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FCC Under Fire for Ignoring 'Massive Scheme to Corrupt' Net Neutrality Comment Process


FCC Under Fire for Ignoring 'Massive Scheme to Corrupt' Net Neutrality Comment Process

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid widespread outrage over the agency's proposed internet rule changes, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's says chairman has refused to cooperate with probe into fake posts

protest in favor of net neutrality


Ajit Pai, just doing his job.
Like Tillerson (deconstructing the State Dept.).
Like Pruitt (likewise the EPA)
Bannon publicly said (at CPAC, Feb. 2017) that the then-nominees were selected for “their ability to deconstruct the administrative state.”
So, naturally, Republican politicians are quite comfortable with all of it.


Ajit Pai is just another pathetic shill serving vast wealth and power to further subjugate and use the 99% to create greed-driven profits/wealth for the few. His pronouncements why this “deregulation” is a great thing are utter BS like the tax-cut scam/crime!

Ajit Pai and the rest of the R’Con corporate tools, beginning at the head with chief liar trump, (“the fish rots from the head”) are proven pathological liars deceiving the American people/99% to sell a classic Pig-In-A-Poke deception with the most blatant lies and false premises as ever was to benefit a very few…the most deceitful and destructive regime in US history!


Clearly, the FCC is corrupt if it will not cooperate with investigations into identity theft mandated by law.

Clearly also, this cost a lot of money to implement so widespread a fraud.

One has to wonder what evidence the FCC has that the public wants the end of net neutrality given this hijacking of the public comment period.


Comments in opposition to this travesty will no doubt pummel the chair like a school of flying fish and alienate him on the open sea of visible manipulations unveiled


In subsequent USAn elections, even if libs win it is often too late to turn back once corporations get their tentacles around public property.

You can have democracy or you can have sold out representation, but you can’t have both.

Direct Democracy


Corporations - created out of thin air by other fragile, flesh and blood humans.
And yet, we are helpless before them.


Sinclair Media Group, a Trump -regime- friendly corporation, owns 173 local TV stations in the US and plans to acquire 43 more after the FCC deregulation are in place. These TV stations spread FOX News-like propaganda. Combine that with censorship of the internet and you have an almost insurmountable indoctrination apparatus of fascist ideology. The time to hope for the best is gone. It’s time to Prepare for the worst…


Pai had his mind made up before becoming head of the FCC. The guy is a former Verizon lawyer for crying out loud. It matter not how many public comments condemn his moves. None of the people in the Trump administration give a rat’s xxx what people think or want.

For the legal-regulatory system to work, and for public comment to have an effect, the people making the decisions have to have a moral compass. None of these people, from Trump on down, do.


The people have no place at this table. What are “we the people” to do?


This direct attack by the FCC to ignore complaints and inaction amounts to adding another nail in the coffin of democracy. The cabal of ruthless businesses led by the cabal cabinet from the depths of hell is firmly in the process of erasing what little democracy is left in this dystopic system to guarantee a corporate state with totalitarian goals to crush any dissent by any means necessary. Businesses will control the flow of information on the net and censor what’s not to be seen. It’s already bad now as Google enacted algorithms to avoid many leftist sites from searches in corporate sponsored censorship. It will only become worse if Ajit Pai, head of the FCC gets his way. Now upon finding out there is a concerted effort by nefarious forces sending bogus emails to subvert democracy is just going too far. How do we fight this beastly cabal of vampire from sucking all the lifeblood from a supposedly free society? If your Representative or Senators are GOP be relentless and send and call mercilessly, fill the in boxes, jam their voice mails and tell them they will pay next election if they shirk their responsibilities to their constituents. It’s the only voice we have left.


Seems the guillotine was quite the fad during and shortly after the French revolution. Then we have the Nazis claiming they were just doing their job as they sent millions of Jews, and other ones deemed unworthy, on the trains to the killing camps. Yeah, just doing their jobs. The cabal of despots just keeps attacking democracy, what little is left of it, until it vanishes completely. Then corporate totalitarianism will govern until the global poisoning washes it all down the memory hole of dead species and hopeless dreams. Earth rid of the invasive species will continue in spite of the stupid humans.


Hard to disagree.
Tough call re Don Dump and his band of willful seditionists: Are we supposed to deal with his threat rationally (because he is irrational), or are we supposed to act as if our hair is on fire?
One thing seems clear: the longer we allow him to be “president,” the deeper we dig ourselves.


When a Federal agency refuses to assist judicial officers in the investigation of a potential crime, it is complicit in it. It is also obstructing justice and should itself be subject to investigation!strong text


I totally agree- Lets hope that NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has the power of subpoena on his side! I would wish and hope that he could put Ajit Pai behind bars for obstructing justice…Something isn’t quite right in the way this is all shaking out-


What we have going on with this, tax “reform”, healthcare, etc., etc., is a coup de etat by the oligarchs. Their ownership of the govt. is so complete they can make blatant and open demands of their minions. They’re going to take down the country.


When do you think we should start having a civil war, killing all those who have tried to cripple our democracy and undermine our freedom of speech and expression, as well as the flow of information? Surely we can’t Let them do this and let them live can we? Death to Robber Barons! Death to Plutocrats! Death to all those who oppose us and our democracy!