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FCC Passes Sweeping Internet Privacy Rules in 'Big Win for Civil Rights'

FCC Passes Sweeping Internet Privacy Rules in 'Big Win for Civil Rights'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday passed sweeping new privacy rules designed to keep broadband providers from giving customers' private data to third parties.

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“Telephone companies are not allowed to…sell information about who we talk to.” And yet we find just yesterday AT&T has been doing just that for years, secretly selling our communications to various law enforcement agencies for a hefty profit. I remain skeptical of progress.


Unless you’re AT&T and the buyer is your local law enforcement officer, in which case it’s a new product offering.

Just like the banks being too big to fail, these companies are too big to not snoop on you.


I almost felt some relief but then the AT&T thing hit me too. Probably not going to stop that.

It’s about time. Nice to see that the government actually does work for the 99% after all. I guess Bernie was wrong. But does it have be so slow?

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The 3 to 2 vote is dangerous. You would think that supporting the Constitution should not be partisan. Is this another one of those Republican things, where the two know nothings actually voted against this sane ruling?

That’s a stretch even Spanks or Fruit of the Loom wouldn’t touch. But, it does explain why you’re so bad at being skillfully disingenuous.

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Thanks for clearing up the “eye of Providence” thing. I thought it was a traffic cam in Rhode Island.

We get this, while Canada gives full internet access to everyone, as a fundamental human right.

We still don’t even acknowledge a human’s right to a healthy body/mind, not to mention the medical care to cover it.