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FBI Operating Mysterious Surveillance Flights in US: AP


FBI Operating Mysterious Surveillance Flights in US: AP

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is flying small planes equipped with video and cellphone surveillance technology around the country and hiding their activities behind fictitious business fronts, the Associated Press revealed on Tuesday.


“Holy crap Batman, I guess this means we need to buy a surveillance Batplane and hire a Batcrew of snoopers to insure that we collect conspiratorial data over Gotham” Robin has been quoted as saying. He added that the team could, as the FBI does, continue to rely on the NSA to provide the bulk collection activities or mass surveillance to assist in controlling the Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and other nefarious terrorists in the city with Batman’s strategy for economy of scale.


Having lost state legitimacy in its morass of corporatism and class warfare, the regime must resort to all the panoply of modern totalitiarianism. I remind all that Fascism, armed with all the devices of perverted science, and inspired with a dominionist religiously supported ideology is the natural form of governance for such a corporate state.


As it builds on the legacy of Hitler, Stalin and J. Edgar Hoover.


“…Officials say cellphone surveillance is rare”

I take that to mean in Constitutional terms that according to the menu it cannot be well done, roasted or toasted. The toxins inherent leave it slimy, moldy, and probably viral.


Pretty comical, or is it farcical, that Congress can be debating changing bulk data collection procedures of cell phone calls and e-mails, while this indiscriminate mass surveillance of everyone, is not even discussed. And, of course, the FBI misrepresented what they’re really doing ( Gambling in Casablanca, I’m shocked ). With no regards to numerous rights afforded to all citizens under the 4th Amendment. When Bush II said, " you’re either with us or against us ", who knew he meant we’re either swearing our fealty to obey a blank sheet of paper or considered an enemy of the Oligarchy. " Nothing is sacred to the Oligarchs in charge of the United States, today. Not your privacy rights, not your environment, not your food and certainly not the concept of innocent until proven guilty. Since 2001, we are all suspects unless we can, like our Congress and the 1%, buy an exemption. A " get out of jail free card " as it were, for those with money, a badge or a uniform. To those who say, " well, if you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about " ; I laugh at your utter naivety. That’s not how this works at all, of course. Some of my friends think Orwell was an optimist and this helps make their case. Would the election of a Sen. Sanders or Jill Stein change the trajectory of this " one nation, under surveillance " scenario? I don’t use these much but it seems appropriate here, LMFAO. It really has become this farcical.


Cut Off all funding to FBI. They create terrorists in order to stay in business on the eve of spending cuts. (e.g., Boston Bomber, Sandy Point, etc, etc.)

This peeping Tom government has got to go!


I recall a comment in 1984 to the effect of "Winston looked out his window briefly, seeing the small black helicopters of the Thought Police flying around, looking in windows.

  • “They were not the most dangerous, as the Thought Police could look into your home or your job at any time, recording and noting what you did, your expression, analyzing not only your words, but the way you spoke them.”
  • We live in a fascist empire, run by the basically unseen uberwealth of the Oilagarchy, the 0.001%. They see nothing wrong with grinding an iron heel into the face of the proles. There are so many of them.
  • As noted in the last few days, one small step for the people is instantly cancelled out by end runs by the bought and paid for “government” to maintain the status quo.