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FBI Spied 'Beyond Its Authority' on Keystone XL Opponents


FBI Spied 'Beyond Its Authority' on Keystone XL Opponents

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) broke its own internal rules when it spied on Keystone XL opponents in Texas, violating guidelines designed to prevent the agency from becoming overly involved in complex political issues, a new report by the Guardian and Earth Island Journal published Tuesday has revealed.


Meanwhile Pam Geller and associates don’t get spied on.


NSA, data mining etc. were designed to protect corporate profits and assets.


Amusing, the FBI has been used for nefarious political purposes since its inception. While the CIA has always been “Corporations Invisible Army” internationally, the FBI has had the same role domestically. Job #1 of the US and its president is to make the world safe for corrupt, crony, predatory capitalism while destroying all alternatives at every opportunity. Every thing else is just theater perpetuating the illusion of choice, the illusion of democracy where there is none. Welcome to “Inverted Totalitarianism” 101…


“We’re not surprised,” says Seifert, me either, just as it’d be unsurprising to learn that the FBI et. al was playing provocateur and trying to lure anti-capitalists into planting bombs.


If anything, this shows just how many average Americans, at least those who end up working for these agencies, remain entranced with the prevailing capitalist narratives, and just how quickly they sink to the most vile behaviors to ensure its continuation.


" The FBI broke its own internal rules when it spied on Keystone XL opponents in Texas".

Please! The FBI really has no internal rules. And the proof of that is: The egregious and infamous J. Edgar Hoover’s name is still on the FBI headquarters building in Washington D.C.! His name should have been removed a long time ago but alas, this most evil of men is still venerated by the FBI even though his punic and nefarious deeds are legion.


And, as was true of the crimes committed during the life of the official COINTELPRO, none of the criminals will get so much as a wrist-slap. We’ll be damned lucky if they get a finger-wagging.


Why am I not surprised that this is the norm for the FBI?



Off course no surprise there, we all suspected that the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the US military all take their orders from the wealthy few, very wealthy and powerful few. I get alarmed when i hear ordinary towns people in the west call the environmentalists job killers and other derogatory names and often wonder where and how they get programmed that way. All the police and spy agencies have been monitoring the environmental and political activists for many decades, we are a prickly thorn on the sides of the rich. I hope that we have broken their decades and perhaps even centuries old encrypted social engineering psychology to more manageable pieces.


It’s called job protection, almost all who have served in the military are gungho pro government and think are “patriotic”, so do almost all who directly or indirectly work for the government including the police, the firemen, etc, not realizing who is really paying them.


They might admit to wrong doing only if caught red handed but if we can’t see it, it didn’t happen


If I reply to this article, will the FBI consider me a terrorist worth spying on to save our liberty and protect our freedom to spread democracy to the rest of the world?


Probably, however I think that you and I have a great deal of company…