jail deaths in Waller County they need to investigate the jail hanging death down the street in Fort Bend County of that Madam from Alabama back in 1995’ish, she had supposedly walked off a federal prison trusty camp in Bastrop where she had a 5 year sentence for an escort service in Alabama, she was on the lam for a week or so, her escape reported in the news daily, then supposedly caught in Sugarland Tx, Fort Bend County, where she was jailed then found hanging to death in a jail cell a few days later. I imagine her parents still live in Alabama. White female.



It has been this way as long as I can remember.
I’ve seen nothing from the AG that is going to change it.

Keep your wits about you…Always, stay out of police encounters.
Shut up, play the respectful dimwit of no value, disappear into the unwanted.

Your rights are not protected, they mean nothing.
You must live if you are to resist and affect change.

Never assume the integrity of the officer will save you.
When the Chicago police run a torture house,
it ain’t just the southern boys, it’s nationwide.


I stand by what I said. The real problem children are the military “wannabees” that make up a small percentage of the cops…the military guys are usually far better trained and act more appropriately. The culture is the problem and the police union. Just read the police union “bill of rights”.


Im afraid it goes beyond “Whitey” The problem cops are all races. I see them in class, bragging about how tough they are on civilians. The massive problem is lack of accountablilty and retribution against any cop brave enough or stupid enough to stand outside of the Thin Blue Line. The judge, the police union the chief, ect. make sure that if an officer is punished it will be minimal. There is no national or state governing body to make sure than bad people do not hold on to the awesome power of a police officer. Accountability is the elephant in the living room,


But most chiefs of police are hired by the city council. If that’s not Uncle & Aunt Whitey they’ll do until a worse class of people come around. Maybe ALEC and The Heritage Foundation could write some white papers, offering instructions?


Ah, where have we heard that scenario before? The Texas Rangers are conceding an improper stop already with violated rules. I think they went to her Facebook website, or someone at the college tipped them off to her Northern politics, and it all went downhill fast from there.Texas is full of crazy, black fundy Christians, who profit from the status quo. Stay tuned.


Nope, but I didn’t need to be to make that prediction.


I am still waiting for this story to appear on MSM. Nary a word. As some others have suggested here, I won’t be surprised to learn that these thugs knew who she was before she traveled there and were waiting for her. The stench from this is very foul.


Absolutely right annabele! When a member of a civilian group commits a crime ALL in the group are charged with the same crime committed by the one or as accessory, as with murder, there should be no difference with police murders. ONLY by absolute accountability can we end this culture of police violence and brutality toward the public - no excuses, no BS lies about 'fear" or " he reached" or “he was holding something” or whatever jive rationale! Contempt for the lives of others by those who "serve and protect"cannot be tolerated any longer …if you cannot serve honorably and truthfully get out!


“Unfathomable”??!! BS! This unfortunate woman is a victim of the culture of police excess, abuse and violence toward citizens, mostly people of color! She never should have been arrested (or probably even stopped) in the first place for a manufactured traffic offense used to generate revenue not protect! Every day we witness the police state execute people for NO reasonable justification at all! Enough is Enough!


► I can’t recall anyone in my lifetime, including me, who was ever ticketed for not signalling a lane change. And here in Texas many drivers seem not to care unless they’re trying to squeeze in between cars and hoping for a break

This lady could have been targeted because she’s Black, or because the cop was bored


The powers that (shouldn’t) be are not dimwits. They know exactly what they are doing, and care not about the suffering and vulnerability of others. They routinely sacrifice their own families to this death machine called “western civilization.” Greed (in this case, greed for superiority and social control- in the form of a badge, a gun, and a paycheck) is a form of psychosis. It is certainly an impairment to one’s humanity. But it is not the same as being a dimwit. Successful greed monsters/sociopaths are usually quite clever.


Biologically speaking, if plutocrats are deaf to the most basic imperative of protecting their offspring, they are too stupid to live - however clever they may be at less important skills such as making others miserable.


► Yes, the collegiality in this profession is beyond belief.

If we had a non-milquetoast President he’d have the justice dept put a few of these hot dogs on trial, and raise the level of professionalism in police departments nation wide overnight


I had a friend a long time ago who was driving across country to visit me in CA from back east. He was stopped in TX and they found 3 ‘joints’ of marijuana and took him to jail. He sent me a few short letters telling me they were harassing him constantly and he was scared. They kept him there for weeks and he had no clue about what was going on.
He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known and full of life and never hurt a sole.

When I didn’t hear from him, I called his family. They told me they found him hanging in his cell dead and that he had killed himself. Anybody who knew him would know that’s a lie.
This kind of thing has been going on in the south for a long long time. He was white but a little hippy looking. It happens more often with blacks.
And…it will go on happening as long as there is fox news and right wing media who refuse to admit it.