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FCC Chairman Pai Should Condemn Trump's Attacks on Free Speech


FCC Chairman Pai Should Condemn Trump's Attacks on Free Speech

Jessica J. González

Ajit Pai has a chance to be on the right side of history.

FCC Chairman Pai Should Condemn Trump's Attacks on Free Speech


Public interest??? Does Ms. Gonzalez still think we live in the age of Walter Cronkite? The only interest Pai’s FCC is defends is Verizon’s interest.


More evidence the “institutions don’t matter” type argument seen here constantly in 2016 to justify Trump was a solid one.


Pai has reached the zenith of his career.
He is a man of color who knows which side his bread is buttered and doesn’t want to take the knife as well.
He will never denounce Orang Utan.


Pai would have never been appointed FCC Chief if he were not one of Trump’s kindred spirits.


Oh please, Pai was put into the position of FFC Chairman to kill Net Neutrality and Free Speech. Any beliefs he will do otherwise is delusional.


Exactly, didn’t the US-left understand that any hope of FCC working in the public interest and responding to organized public demands sort-of depended on Tom Wheeler remaining it’s chairman? And he would have remained chairman only if Hillary was elected?

I don’t think it was as much the never-Hillary types thinking that institutions and agencies don’t matter as much as they seemed to oblivious that they existed at all. Their ignorance as to how government works, what the functions the cabinet departments and their many agencies are, how beneficial regulations are made and enforced, and the scary amount of power the POTUS and his appointees wield over these vital functions, was profound.


I concluded some of them just didn’t want power, just to yell in high sanctimony, while others were just deluded. Clinton would not have been wonderful, but Garland would’ve likely been on the Court and unions would not be under the threat they are now, as well as the EPA etc. What still amazes me is the responses I got when I noted what a rightwing court could do to progressive hopes. I was told I was pushing “fear voting” when I mentioned the Taft Court, the wreckage it laid to minimum wage and work hours laws, and how long it took to get those things back. You need institutions that lean your direction, at least give you a fair hearing, if you want lasting progressive policy. None cared, many were outright hostile.