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FCC Anti-Net Neutrality Plan Sparks All Out Comment War, Bots Included


FCC Anti-Net Neutrality Plan Sparks All Out Comment War, Bots Included

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Rarely do the public comments made on a federal agency website garner so many headlines, but the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) plan to gut net neutrality protections has sparked an all-out war between Open Internet advocates and a pro-corporate bot—with a few additional bad apples sprinkled in.


Anyone else notice the uptick in breaking stories, these past few days and weeks? lol - Maybe not funny. Things are going "south" perty darn fast. Ajit Pai is an appointee. A corporate-bankster appointee. We from the Free Internet are screwed, at least for, "Four more years! Four more years - of THAT?" - lyrical phrase quote from the late, GREAT, Gill Scott-Heron!

Pen and pencil - may not be too far away - or pay-to-play with these mobsters. How do we get rid of these mobster influences? How did they grab our freedoms, right from under our noses?

Isolation was key. Urban isolation in a systemic "consumer" wasteland of endless highways, utility poles overhead, massive concrete, steal and glass living cubicles, sprawled "communities" built on prime agricultural lands. Leaving us citizens "twisting in the wind" for lack of community squares and pedestrian pathways, that would otherwise be connecting us. Allowing for conversation with our community of neighbors, away from the smelly, stinking, fossil fuel cars. Our Democracy is choking on the corrosive isolation that is being permanently foisted upon us by leaving only one other solace - the so-called "smartphones" connected to the Internet. Connecting - our minds - but not ENOUGH! We need our living Spirit connection, too! The mobsters have taken over our government. Lest we forget, let's remember that we are the 99%!


And so the in the quiet of our own homes the formal greeting introduces the formal registering of dissent and opposition to the agenda of the FCC appointee. Clearly Ajit Pai should not be left alone during such trying times.

And... posting early and often, i present below the platform provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation...

Dear FCC

Lets send the young man a seriously respectful piece of our minds regarding NET NEUTRALITY


How to destroy the USA Government in easy fashion. Elect a complete fool that knows nothing of governance. Appoint and get confirmed the absolute worst people to head various Cabinet positions. Turn over the military to generals. Turn the fed and finance to the vultures of Goldman Saks, don't worry this has been going on for quite some time. Deny science in general and global poisoning/warming in particular. Have clueless ditzes be spokespersons, Kellyanne Conway comes to mind. Move over Sarah Palin. Now have the media give nonstop misinformation on all sorts of things; Russia and Syria come to mind. Now wait for the implosion The net neutrality anti attack is just the latest attack on our freedom, or what's left of it, to be commodified and sold off to corporate interests. I can't wait 'till the next action, it's sure to spark outrage.


Pai is second to none at blaming the victims and rewarding the perpetrators,,,Murkin sepshunalism at its best !


"Ending it would incapacitate the resistance, which many organizers and movement-builders understand all too well."

This is known in business parlance as a twofer. Not only do they get to haul in a lot of bucks, but they also get to inhibit any opposition to their agenda. It's part and parcel of the present program at the state level by ALEC to pass local laws forbidding any kind of demonstration. It's why a reporter is arrested for asking Pruitt a question.


"A corporate-bankster appointee."

Actually he was a corporate lawyer for the rabidly anti-free internet Verizon Corp, which is much worse. Fox guarding the henhouse is an understatement.


You are describing suburbia, not urban spaces where people are not so isolated.


The misinformation regarding Syria is coming from the nutty left. Assad is quite happy for the US to be killing Syrians by the thousands under their bombs while he mops up the remaining pockets of dissent.


Remember the time before computers?

We survived.

Let them cut their own throats.

Stop using anything related to the Internet.

Watch them reverse their stupid greedy decisions.

Let's all bet on it.

One month? Two?

One week?