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FDA’s Big Mistake: Expect Flibanserin to Be Pulled From the Market in a Few Years



Meanwhile, mainstream media (MSM) including CBS are hawking the pill as the female "Viagra," which is false: "Flibanserin does not work in the same way as Viagra, which increases blood flow, a simple biological function. Flibanserin, which was first studied as an antidepressant, changes brain chemistry." Treating low libido in women is complicated due to the hormonal elements related to women's health and taking flibanserin could have a very serious side effect such as DEATH. No lack of sex drive should push a woman to jeopardize her life and overall well-being. Perhaps a visit to an endocrinologist would be more advisable than going to an OB/GYN to address low libido issues.


All together now, crones: "We told you so!" @CouncilofMatrons


Now here's something else that a man can slip into a woman's drink in order to get her to have sex with him - a man she would never want otherwise. So instead of passing out right away, with this, she'll want wild sex and then pass out.
What?? 23 of the 25 tested subjects were men?? Unbelievable.


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Not the computer-yet: their hand.