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FBI Ordered to Disclose its Surveillance Tactics on Communities


FBI Ordered to Disclose its Surveillance Tactics on Communities

Julia Harumi Mass

On Monday, a federal district court in San Francisco issued an important ruling for government transparency and accountability. Judge Richard Seeborg disallowed the FBI’s attempt to use a “law enforcement exemption” in the Freedom of Information Act to shield from public disclosure details of the agency’s surveillance programs.


… First they came for…

History is stained in the blood of one scapegoat group after another. After all, without an established enemy (or target) du jour, how could the gargantuan Defense Industry and its myriad arms defend their reason for existence?

If Herman Hesse were alive today, he’d craft the labyrinth of all the networks that make up The Beast under the cloak of profound metaphor. One can almost feel its dark breath on the back of their neck…


Unlimited state secrets is tyranny. The Dictatorship Of The Corportariat will continue its assault on personal freedom with ever more aggressive secrecy and policing until we take it down. This is not patty cake. It’s war.


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