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Fear of a Living Planet

Fear of a Living Planet

Charles Eisenstein

Does the concept of a living planet uplift and inspire you, or is it a disturbing example of woo-woo nonsense that distracts us from practical, science-based policies?

The scientifically-oriented nuts-and-bolts environmental or social activist will roll her eyes upon hearing phrases like “The planet is a living being.” From there it is a short step to sentiments like, “Love will heal the world,” “What we need most is a shift in consciousness,” and “Let’s get in touch with our indigenous soul.”

Looks to me that for this author, one cannot love something that isn’t alive. This, IMO, is a rather narrow viewpoint. The author appears to conflate “rational science” with capitalist greed. Speaking for myself, I do not need to believe that the Earth is alive in order to be against greed fueled destruction of our environment.


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Humanity is free to dominate nature, yes, but like any ruler, it does not govern with completely impunity.

Drop acid in natural surroundings and the biosphere will be revealed in all its glory. Psychedelics are illegal because the oligarchy depends on the destruction of the natural environment for its sustenance and needs to keep these most appreciative users from defending it.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


I don’t see your words as describing science as I know it. “Science (as we have known it) renders us alone in an alien universe. At the same time, it crowns us as its lords and masters, for if sentience and purpose inhere in us alone, there is nothing stopping us from engineering the world as we see fit.” This is closer to a description of the credo of corporatism.

Modern science sees evolution as beginning with quarks and other sub atomic entities solidifying out a super hot plasma known as big bang. And big bang didn’t happen 14 billion years ago, it is still accelerating and thus still banging.

Your article sets up a duality between life and not life and proposes that is the attitude of science. Not so at all. Biology is as much part of Cosmos as inanimate material. It is joy of becoming a more complex being. Hydrogen has a single positive nucleus that holds the opposite charge electron in orbit. We learn this in school. Few stop to question what keeps two positive charges in a helium nucleus from blowing apart; they are strong positive charges touching each other and strong enough to hold two opposite negative charge electrons whirling in an almost light speed orbit at a vast relative distance.

How do atoms pile more and more like charged particles into an atomic nucleus and not blow apart? Some call it molecular glue. Some call it Joy. And some call it Love. The strong force allows complexity to evolve until people like us need to use science to make testable theories to find out how life exists.

Soil itself grows and seeks healing balance if contaminated. Terra-mycin comes from the dirt and doctors prescribe it for our own healing balance. Cosmos is a living being that has evolved until it now senses itself through living cosmic powered biology.


You might be interested in this approach, http://www.autonomousDemocracy.org

At least two factors explain why we fail to perceive the planet as alive. First, the fact that our way of life–unlike that of gatherer-hunters–removes us from direct contact with the planet. Second, so much of our “thinking” is controlled by ideology–economic, religious, etc.

The power of those factors is so great that we will NEVER again learn to live WITH the planet; and the forces that we have unleashed are already destroying many species, and will destroy us as well. If the planet could speak, it would say GOOD RIDDANCE!

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Thanks Garrett. This could be a harbinger of things to come.

My impression is Mother Earth will grieve for the loss of Human.

Autonomous democracy is not revolutionary, it does not grow to replace existing governments.

Autonomous democracy is separate from government. It grows to the day when it tells governments what to do.