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FCC Green Lights 'Crushing' Charter Cable Mega-Merger


FCC Green Lights 'Crushing' Charter Cable Mega-Merger

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Obama administration has given the green light for Charter Communications to complete its $90 billion takeover of two other major cable providers, a move which critics warn will grant the Internet giant "crushing monopoly power" to drive up prices and control bandwidth, with almost no accountability or competition.


I’ve got an idea on how to fix this, elect Hillary, as an avalanche of throw in the towel pieces suggest. Hillary, trust buster in chief. (This is sarcasm, edit)


The same Hillary whose husband signed the 1996 telecommunication monopolization act that launched ongoing media consolidation ?


No surprises here. As we have posted many times elsewhere on this site, the failure to enforce antitrust laws is wreaking economic havoc for all but the .01%.
Why is this not a dominant campaign theme?—a rhetorical question.
For all of the noise about political ‘revolution’, the topic remains alarmingly absent from the campaigns, from the news cycles, and the various blogospheres.


Anti-trust falls under the 80% of the taboo issues that Sanders could not address without having Clinton claim he was disrespecting Obama, since the Clintons and Obamas have been kindred spirits in enabling monopolies. Democrats have enabled more monopolies than the GOP has during the past three decades.

Unfortunately, anti-trust is not an issue that the GOP nominee is likely to include in attacks on Clinton.

Cable is now joining the too-big-to-fail club, already populated by banks, insurance companies and drug companies. Who wouldn’t want to be eligible for the lucrative taxpayer funded bailouts when the next cash hits ?


Hey, it could be as innocent as Barry’s oldest just needin’ a job after college.


I’m 12 years divorced from my TV; never been happier, or more creative.


Many of us do wonder how many billions Obama has stashed away as a result of his administrations secret deal making. It was obvious that he was double talk/lying even before he was voted into the White House. Virtually all of his policy and deal making/meetings with elite interests throughout his time have been closed door/secretive.


You got that right…Especially the entertain/infotainment they claim is “news”…
haven’t watched CNN, MSNBC (or as progressive podcaster Peter B Collins says, MSDNC),
CBS or any other of that crap for going on 2 months…and I feel so much better. As of 4/25/16
at 10:05 I see a picture of The Queen with her mouth open, ala Billie boy. I assume she’s
obtained something…whatever…after I go to DNC convention with CodePink in July, I am
through with this garbage.


We knew it was sarcasm. Hill is even worse than Obama.


Kiss Net Neutrality Good-Bye.


Well, I know we are much too sophisticated to deal properly with lying, cheating, double-dealing crooks and public figures, but there was a time when such people were introduced to very warm tar, a lot of chicken feathers, a fence rail to ride on, and were given a one way ride out of town. For the worst of them, there was good strong hemp rope and a tall tree at the end of the ride.

  • Nowadays, they just get a billion dollar bonus and a golden parachute. We the People get to pay for it.
  • What’s wrong with this picture?


How much did Charter PAY Obama, the DNC, and Hillary to get this through?? Fascist Charter and Obama administration. NO competition. Same crap as the 6 largest banks. U.S. is in the toilet and the wealthy are flushing it. Why is that CEO clown walking away with $100 million retirement??? Only an all-out nuke war or the asteroid striking Earth will ever stop this wealthy crap.