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FBI to Review Additional Clinton Emails as Part of Server Probe


FBI to Review Additional Clinton Emails as Part of Server Probe

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

This post may be updated.

In a letter to lawmakers released Friday afternoon, FBI director James Comey said investigators are reviewing additional emails that "appear to be pertinent" to the agency's probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server.

The letter sent to eight congressional committee chairmen 11 days before the presidential election reads in part:


This is outrageous. Nearly every high official in the FBI is a right wing republican, Comey himself was deputy attorney general under George W. Bush. The Justice Department should open an investigation of the FBI itself to see what kind of communications have occurred between Comey and republican politicians.


The FBI here, Director Comey in particular, is seeking political cover by re-opening the email probe case. That's because even though it's clear that HRC will be the next President, equally clear is that Republicans will still hold a commanding majority in both the House and the Senate - more than enough to start Impeachment hearings the nanosecond Clinton takes the Oath of Office.

Then we'll have Tim Kane for President. oh joy....


It's hard not to speculate given the jilting declarations in Comey's public announcement this summer, followed by his clear walk back in front of Congress. Does anyone really think Comey's weakly detailed letter to Congress wouldn't get leaked, including Comey himself?


Even if your projection on House and Senate holds, "start impeachment hearings" is nowhere near "remove from office." Remember that WJC was impeached (charged) by the House, but the Senate failed to convict him, so it was just a big showy waste of our time and money.


This wasn't a leak, just a routine notice to Congress. I believe the pertinent phrase is " I am writing to supplement my previous testimony."


Yep, I called that wrong. Guess I was reacting more to the way Republicans were depicting it, than what the letter said.


The question I have is this....Why did the DNC unethically install their candidate as nominee, KNOWING FULL WELL that she is fatally flawed? They resorted to the political equivalent of insider trading and I'm confident election fraud was in place, as well. For crying out loud, decades-long Dems like myself, who've never voted outside the party were screaming for months to drop the woman. If Sanders wasn't their cup of tea, OK...there were others out there. But, NO...they insisted on pushing the corrupt Clinton. And they wonder why the party's split in at least two camps? The DNC itself is corrupt, and until they flush the drain of the human waste that runs the place, and set in place decent people with high ideals, loyalists like myself will have moved on.


There was no election. But this is all off topic.


If irrefutable evidence surfaced that HRC was a pedophile, enjoyed Holocaust jokes and had arranged an "accident" for Bernie had he won the nomination,
I fear that many of her supporters would reply "I don't care. I'm voting for her."
(I'm voting for Stein in PA)


Excuse me while I throw up.

Quite frankly the FBI investigating Police Killings and the NSA is far more important.

Give it a rest already, and fricking work on employment, clean environment.
How about investigating top ten polluters.
I know a few Dimon like Bankers that need a proctology report.

I could give a sh_t about the emails already.


Apparently the whole email controversy surfaced when they discovered the sexting emails from Anthony Weiner to his wife, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. (This is not made up.)

No wonder they dropped the investigation before. Who would want to have to search through those Anthony Weiner emails? (This part IS made up.)


You could produce bona fide video of HRC committing necrophilia on the corpse of Ronald Reagan & the Dems would still defend her.

(Of course, politically, she has been doing that all along.)


You are correct.
The Democratic Primary was not an election. It was a fraudulent farce.


Not really- It saved Social Security for the time being that is-
And, on A different note, are YOU the one flagging posts around here?
I see A pertinent post by Mark Novitsky "flagged" for no apparent reason-and this flagging of posts has been going on a lot recently-about the time YOU came on board....


What could a further investigation turn up? The worst would seem to be that two people with security clearance were exchanging e-mails with classified information. So we would be left with the same conclusion. No willful intent. No reason to prosecute. Or it may be found that there was no classified information in any of these e-mails. The problem seems to be that the public doesn't understand the law. Many people don't seem to get the willful intent part. The law is very specific. People seem to prefer to imagine their own laws. What is actually the law doesn't seem to matter.


Primaries just are not elections. They're the private business of private organizations. Let's save that one for another thread, eh?


None of this is going to help US!
If she does not win the election because of these new revelations, we get the other evil and lose much of the clout a progressive Senate will provide.
If she wins the elections despite that and she is indicted after the election, we get Tim Kaine. There are no indications, that he will be bound by the concessions Bernie wrangled out from the DNC and Hillary


The DNC is likely regretting what they did to support HRC at Bernie Sanders' expense. He had the momentum and his supporters had it right.


Why did you bring it up AGAIN?

You did this with me several weeks ago, then you bring it up AGAIN, and now you suggest we save it for another thread?

We get it: You are here for a reason, and you believe that a political party can make its own rules, change its rules, primaries and caucuses are not elections, and they can move anybody they please into the nomination..even if they use taxpayer dollars and/or equipment.

Unfortunately for you, primaries are indeed elections. Get over it.