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Fear Not, Says Trump, Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen Won't "Flip"


Fear Not, Says Trump, Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen Won't "Flip"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid tweets in which he attacked a New York Times reporter and declared what a "beautiful day!" it will be as he watches on TV the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush, President Donald Trump on Saturday also let the world know via Twitter that he doesn't believe his long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen will "flip" on him.


rump is the dumbest person in the whole world, ever (to borrow from his own over the top remarks). How can he say that Cohen won’t flip, when in order to flip there must be wrong doing for said flip to occur. If rump is innocent, then there is nothing for Cohen to flip over. He might as well be telling the whole world in no uncertain terms he is guilty as hell!


The following is a very good investigative article on this slime ball:


Cohen is in big trouble, with hardly any way out of it, especially since it is possible there are State charges that can not be pardoned by the right wing fascist dickhead Trump.

I mean, who knows what will happen, but odds are, he will flip.


It makes perfect sense that Cohen has had a long term relationship with the lowest of the low in human slimeballness, Trump.


Did you see this one about FAKE Trump?

What a schmuck.


Trump has friends in the DNC to keep the public ignorant:


Deep State propaganda in the service of its leading warmongers against the peace candidate of 2016. I mean, Trump is terrible but progressives need to wake up to what’s really going on. Russia, Russia, Russia is just an attempt to distract everyone from all of my favorite pet issues, which are really super important.


I will check it out.

And this–it would be ironic if this slime ball turns out to be a “hero” by bring Trump down:


No matter what possible positive return on his flipping against Trump, Cohen and any concept held by any human of “hero” are universes apart.


The theory of the case is that Wikileaks worked with a foreign government and the Trump campaign to disseminate stolen materials as part of a criminal conspiracy. If this was about the Times publishing leaked material, it would be different. I chalk this article up to another attempt by a “progressive” publication to either purposely deceive its readership because it’s uncomfortable with the subject matter in reality, or it’s just poorly written and the author doesn’t understand the case.


Trump seems to be panicking quite a bit for a guy who is supposedly innocent. How did we get to the point where we’re now seemingly past the whole question of guilt and now into the realm of whether his lawyer will flip and put him into prison?


Anybody seen Mike Pence lately? I suspect he’s keeping a low profile, busily getting his ducks in a row.


Why “hero” is in quotes for in fact he would be a snitch. Probably prison would not be a good place for a snitch.


Don’t worry Michael Cohen, Trump will take care of your wife.



Anyone looking at the kind of jail time Cohen is looking at and doesn’t flip on someone as despicable as Trump truly is a moron dupe. My bet: Cohen is not that stupid.


Wasn’t countering your post, but expanding on your rhetorical quotations of the word “hero”.


Too bad the Washington Post article did not come out prior to November 2016. I had lived in Manhattan a long time and Trump was widely viewed as a liar, cheat, and not worth even a fraction of what he claimed. Too bad so many people fell for him and the unpopularity of HRC didn’t help either. He and, maybe more so, all who enable him are a clear and present danger to not only the US but the global community.

Yes, I got your point about expanding on my quotation.


By the way, do you know when Truthout discontinued their comments forum? I noticed it sometime ago.