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Fear of a Black and Brown America


Fear of a Black and Brown America

Khaled Beydoun, Asha Mohammed Nour

"What the hell do you have to lose?" Donald Trump asked African Americans while speaking in Ohio - a key battleground state - in August. An absurd appeal to a voting bloc maligned by the Republican campaign, in a campaign where absurdity and alarm are cornerstones.


Trump is a fascist capitalist and the oligarchy isn't going to let him within 300 miles of the White House. He's not the problem.
The people who fund him and speak for him are the problem.
They should be exposed to public scrutiny. So should their message, because it's much more subtle then Trump's is.
We can begin with the Koch brothers, and work our way down.


The Koch brothers are not connected to Trump and either are many other billionaires. Really, it comes down to one man, hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. He is Trump's largest donor. He is also represents the money behind breitbart whose former head Steve Bannon is running the Trump campaign and is represents the money behind Citizens United whose former head David Bossie was just hired as a leader of the Trump campaign. Bossie has literally made a lucrative career of creating false stories to attack the Clintons ever since the race in 1992. Mercer also has connections to Kellyanne Conway. In other words, all three leaders of the Trump campaign are connected to Robert Mercer. His takeover of the campaign is complete as three of his surrogates are running it. He made the film attacking Hillary Clinton that led to the infamous Citizens United case. The problem is Robert Mercer. He literally is trying to use Trump to take over the government and create an alt-right dominated country. This will now probably be the ugliest campaign in history with Bossie in a top position. Lies about Hillary Clinton are going to come flying to even a greater extent then ever. If dirt can win a presidential campaign, and it certainly has in the past, the next president of the US will most likely be Donald Trump.


"Alt-right" philosophy means what?
Who founded the John Birch Society?




I had missed the Somali references (though I hardly listen to DJT's every word).

What these writers missed is the 'Whites becoming a minority' scare line. Especially coupled to Islamophobia, the misrepresentation of the coming statistic that envisions all people of color somehow acting en bloc to end White dominance of the society is part of too many Americans' thinking. I've actually thought it's a great step forward that we will all be minorities (well, except us women, but what has that gotten us?).


Trump and supporters are totally terrified about the possibility of losing white privilege and losing white blood purity. While a minority in this country, they feel they are a superior group that has been victimized.
The thought of race blending, and creating an America that is mostly black and brown horrifies them. It is of course inevitable. What motivates them is paranoia and anger from those frantic fears.
The fact that Republicans have adopted these people as their base is purely political maneuvering, and pretty depraved in it's self. They have created the face of the party and it is Trump.
Two thirds of this country are not Republicans, I'm not that worried he will win and pretty sure the fix is in for Hillary and Trump knows it. That leaves him free to run off at the mouth with impunity.
Trump will go but the sad thing is the supporters will just find another like him to be their leader.
If we could blend all the races immediately it would wipe out so many problems. I can hardly wait.


Just a note that

is not the same as White folk becoming "a minority." And it's not mostly about "race blending," another misleading scare phrase. It's mostly about immigration (yes, but not just from and via Mexico) and falling White birth rates. Yes, it's a good thing, but don't play into the racists' hands.


Where there is economic equality, do different races fear each other?


Hard to find such a place without history of colonialism if not chattel slavery.


You'd have to ask the campaigns.


I don't think Republicans have adopted these people. Republicans are mostly conservatives. These people are not conservatives, they are white nationalists. The Republicans are largely at a loss about what to do about this situation.


Yes, to some extent but many average Republicans are still racists. The level of racism and anger varies. The problem is that the Republicans made the conservatives their base which also included the nationalists. They created the monster by giving it a political platform and a feeling they can win.


Actually, Black folks are still too small a group to gain much pandering, even if they all voted and all voted the same way. Check the Census Bureau stats from 2010 and estimates for 2015: 12.6-13.3%. The numbers for "White alone" were 72.4 and 77.1%. Of course, that includes children and others who don't or cannot vote.


You yourself demean the intelligence of Black voters. Drop it, please.


The Uniparty of the Corportocracy: we don't care about your color we want to know how cheaply you'll do the task for. And, if you're very young and healthy, even better. See, it's not about your financial security, it's about ours. And, when you're old and gray, our bought gov't will try to steal it all away. P.S. Please die quickly, too. We're the only ones who gets to live on, eternally.


The American vote is a franchised vote,it is written into each states constitutional preamble and cedence read it yourself. That is if you can find it, It is quite short, but succinctly makes sense as to describing todays socialized politics and nonsense of anything and everything subsequently written into administrative code. In respect of the human color chart this is defined by the federal governments inane desire to gerrymander and control outcomes using demographics and bureaucratic formed agencies for that purpose. In my books life was quite simple until I grew up and entered the world of reality. I seriously did not know that black people existed until someone pointed out that a human of certain features was a (name your attribute). Heavens to betsy help anyone who sports a beard and tanned complexion. As for Trump he always was a spoiler for paving the way for the Clintons to continue America's vast and hidden administrative purpose and the well funded kabuki theatrics that would or probably is drawn from standard American media wrestling matches. We have to question our sanity when we ourselves resort to labels and accept notional subdivisions of citizenship with a corruption of purpose in everyone one of our commercial attorney occupied officers of state legislatures. We have it all in policy driven politics from the creation of professional welfare systems to an arsenal of political Alinsky driven tools to form the worlds worst form of democracy and insular thinkers. One of the political pillars is divide and conquer, and the entire US is ripe with such strategies.


Dear Donald,

We all see things.
We all do things.
Sometimes those things create walls of belief.
Sometimes those things tear down walls of belief.
This is why we lie.
We have done things.
No matter what road our individual lives take us on.
To label an entire segment of society because of these allusions though...
Well it begs a question.
Just what is it you have been up to?
Whose aberration is it we are witness to here exactly?

Barry William Teske


Unmasked racism should not be trivialized.


As you see, he can't. He is a racist fully in the trump camp.