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FBI Releases Secret Spy Plane Footage from Freddie Gray Protests


FBI Releases Secret Spy Plane Footage from Freddie Gray Protests

Nathan Freed Wessler, Naomi Dwork

In response to an ACLU Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has released more than 18 hours of video from surveillance cameras installed on FBI aircraft that flew over Baltimore in the days after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015.


How exactly is any of this supposed to benefit us Citizens, who are actually Paying for all this Crap?


Nothing done by the Powers That Be benefits the citizenry in any way, and assertions that what they do provides any benefits or hope for future benefits are "cover stories." The tragedy is that they work as well as they do. It's all a pack of lies designed to keep everyday people believing that the PTB really do have their best interests at heart and that the only reasons they can't come through with real working solutions is that the circumstances are just too complex to be fixed and there are all those "enemy otherguys" making problems that the PTB are too overwhelmed by to solve effectively

That's what they'd have you believe, that they're really trying their best to help. They aren't, and awareness that all they're all doing is using propagandistic false advertising to placate the people is starting to appear here and there. Whether this new awareness can reach the critical masses in time to be able to change . . . well, nearly everything remains one of the biggest unanswered question about the future and whether or not we will even have one.





Its very spooky. Because it seems to show that the FBI is treating the people of the United States the way the U.S. military treats the inhabitants of Afghanistan, for example (or where ever it is we are currently sending our lethal drones). As just a massive bunch of targets/potential targets to be surveilled the way one would monitor an infestation of termites. That one image of the 'drone' I can imagine it is actually a cross-hairs and you would soon hear the audio from that video that Bradley Manning got released of those people in Iraq slaughtered from the air via a U.S. Apache helicopter (Collateral Murder).