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'Fear of Trump' Is Making Some Children Physically Sick, Say Health Experts


'Fear of Trump' Is Making Some Children Physically Sick, Say Health Experts

Jon Queally, staff writer

After a campaign built on xenophobic remarks, a pledge to construct a massive wall across the southern border, and promises to form "a deportation force" to rid the nation of millions of undocumented immigrants, it's not surprising the psychological impact of Donald Trump's rhetoric would be most sharply felt among those living within those communities.


The idea of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General should make everyone but members of the alt-right sick.


Well hey, now big pharma have a new avenue to sell their anti anxiety medication to kids!


Don's family values party is very concerned.


Kids from poor families can certainly identify with the anxiety. At least the older ones are usually aware of families who were torn apart, children taken into "indefinite state custody" by social services if their parents lose their jobs and were unable to secure another one fast enough. In the US, we simply don't have jobs for all (7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one, the last I heard). The fear of being taken from the parents who love them takes a toll on kids.

We do have TANF, a short-term work program for those with children, but it has a strict lifetime limit on benefits. We have a stunningly unstable job market.


You can't insulate the kids from school. Schools do include regular discussions of current events, and kids tend to mimic the hate speech they hear at home, whether its against immigrants, people of other races, the poor, etc. Kids can't be shielded from reality.


You just called half the voters racists and haters. Keep it up for the next for the next 4 years if you want more of the same for another four. An accusation of racism used to mean something. These days it seems it's enough to be white to be called racist. Congratulations, you managed to to real racism irrelevant


So you come with agenda to draw someone out? Matters not if you vote for Clinton you are in her camp. She loves a fight.

Today it is reported that a US soldier has died fighting in Syria, a war SOS Clinton started. He was fighting shoulder to shoulder with an ISIS terrorist to over throw a democratically elected leader. This is a racist fight by white people, Clinton, against brown middle eastern people. Oh but wait before attempting to overthrow Syria SOS Clinton destroyed Libya so we have both black and brown people who supported their governments being overthrown, made homeless, refugees, many escaping destruction and death only to drown at sea or find themselves in a strange land where they are not welcome.

All this crap was and is illegal, as in against the law. Who did it? Us under Clinton leadership, France, UK, Germany and hiding in there somewhere Canada. Gee whiz. Will you look at all those White Northern people in illegal wars with non white people across the world while speaking of globalization with one government for all. Like white people do the governing and everybody else gets governed.

So if you are putting on the boxing gloves to fight over who is racist and who is not here in America you are wasting your time. Americans are racists. Perhaps in order to get a bigger fight going you could frame that as "Who is more racist a Trump supporter or a Clinton supporter." Really, Don, the election is over. We need to mend fences and move on. Your taunt is just an extension of lesser of two evils.

Change it up. Step up. Give us a post that discusses the way that you express racism and what that might mean. We could all join in. Might help. Might not.


I heard a mother confess, on an NPR program recently, the problem she was having, trying to sooth her child's fear and anxiety concerning President Elect Trump.

It must be exhausting, for parents of younger children, to have to keep trying to offset the constant Media Barrage their kids are subjected to.


I would bet that the 7 jobs for every 10 jobless is a gross overstatement, given that the government is not reporting that the true unemployment figure is around 23 percent.


Clinton started the Syrian civil war????

Are you really that uninformed and ignorant?


Go back to Wesley Clark and 7 countries in 5 years.


Just ignore Yunzer. He's lately discovered his inner troll.


"with my main goal being to draw just one Trump supporter out of his/her closet and defend him/herself."

If one is defending someone or thing is attacking. You get to vote for no one in our election yet you come to "pick a fight". That's right up Hillary's pantsuit. Sounds like you are birds of a feather. People from Canada were not always like this.

Chomsky is a has been who thinks 19 Arabs with utility knives caused 9/11. He does not support BLM but supports Hillary who like you said

I find it interesting you say

When Bush committed his great crime he did not do it alone. In fact, he had a coalition of the willing and it seems to me Canada was more than willing. One could say we've been in a real mess for sometime. If we are to fix things let's start by not fighting amongst ourselves.

No vote here for Trump or Clinton. Nor will I fight to defend either of them.


Whoa! The CD editorial board let this article "pass?"

Mr. Kweely, please, give us some credit for having a little brains.

How do you look yourself in the mirror, with kaleidoscopic eyes?

I wouldn't even have dared to consider writing such an entitled content as a fifth-grader.


An added true sadness for this news, is the fact we value childhood education so little,we do not even teach simple meditation practices that could calm/quell this brewing impact of hate.


Get over your faux propaganda view. He owned the MSM for the last year, with untold millions of free adverts.

Come on, just ask yourself, where would Obama be today if
1.he was recorded saying he loved to "grab pussy" because of his lust for young women and social status (she withdrew lawsuit reportedly over fear of life after her identity, and that of her one witness were revealed)
2. Had over 500 pending lawsuits
3. Refused to live in white house as president.

I'll stop there, as you should know the obvious answer after just #1. Obama would not have been president whatsoever.

Obama had to come out within a week of the Rev Wright accusations (God Damn America--good sermon). Where is Trump on all his loving Nazis?

Trump wants to live in his Trump palace.

And they called Obama an "elitist" because he was a highly educated African american.

Fucking unbelievable.


Invoking Godwin's law. Bye.


Actually in Mein Kamph he gave a pretty clear blueprint of what he intended to do and he did all of it.


She's a vicious hawk of the very worst ilk. But she was a better choice than Trump by far. How do we reconcile these two statements? If Clinton is of the "very worst ilk" what does that make Trump? What's worse than "worst"? Worster? There never was a "better choice....by far" as you state, just more deep state shenanigans. The only reality based choice we get is the status quo choice as represented by a D or R.