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FCC Chair Ajit Pai 'Shows Just How Dumb He Thinks Americans Are' With Video Mocking Net Neutrality


FCC Chair Ajit Pai 'Shows Just How Dumb He Thinks Americans Are' With Video Mocking Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"And no this isn't fake. This really is the chairman of the FCC in a video created by a clickbait journalism site."


This is the poster boy for corruption. Hopefully the people of the US and the world will have the last laugh but they need to wake up to this kind of person and his mentality. We can put and end to all of this!!!


Goebbels is no doubt a happy camper, in whatever level of Hell he resides, for his plans and dreams are coming to fruition. His control of information and propaganda was one of the mainstays of the Third Reich and is now being passed on to the Fourth Reich.


In addition to being happy, Goebbels is also green with envy seeing how today’s fascists have outdone he and his fuhrer. Just as the suckers who supported Hitler were not concerned about being crushed by the allies, the suckers supporting the GOP ignore the nuclear war and cyber war threat that the GOP is cultivating.

Perhaps its not just the rapture crowd, but all GOP supporters a death wish ?


Censorship will eventually (and unfortunately) create a goose stepping mentality in people. That is the time when the fascist coup has been completed…


This is fake! This video is fake news this video is completely arbitrary and fake. Do not give into this and do not believe it! Do NOT inform any of your friends or relatives with this. #StopFakeNews


Pai wallowing in power. This man cares not for you.


The idea here is the modern neoliberal capitalist project to “render quaint” democracy and free speech itself - and socially engineer a public that pursues plastic crap while forgetting what free speech even looks like. Meanwhile, those without the money to pursue not only plastic crap, but food and shelter will be rendered totally invisible. Verizon will even employ people to promptly remove the frozen corpses of the homeless who starved or froze to death before dawn, so nobody will ever know it happened.


When prices for internet access go up, he can put sriracha on some crow.

Meanwhile, he’s pretty much a dick, isn’t he?


How can this video sketch be “fake news” it is not, not was it intended to be news. However, that is clearly FCC Commissioner Pai, not an imposter, in it, and the existence of this sketch - which would be a great parody of the attitudes of Pai and his Verizon friends - except it is actually an attempt at parody of their opponents!


Now wait…this video sketch is a parody of the kind of world Pai and his media-capitalists live in, right???


What an ass Pai is…


A very high paid clown.


Barack Obama appointed this corporat whore to the FCC.


well, bad guys win again.

for us, this is going to be harder than most. lefty sites already getting squeezed hard with the “fake news” bullsh*t. It just got worse.


Are you claiming that this Obama-appointee never made this vide?!


We can’t become despondent though. This isn’t the end of the Net Neutrality fight. We have the courts and congress to go to…yeah I know that is not saying much either.


New troll on the block.


Yes. That needs to bear repeating. I will give those who say if we got a democrat in the White House right now they would have a majority in the FCC but people really shouldn’t conclude that Pai magically came around when Trump took office. The setting stones were already in place by dear Obama.


We don’t need a video of him looking like an insensitive, corporate shill to know he is one anyway. It doesn’t matter to Pai what any of the people/public he should be protecting think or want.