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FCC Votes to Start Slashing Net Neutrality Protections


FCC Votes to Start Slashing Net Neutrality Protections

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under President Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon voted to begin slashing regulations protecting a free and open internet.

The decision (pdf) ran along party lines, with the FCC's two Republican members voting to dismantle net neutrality. Mignon Clyburn, the Commission's Democratic member, was the sole dissenting vote.


Guess a free and open internet was too good for this miserable and godforsaken world.


Good thing we conquered the establishment! The “duopoly” is on its knees.


Yeah-free markets and everywhere people in chains.


Without Net Neutrality those chains are going to get much tighter.


Centrist political supporters dismiss and demean criticism from progressives.
Progressives are whiners, complainers, dreamers - they haven’t grown up and accepted and conformed to reality.
But this is how authoritarian politics works - no thoughtful, constructive and transparent public discourse, just the brutal dismissal of public accountability, and the implementation of its aggressive methodology. Controlling communications is essential to the reign of the dark overlords.
The medium of power and anti democracy is the message.


the internet is where i get the news i believe


When mentioned as freedom of choice usually means the owners of any service have the ‘freedom’ to do as they please, which will certainly mean raising prices and cutting service to those than can’t pay exorbitant rates. More extortion, legal too, that makes the mafia wish the could get a piece of the action. Regulations are there for a reason; to protect folks from getting raped by industry and unfettered greed. What next? Perhaps our dreams and ideals!


and music…

music may have nothinh anything…but


As do many. Many are tired of the drivel that counts as “news” on old media.
The news that focuses on the superfluous issues and doesn’t get into the terrible policy choices the administration is doing. A big fat paycheck isn’t the only good thing Ajit Pai is getting out of this deal. He is also now has free reign to censor any news site that disagrees with the views of his corporate handlers and the administration he is a part of. And the Democrats would love to take advantage of this censorship as well. They were just more concerned with the backlash. Now that the Republicans took it down they can just say “well the Republicans already did it, what can you do?” and continue to do the same things that Republicans have done to screw the people over.


Pretty much the majority of my media intake comes from the internet, as for many people my age.


I’m in my 60’s…how old r u


thanks for putting it into words


Yeah, I just got censored by a company that said my product text had words
with “excessive violence”…therefore, they will not make the product…it was cancelled…

I ordered stickers to say to former President Obama, the following:
“Mr. President: how do you sleep after bombing/droning innocent Yemeni people?”
if he ever has a book signing tour…
whether they thought I mean Trump or not, I think I have a right to free speech.!
I had a previous button they printed that said “What about the Yemeni Children? Stop the bombing/stop the drones” …just because this item had “Mr. President”??? is this what the country has come to?
are they that afraid?
where am I advocating violence? just the opposite, I think…


23 years. I kind of hate to bring about my age because I am what one would label a “millennial”, which seems to be popular age group to hate these days.


I love you…4 children from age 40 to 24…my 24 year old exposed me to much music and alternative views
they r queer…i love all


common dreams tellls me this is not a completer sentance…I love you…IS THAT COMPLETE/


not sying u r queer or anything…just love ALL


no replies…ok…I guess no one cares …oh well…


wow…should i wish i was super-rich …no, that would mean giving up my human qualties…I wish for such a better America…better world