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FBI's "Outside Party" Revealed as Bureau Angles to Keep New Hack Secret



Somehow they call the status quo due process and civil political activity. Watch out for that friendly smile.


Obama neither pardoned nor prosecuted any of the Bush Administration criminals, probably because a pardon would require acknowledgement of law breaking. I assume he'll do the same for Hillary Clinton and the rest of the criminals in his own administration. And Obama has endorsed Clinton for president, I assume because he's confident she won't acknowledge any of his crimes either.


too too funny - what makes you think you can hack apples code - you may be smart but not that smart. Americans and the English invented computing and computers - I will be amazed iffin they can hack apples code - go figure -


they for the most part want us as there slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its a about freedom and the preusuit of happeness non of which if possible within the corporate world


Me too.


Let's see, Translation: The FBI already broke the encryption, whether it exposes all phone users personal information to hackers around the world, not important. What matters is they have access to all people all the time, period. P.S. only a small part of the reason for this has anything to do with terrorism.


What they need to do is get into the iPhones of the three white males in combat gear seen at the scene while their patsy was being shot to death by authorities. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/12/07/3whitemen/ Three men in combat gear. Can you say, "false flag?"


Promoting the ravings of an Antisemitic conspiracy site with neo-Nazi links. Leftists going around the bend and finding themselves in bed with the far right.