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FCC Commissioner Urges Fraud Investigation Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote


FCC Commissioner Urges Fraud Investigation Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer

Jessica Rosenworcel argued on Saturday that her own agency should be investigated for its fraudulent public comment process, days before a vote on net neutrality protections


When yelling, screaming, and taking political action is not enough because we are evidently not being heard, I usually go to my shed where I marvel at some antique guillotines. It’s great anger therapy and sets the revolutionary spirit free…:wink:


For me, this leads me to disbelieve every poll I’ve ever heard about! Who is really controlling this country? I’ll guess–let’s see, hm…ok, I got it! An International, Global, Elite, Oligarchy!


Ajit Pai is a fraud.


I liked your comment, but really the guy isn’t a fraud. He’s a Republican lobbiest. Don’t think he ever pretended differently.


Let’s see. Falsification of statute required public comment data, Russian hacking with comment stuffing, refusal to comply with lawful investigation by the N.Y. State Attorney. What else can we pile on, even at this early stage? No wonder Pai is hell bent for leather to push this ‘kill the open internet’ vote through. He has not a moment to lose before his scheme crumbles around him.

With millions of American voices raised against him, he has the gall to expect that no one will see through his scam on behalf of his former client Horizon, and a very few others.


He is a fraud for early on pretending to lawfully comply with the statute required public comment process, then, when the jig is up, refuse to release the Russian hacked comment data to the N.Y. State Attorney who is investigating the fraud. He is a fraud of the first order!

To be fair, he did disclose taking money from Horizon before this gig, and to being an American, the latter claim being the worst of it.




This is assuming they (the fcc repubs) give a flying f**k about what the people want.


Hmmm. Why would the Russians want to kill US Net Neutrality?

Oh that’s easy. Same reason the Republicans do.


Now that the GOP has turned the US into a fascist nation after millions of Murkins and allies died fighting against fascism during World War II, the GOP’s next step is to subject the US Russian totalitarianism that Murkins were allegedly fighting against during more than four decades of cold war.

Sad to see military veterans failing to see how they were duped into fighting against forces that the GOP was concurrently welcoming into the US through the back door.


Defrauding The PEOPLE of their Right To Communicate with one another is a guillotinable offense, is it not?