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FCC Commissioner Slams Her Own Agency for Policies 'Custom-Built' to Favor Sinclair-Tribune Merger


FCC Commissioner Slams Her Own Agency for Policies 'Custom-Built' to Favor Sinclair-Tribune Merger

Julia Conley, staff writer

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on Tuesday argued against her own agency's recent policy rulings under the Trump administration, in light of President Donald Trump's defense of Sinclair Broadcasting as the conservative broadcasting giant attempts to merge with Tribune Media in a $3.9 billion deal.


Sinclair seems to be a right-wing political organization disguised as a media company. Its main purpose does not seem to be providing information to the public but furthering an extreme white wing agenda.


Horrible. Not being a broken record, I say this often because it is highly relevant. The Democrats, if they were to pick the right person, could hammer the living hell out of Trump because of corruption. However, they have chosen to send out people in a tone deaf manner, like choosing Pelosi to go out and talk about inequality when she’s accumulated a massive amount of money while in office and is now one of the richest elected representatives. That decision is mind-numbingly stupid and tone deaf, off the charts. If those in charge of the party and their super delegates get their way, they’ll nominate someone very much like Clinton, corrupt and controlled by their big money donors. If they do, they will not be able to hammer Trump on his corruption and will nullify what would otherwise be a huge advantage, and the chance of them doing just that is better than them not doing just that. If they do and they do in fact nullify that advantage, and if they don’t have a coherent, popular and progressive alternative to the horrible status quo (which they don’t, in large part because their donors won’t allow them to), then what exactly will the election be about? Trump being a buffoon, Stormy Daniels and Russia, Russia, Russia? Also, you might notice that many Democrats refuse to actually sign on to reverse Pai’s disastrous gutting of net neutrality. What a shitty opposition party. Pointing out horrible Pai is feels good, and is unfortunately true, but it doesn’t take much effort for activists on the left. Pointing out the corruption of the weak, pathetic opposition party is much more difficult and will bring on attacks from people that work hard to protect systematic corruption, especially given that this two party state has rigged the system as they have.

Is this qualitatively different than the DCCC getting money from health insurance companies to attack candidates that support single payer and to push for privatizing things like Medicare? No, same thing, different issue.


Free Press open letter:
To the Federal Communications Commission:

The FCC must deny the Sinclair-Tribune merger. Sinclair has consistently proven itself to be an unworthy steward of the public airwaves — promoting racist commentators, spreading Trump propaganda, slashing newsroom staff, and forcing bigoted must-run content on local stations — and should not be rewarded with a merger that will allow the company to double down on its bad behavior.

If the FCC approves this deal, Sinclair — already the biggest broadcaster in the country — will reach more than 70 percent of the U.S. population. The FCC had to slash nearly every existing media-ownership protection to make this merger possible — a major shift the agency made without providing any chance for public comment.

We urge the FCC to listen to communities and block this despicable deal.

Link to sign


Time to monkeywrench this bulldozer of a system being driven by our toddler in chief, his toadies and all the “opposition” enablers.

Ajit Pai should be in jail for the payoffs he’ll receive after the fact from Sinclair and Verizon.


So where are democrats in Congress? Are they speaking out. Of course, we don’t hear anything on news channels or the dem establishment.


said it well, too bad dems aren’t listening.


“What a shitty opposition party”
They only claim to be an opposition party. They’re more like “good cop/bad cop” - two “different” parties playing for the same result. I could have used “Harlem Globetrotters/Washington Generals” but there’s nothing remotely entertaining about our corrupt duopoly…


They’re “Republican Lite.”

Please, just write them off.


If we sneak Paul Ryan into the passage of this bill for his acceptance of Koch-Kash then I will also sign it.


oh. so the FCC learned how to gerrymander? cool.

I bet they used common core to do the math.


It is hard to get their ear when it is being tugged along by the corporate investors.


Signed it. We certainly don’t need the Ministry of Truth in action today.


We mere humans watch the corporate gods play monopoly until one freaks out and flips over the board.

The question is; Will almost fourteen billion years of evolution fold up and die?