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“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis To Boost His Own Fortune


“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis To Boost His Own Fortune

Naomi Klein

When I published “The Shock Doctrine” a decade ago, a few people told me that it was missing a key chapter in the evolution of the tactic I was reporting on. That tactic involved using periods of crisis to impose a radical pro-corporate agenda. They said that in the United States that story doesn’t start with Reagan in the 1980s, as I had told it, but rather in New York City in the mid-1970s. That’s when the city’s very near brush with all-out bankruptcy was used to dramatically remake the metropolis. Massive and brutal austerity, sweetheart deals for the rich, privatizations.


While I'm a fan of The Shock Doctrine book, how come it doesn't work in reverse? How many times has Trump gone into bankruptcy since 1970? Four, five? The only reason he is still alive financially, probably, is the Russian oligarchs bailed him out in '02, or '03 because no other banks would deal with him, and the Russians may have wanted to launder some of their ill gotten gains.


Thank Goddessness for Naomi! Mass media's doting on political "celebrities" is humankind's greatest existential threat - and emanating from the U.S.A.'s capitalist news media! Unpacking Trump as an exploitative capitalist moves the discussion away from fear-based gossip-like gobbledygook, to a more nuanced expose of today's true horror stories.

Climate catastrophes are absolute certainties. More violent storms can and will emerge any day. The nuclear-poisoning of Earth, slowly and inexorably from "daughter" radionuclides (products) of fissioned Uranium 235, is easily ignored because of the complex science involved to explain it. The nano-sized particles (each containing billions of atoms) are odorless and invisible (not to mention the metallic taste), and produce cancers. Statistical numbers near powerplants go uncounted and unreported. Increasing CO2 levels from coal, gas, and oil powerplants are not being responsibly reported. Just finger-pointing and we march ever so closer to the last thirty-second count down to a preventable finality. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Reporting is now left to us, the citizenry, and to Indy sources like Common Dreams to report "Substantiated, Scientific Journalism" as here from the Intercept and Naomi Klein. It's all about investigation into connections between the "actors", not the gossip, unsubstantiated accusations by a celebrity. So, no more Bernie, Trump, Hillary, etc. No more Repub vrs Dem. We are known as the Planet Earth. And She is alive and we need to report that!


I'd add a much needed metric that No One is reporting on and that is the leaching of petroleum products, toxins and unidentified poisons that are flowing and aggregating with flood from climate disruptions.

Connected in subtle but devastating ways is the societal aspect of predatory capitalism's "externalization" of the costs of silence about the unidentified waste and toxification occurring all over the world with the floods, storms, fires and earthquakes.

Consider March 2017 for example


Yes, OG. The list of carcinogens recklessly used by criminal capitalist industries represents overkill - but I fear that bankster insanity has metastasized. The attacks on our abilities as protectors of Mom Earth seem epically insurmountable this moment. The faux competition of Right vrs Left. Greens vrs Dems vrs Repubs. Just distractions. Mind-numbing ef-ups. So-called Progressive Talk (Only 5% of all talk radio is NOT the fascistic right) - And STILL we search the internet and find that too many of our "Keepers of the Faith" are falling for this fake distraction of celebrity news and finger-pointing. Fiercely combating the companies responsible for capitalism's criminal behaviors is our only hope. Through non-cooperation, we might have a chance at saving our Earth. Not the current rhetorical mumbo jumbo among the talking heads of mass media. Indy news is all we have. Go Naomi! Tell it like it is for us, The Working Folks.