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FDA Raids in Florida Suggest Trump Admin. Policy Change That Benefits Big Pharma


FDA Raids in Florida Suggest Trump Admin. Policy Change That Benefits Big Pharma

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

News of the raids follows the president's nomination of a former drug company executive to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services

prescription drugs


From the article:

“(FDA) ‘is concerned about the safety risks associated with the importation of unapproved prescription drugs from foreign countries,’ because they ‘may be unregulated or subject to less oversight than U.S. requirements,’ which can ‘put patients’ health at risk.’”

FDA-approved drugs, prescribed by duly-licensed US physicians and dispensed by duly-licensed US pharmacies, cause hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country every year. Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) and iatrogenic (doctor-caused) illnesses and injuries kill hundreds of thousands more.

Heard in this context, the bloviating of a corporate stooge seeking to gouge yet more money out of the hard-pressed public is not to be taken seriously.




Don the Con may not have any direct connection to this outrage but he put in place the corporate tool that does and is responsible for the acts of all the unsuitable deplorables he has installed to destroy what has taken decades to accomplish. I don’t believe he is thinking much on how history will judge him and his tapestry is barely blocked out but it is shaping up to be one lugubrious landscape dripping with highlights of weltsmertz and angst. He will not be thanked by what remains of this nation when he is gone.


This is one to keep in your pocket for the annual late-November family kerfuffle. The GOP really doesn’t have the interests of local and small businesses at heart. They will sell you down the river just as easily as the homeless person on the street or the undocumented workers cleaning floors (but not their own) or the small business owner catering to a portion of the population the GOP themselves refuse to serve–this time majority old people. Yes indeed peeps, let’s be grateful for the tyranny of corporate rule.


If the government prevents people from buying drugs from Canada, people will have to choose
between food and their medications. Many thousands will die in the process. .They will become statistics of additional lives lost at the hands of capitalism.


Attacking the victims to protect the victimizers. Profit before people.


As the article points out, both parties of the Duopoly are complicit in this one.

Stop voting Blue and Red. Bring an end to the Death and Human Suffering they endorse.

Vote “Green” and let the whole world blossom from the Love You Make.

Peace, People, and Planet before Profit.


WTF?.. they are buying Big Pharma’s drugs anyway. Tens of thousands of US businesses have all but abandoned the American people. They have replaced them abroad and in this country by importing people. But we can’t have the American people buying things in other countries… ooooh noooo… “Who do they think they are anyway?! We rule this world …and them too.”


FU Lyndsay, we know where your “concern” rests and that is squarely with Big Pharma. One more push in the direction for revolution. Oh, and yes: FU Trump and Alex Azar.


They’re not protecting the public. They are protecting Big Pharma.


No doubt about it. Our Sleazeball-in-Chief is firmly in the pocket of every corporation, every organization, and every person who hates the United States of America and all but a handful of its citizens. All of these entities consider our beloved America nothing more than a giant bank account from which they are now allowed to make almost unlimited withdrawals. Donald Trump strides around in front of the cameras looking like he thinks he’s a powerful mover and shaker. The truth is he is just a puppet. You can almost see the strings.