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FCC Poised to Break Up Big Cable's Chokehold on Set-Top Boxes


FCC Poised to Break Up Big Cable's Chokehold on Set-Top Boxes

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing a new set of rules to break up big cable's "stranglehold" on set-top boxes, the devices that use source signals to transmit content onto television screens.


20 billion/yr can buy a lot of politicians that will be voting on this.


There are 535 of them and 300 million of us.
They lose.


Wicked kewl, I will be able to binge myself blind! Roku, Kodi, Android, oh my!


Do you and Imhotep know the least bit how the US government works???

Civics Lesson:

  1. Federal agency rulemaking is done under authority of already-existing, long-passed legislation. Politicians don’t vote on agency rules since their enabling legislation already authorizes them to make rules!

  2. The rule is proposed and published in the federal register.

  3. Then, there is a public comment period - which unfortunately due to laziness and the cynicism like yours that follows from it - the public largely leaves corporate lawyers and the “US Chamber of Commerce” to submit all the comments.

  4. The agency then decides internally based on the comments to adopt or not adopt the new regulations. In the case of the FCC, the five FCC commissioners chaired by the fairly progressive Tom Wheeler, vote on the new regulation. That is the “vote” this article is referring to.


A long time ago when i had DirecTV the boxes were free. Not any more?

With cable i had everything piped thru a desktop, used it as a DVR as well, no set top box needed. Cut the cable 10 years ago. Cable is so 90s.


2yrs ???are you serious -this should of happened 10yrs ago.And internet should be a public utility!!!


So long as any New set top box manufacturers don’t adopt the “Tivo” Plan where you have to pay them a Monthly Fee to use your own box.

It would just be switching from one Gouging corporation to another if the box only works so long as you pay some monthly “Subscription” fee to use your own property.


I don’t watch TV, but if we could get this it would be a step toward breaking the cable monopolies and weakening their ability to try to steal the internet.