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FDA's New Stance on Blood Donations Still Treats Gay Men as Less Than Equal


FDA's New Stance on Blood Donations Still Treats Gay Men as Less Than Equal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While they praised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for formalizing a policy that loosens the longstanding ban on blood donation by gay and bisexual men, LGBTQ and public health advocates on Monday said the "discriminatory" plan still leaves much to be desired.

"Blood donation policies should be based on science, not stigma."
—Kelsey Louie, Gay Men's Health Crisis


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I disagree Squishy.

The policy should be abolished because 80% of men had a homosexual experience before their 23 birthday.(Masters and Jonson) So what is obvious is that not only gay men have sex outside of their relationship, so does most everybody else. So straight men are having gay sex... sometimes... and straight men are not considered as high a risk because they are more likely to lie.

IT is flat wrong to single out gay guys who admit they are gay and ignore all of those who "were only having a little fun" or what ever the excuse is. They get HIV positive and a nurse asks "did you?" and then they admit it, then they are "gay" and in the subset.

The only way to make this policy anything but a representation of some anti gay bigotry, would be to ask "have you ever had a sexual experience with a person of your own sex?" and then somehow weed out/ad in those who only got a simple BJ and then lied.. THEN find out how much greater chance they are carrying a disease than everybody else.


Nobody that lived for 5 years or more in Europe since 1980 can donate blood either.

Stop whining it's just a precaution.


Oh Dear Lardbaldric!

Homosexual experience as defined by Masters was to have a climax using a person of the same sex as a stimulus.

And my point was not that so many got off, but that so many lied about it. And the fact that so many lie is widely known, and they only punish people who don't lie because they admit they are gay in that truth, says vastly more about the organization trying to protect us than the quality of blood in the system.


WOW gy234.

I am happy you posted as ideas such as yours are better examined in the light than the dark.