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FCC Approves Horrible Merger, Hurting Consumers Nationwide


FCC Approves Horrible Merger, Hurting Consumers Nationwide

Mary Alice Crim

With Chairman Tom Wheeler at the helm, the agency ignored hundreds of thousands of people who urged it to block this disastrous deal. Instead of standing with the people who use the Internet, he sided with the companies that want to control it.

Here’s Where Things Stand:


What we need is a Natural Monopoly Law.

When market forces demonstrate that the consolidation of companies providing a service or product makes sufficient sense that a single company controls say 30% or more of the market then that company is to be either nationalized, partially nationalized, and to be regulated in the public interest. Possibly an argument can be made for partial nationalization. By this I mean that the public owns with voting shares a significant part of the corporation, plus has seats in the executive, thus having both influence on and awareness in the corporations plans and actions.


"Charter now rivals Comcast in size. Together the two companies will offer service to nearly 80 percent of U.S. households. In more than half of Charter’s territory, customers will have no other real option for bundled broadband and pay-TV services. Without real competition, Charter can charge whatever it wants."

Only if you're willing to pay it. Cut the cord.


A side issue, but I remain mystified by the illogical notion that everything especially hits people of color. I see no hint of color coding in cable bills. Those who are actually especially hard-hit by rising prices are low-income people. The overwhelming majority of low income (and poor) in the US are white. Price increases cover regions, not specific neighborhoods. A white person on one side of town gets charged the same rates as a black person on the other.

Whatever your intentions, get over the impulse to claim that everything effects "especially people of color."


It's unfortunate for many of the low-income elderly and disabled, who rely on their computers to communicate with others, to pursue a full range of interests, etc., having a powerfully positive impact on overall quality of life.


Wheeler is a shameless disgrace. His whole tenure at FCC has been one attempt after another to sell off various media "properties" to corporations or facilitate mergers like this one, ones that ultimately screw customers and provide less choice and regulation. Just one more example of Barry the Liar's "Hope and Change". And just think, with President Clinton, it will be the same with more "boots on the ground" around the world. Our political system is a corrupt joke except that I am not laughing, I am outraged.
We have got to take the next step and see "our" Federal government for what it really is - a gigantic criminal enterprise beyond justice and with no accountability.


Someone was bribed.


The way they do these bribes now is subtle. Money does not change hands. There a wink and a nudge with the implicit promise from the firm in question that when the Regulator making the decision leaves the FCC he will have a nice job waiting for him or her in that Company.


We might eventually all have to find another way to communicate. CitizensRightsWeb or something, where no large company is allowed to access. We would own it, so the Wall Street Mafia couldn't charge for it. We could put it on the Darkweb, which is bigger anyway than the www and access it via ham radios or HF or something. We might tie it into a T-3 connection somewhere so some www could be accessed.

If it was text only, the cost might be nothing. In the late 70's Usenet was this way. If you ever mentioned the name of a company or tried to sell something, you were banned. No commercial enterprises were allowed. It was pretty cool, but since it had no monitor, it used a lot of paper.

I wish I was back in 1970, before all this malware slowed me down to a crawl.


I am glad we have people fighting for the common man....But corporate power is so inclusive now they own everything including the republican party and at least half of the democrats if not more....It is going to get much harder to win....For comcast it would take massive people just closing their accounts and doing without to get their attention by hitting their pocket books..How many is willing to do that...A huge boycott...That is the only way to win anything from corporate america.


Everytime they sell us out they have to sell us on it and tell us how good it is going to be for us...Trust them..the gravy train is just down the road.....Those of us who can actually see what their doing try to vote for someone like Sanders but no......all the fanboys have to have Hillary because ah well becauseeee hmmm yeah she is a woman and she has insight..yeah thats it she got experience....(Yeah in fleecing us blind and supporting corporate goals)....To many people vote for someone just because....They dont know why they vote for them other than someone told them to....Republicans vote for assholes because they think the democrats are going to take away their jeebus...Simpletons...


To do that would require many homes becoming a server for the web..How many are willing to do that...Other wise it would have to use the infra structure that is there....and the powers that be wont allow that....Corporations would fight anything that hurts the bottom line....ISPs are fighting cities that want to implement their wirelss internet and it would be cheap or free yet a lot of states have pased laws saying they cant....Who do you think bribed lawmakers to stop that shit eh....Even in places where they didnt offer any service they stopped them from creating a cheap and or free internet....Nooooo they say ..cant do that..They cant really come up with an answer why except some lame excuse...But when big money has been played things get done or not....ane they always have some rhetorical excuse they play over and over...Typical political BS....thats what we get for a corrupted government.


......I'm not a consumer and neither are you, I'm a CITIZEN.
Time to reject their neo-liberal construct.


Very good points. Actually, a user's net owned by subscribers already was very successful on the island of Alameda in California. Users were not impacted much by the sorting going on in the background that turned their tower computers halfway into servers. The cost of buying bulk internet is very low, and with no ISP, they paid almost nothing for the service and the broadband speed was tremendous since it had multiple connections to the web and would split up pages among them.

They got bought out for millions a few years ago, so it's now gone, I think.

But from a technical standpoint, it's easy to do. Your computer already posses everything necessary to wi-fi hop all over your community by line-of-sight. It's the political reality of living in a police state that outlaws everything that is the problem. Here in the Philippines, the government is working with google's intent to make broadband available free for all. We'll see how it turns out.

Here's one in Oakland I just stumbled upon:





damn last i heard the FCC was looking into forcing comcast to get rid of their box's