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'Fear of Victory' for Sanders or Warren in 2020 Driving Bloomberg Patrick Bids, Say Progressive Critics

I agree. Whiter than white Iowa and New Hampshire are not going to decide who the democratic nominee is.
My sophomore year of high school we played two smaller rural schools to start out basketball season. Ran up 100 points both nights. But then won two games the rest of the season. My point? You’re judged by what you do in the big games, not the little ones.


Some times the truth is UnPC.

Exactly – !!
My response to this is … “Who’s Buttigieg” – ?
Another odd and unbelievable occurence met with suspicion.

Bernie Sanders has gotten enough information out – actually by 2016 campaign -
that even their fear-mongering re “Socialism” isn’t working for them –

Most Americans realize that fascists have gained control of our government and the
fact that democratic socialists are part of the fight against it doesn’t bother them –
most recognize we need to find our way back to FDR’s NEW DEAL … and beyond.

Americans also know that they haven’t heard common sense like this from Democrats
for more than a half century.

Onward to responding to Global Warming which can’t be done while the MIC/Wars go on.
No Oil/No Wars.

Onward to Medicare4All –
and keeping in mind the deep betrayals of liberal voters by Obama re national health care.


The Owners are looking for dependable, do-nothing “placeholders”. Candidates with lying and bullshitting skills will get preferential treatment. Another Obama would be perfect. Real agents of change need not apply.


Pro-business Democrats (and Republicans) never act out of fear except when the stock market crashes. They act out of a desire for profits.

Anybody can beat Trump (or Pence). The progressives have most of the Democratic Party votes, but Bernie Sanders has been dead to the people who control the media for a reason. They want at least a 2-way perfect tie splitting all of the progressive vote right down the middle, as carefully as if an invisible hand measured and cut it with scissors. As if that weren’t enough, the LGBT faction has been split off to create a nearly perfect 3 way tie splitting the progressive vote. This means that any fool can win the Democratic nomination and then win the Presidency.

Joe Biden would do this but he was never a presidential debater in 2008, and now his mild dementia is catching up with him. Nobody else has a pulse. Who does that leave?

That’s right, Michael Bloomberg, come on down! The Price is Right! You too, Mr. Yang, you rich businessman, you. Tom Steyer, this is your chance to buy yourself in.

On the actual elected official front, Deval Patrick can kiss babies and eat rubber chicken with the best of them. Skin tone worked for Barack Obama, didn’t it? Also, Hillary was this close to filing for the New Hampshire primary after making all sorts of nasty sounds toward Donald Trump and calling Tulsi Gabbard a communist dupe or something similar. Unfortunately, Hill was polling at 0% or less so she bailed out.


Well, this just lost him a helluva lot of votes! YES!!! BYE! DONE!!!


I usually hate reading the brain-dead comments on yayhoo but I LOVED this one: "Hey Biden how about a ban on tricycles since they are the gateway to criminal biker gangs."


Actually, Iowa is good predictor of who’s going to win the Dem nomination. Since 1972, when it became the first primary/caucus, it’s only been wrong three times. And out of the last 10 presidential elections, Iowa vote D six times, R four.


You’ll have to search past the headline, which is intended to shed as little light as possible, but if you do, you’ll see who’s leading the new national Rueters-Ipsos poll:


When the DNC/MSM cabal succeeding in burying Bernie for him, Tweetle–Dumb took over some of his issues (quite dishonestly, of course) and enough desperate people believed his lies that he was able to sneak past Krooked Hilliary.   Not gonna happen this time around . . .




Yet they have been artificially elevated, put on a phony pedestal, and held up as something important.
Sorry kids, in the grand scheme, They are a nit.

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Yes - one of the Koch brothers ran as the VP candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket because the law places no limit on how much of a candidate’s own money can be spent on the candidate’s campaign.


There has been an accelerated ongoing war especially over the past year. Screams of socialism, socialism, Socialism, Socialism, crazy communist. The fear is palpable. Sweat is pouring off of rich velvet hides in riverlets. Hearts are pounding loud. Breathlessness abounds. Baby wipes are off the shelves.
Love the chaos. Out of the ashes arises the Phoenix.
Bernie. 2020 and 2024.


I had a Bernie sticker on my car during the 2016 elections. My neighbors here in a conservative flag-waving small town in Arizona started shunning me, except the new neighbors who never saw my sticker. I guess it’s time to put out the Bernie yard sign and really piss them all off again. I’m thinking the new neighbors won’t like it either. As long as my wife still loves me, I don’t give a damn. Bernie 2020!!!


Folks, I see a trap being laid by the corporate elite of this country. Does anyone really think Buttigieg Duval, Patrick, Harris or Bloomberg would win the democratic domination? I think the answer is no. They are being propped up as niche candidates to pull votes away from Bernie and Warren. They don’t have to win; they just need enough delegates to throw the nomination to Crazy Uncle Joe at the convention. I think that is the end game.

Then again, maybe they are this stupid.


Big B, you’re playing right into the hands of the Establishment powers, who want to nullify Iowa and N. Hampshire, so S. Carolina becomes the litmus test for " electability ". That’s MSM juju and, it’s bad. Then what next, Bloomers buys Alabama and Patrick buys NY State?
You know nothing about " caucuses " other than you’d like to hide behind primaries where voters perform as little of their civic duty as possible? While feeling good about themselves?
Real Iowans twice rejected The Clintonistas and picked a black guy with little experience. He was a disappointing President.
You’re a disappointing CD er.
Just sayin’.

…or funnel directly to the “Party” through your own campaign ?

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I still see every article skirting the fact that Patrick is running because his good buddy Obama pushed him to run by promising all the Wall St donors he wants plus the backing of everyone who is still wearing their rose colored Hope and Change glasses. Obama is the elephant in the room when people are talking about Patrick "supporters.’ He wanted Patrick to run against Hillary in 2016 but Sanders stole the wind from his sails. Are we allowed to riff on Obama for being a spineless, war mongering, neo-liberal Republicrat now or will Trevor Noah still call us racists? Seems most journalist are still afraid to cross that line.

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I don’t know for sure, but iirc, Hillary was buying state-level superdelegates in 2016 by promising donations from her campaign to their state parties’ treasury - so that kind of funneling may be legal.


You haven’t seen this poll before:

"Poll: Mayor Pete 71%, Bloomberg 2nd

"A new poll released today put Mayor Pete Buttigeig in first place among candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in second place. Former Vice President Joe Biden came in third.

"Despite spending large amounts of money on their campaigns, none of the other contenders received enough votes to register, even with rounding up.

"Bloomberg received 23%, and Biden got 6%.

"The poll was sharply criticized by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed that she would have won if her vote total included the votes cast for Jill Stein, and Tulsi Gabbard.

"Wally Shaheed of Just Us Democrats tweeted “Mayor Pete catapulted to the top like a jet-powered rocket! I’m with Mayor Pete!”

"The poll was taken on October 31, and 50 likely future voters were queried. The poll was conducted in the cafeteria of the Des Moines, Iowa, Chuck “Cornfed” Grassley Middle School, during fifth period study hall. Respondents were asked “Which person do you think would like American ice cream most - patriotic Pete “Buddy” Buttigeig, richer-than-you Michael Bloomberg, or Creepy Joe Biden?”

“The poll was designed and conducted by DairyState State University, the Dairy News Council (DNC), and i/CNN (the ice cream News Network).”