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Fear the Mustache: Why Bolton Makes Even Donald Trump Nervous

Fear the Mustache: Why Bolton Makes Even Donald Trump Nervous

Vijay Prashad

Even U.S. President Donald Trump, who is getting ready to pardon war criminals, fears John Bolton. Trump had hesitated to give Bolton a seat in his Cabinet (initially because of Trump’s distaste for Bolton’s bushy mustache). Bolton and General H.R. McMaster were both in line to become National Security Adviser (NSA). Trump went with H.R. McMaster, who lasted a year. Bolton, called “The Mustache” by Trump, slipped into this consequential post. The NSA is the main adviser to the U.S. president on foreign policy—often more important than the Secretary of State. Bolton has Trump’s ear.

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The “walrus” and the orange-topped ninny should be sharing in a cell, instead they decided the fates of people who can’t do a damned thing about being attacked and maimed and murdered! Still "proud to be an (a)merican???


What’s to be proud OF? The warmongering, greed based upper crust, or the lingering class that does nothing to stop it? Not at all.
The mustache is nothing special. Bolton, instead of trimming his like most beardless people, has chosen to let his grow over his lip and into his mouth. Hungry?

Can we mandate anger management therapy for all these idiots? Oh yeah, ofttimes I need it too.

When his moist wet tongue tickles the DONALD,
The President says yes, yes, yes! more please!

I get your point and agree, gandolf; especially the part about the “lingering class” you mention. I’m assuming they are what I call the apathetic & dumbed-down class?
*You grossed me out on the “hungry” when mentioning that stash!

There is not really any successful therapy modality for sociopathy. And of course, there’s no way to force any of them into therapy, anyway. I’m not even sure imprisonment helps except to keep them away, somewhat, from the population at large. Show me what actors on the political stage have the guts and brains to stop the sociopaths. Show me one patriot who’d step forward.

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What’s your opinion of Tulsi Gabbard?

C, so far, I’m leaning towards nope, but there are so many people pushing or defending her, that I want to keep my mind a little open. Off the top of my head, I distrust her fundamentalist guru/ex guru, I don’t like that she might be close to Modi, I’m not real sure about her vis-a-vis Israel-Palestine, I’m not totally convinced about her and GLBTI issues, and I haven’t been able to shake the feeling she’s insincere. Originally, she was one of my top 2-3 choices.

What’s your take?
Edit: several months ago, I received a scathing indictment of her from a relatively progressive friend in CA, but I can’t find it in the mailbox. What I did find is a letter appeal for another Hawaiian. It’s from DK which I’m not so fond of. The letter says Gabbard was going to a Las Vegas conference headed by Scaramucci and full of MAGA officials, that she has a history of opposing “basic Democratic ideals and of supporting al-Assad. I dunno, C.

Hi Toni - She’s my preferred candidate, primarily due to her stated anti-permanent war foreign policy.

Have you viewed the two interviews Joe Rogan conducted with her, which are available on YouTube? I believe that her sincerity shines in these. I liked what I saw in the first one; but, haven’t had time to watch all of the latest one. One commentor of the 2nd interview stated that she doesn’t have a good grasp of economics; so, I’ll pay attention to that when I do get time to view it. But, according to an article I read that pointed me to the 2nd interview, Rogan apparently asks some very important questions I’ve never seen asked of any Presidential candidate; so, I think viewing it will be time well spent.

The DK letter sounds like a hit job. I’m glad she allegedly would support al-Assad; because, I’ve spent considerable time during the past three to four years, trying to learn what is truth regarding Syria and what is western propaganda; and, I firmly believe that the MSM-propagated view of al-Assad is contrived to foment regime change. It is not the truth. If you are interested, I recently posted three consecutive comments, starting here, which contain seven articles (by Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, and Rania Khalek), which I believe conclusively report the truth of what has taken place within Syria.

As far as GLBTI issues, I believe she has built an excellent record since departing from the views instilled in her as a child by her parents. If I recall correctly, she addresses this question, in detail, in one of the Rogan interviews.

She also addresses the Modi question; but, I don’t remember if she actually addressed Israel-Palestine, which is extremely important, in my book.

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Wow! Thanks, C. I’ll check out all those references. As far as DK is concerned, one of the reasons I don’t like them is that they’re part of the mainstream pablum deliverers yet claim they’re progressives. A couple of their contributors are solid; the rest are Dem lackeys. Yes, agreed— the Syria issue. I, too, have not known what is truth, and of course, I distrust every damn thing coming out of our governments’ mouths and their unofficial (wink wink) news organs’ pens.

I have seen and heard interviews on her GLBTI changes. C, I have a different computer where I can search for the letter I told you about. I’ll try to remember to do that and tell you the allegations. (It wouldn’t hurt to remind me.)
Thanks, again.

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Nothing ever happens to these connected a-holes to bring them to justice. Will someone please assassinate Bolton and Elliot Abrams and do the rest of the World a favor before they actually do blow the place up!

There’s all kinds of anti-Gabbard propaganda out there. You can’t be pro-peace and rise withing the Democratic party. The bigger issue is that regardless of what opinion you have of her, the DP will never let her get close to real power. This is true of Sanders as well who’s much more concilliatory to the empire.

post natal abortion could be a good starting point for trump,bolton, pompous-ass,pence etc, etc, many, many more!

Typical “President Bone Spurs” brand of statesmanship. Bolton can blow up half the planet as long as he loses the stash’. Its amazing what the Repukes will put up with to hold the reins of power.

I’m sure you’re right; but, I’ll continue to support her with the hope that, at some point, she’ll realize this fact; and, run as an independent. Sanders, however, I’m convinced, will never walk away from the Democrats.

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Look at the photo here https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/21/no-war-iran-say-62-groups-letter-congress

Is it the Teddy Roosevelt archetype? Surprising, huh? That look puts him on the side of right, versus the side of corporations…which may be how his supporters see him.

Yeah, yeah…Teddy started out wrong.

When the Dims Dumbs Dems put up that loyalty oath for the Progressives to sign, that they would swear to support and follow whatever candidate the Dims Dumbs Dems decided on and Sanders rushed to be first in line to sign it, my thought was “Once a Quisling, always a Quisling.” Sanders has done a great job once again of getting enthusiastic supporters. Pelosi & Co. will look around for the loser to put forward, probably name Biden, and Sanders will hearken to his oath and tell all of his progressive supporters to vote for Biden. Trump rides again!
*As I have often pointed out, the “two” parties work for the same ma$ters and are well rewarded for doing what they are told to do.
*It is just Kabuki to keep us hopeful and distracted while they take away the last little bit of our Constitutional Republic that is left. The major difference between the Third Reich and the Fourth is the level of weaponry available. At the end of WW-II, we could destroy a city and a hundred thousand people in just a few seconds. Now we can utterly destroy hundreds of cities and wipe out croplands, water resources, Universities, Health Care, in just a few minutes. There can be no victors in such a “war,” just a handful of survivors who will take a little longer to die. Virtually all of humanity’s accomplishments will be reduced to radioactive dust and debris. Libraries, Hospitals, Universities, Museums, virtually all will be gone. Eighty or ninety nuclear plants will become Fukushimas, poisoning everything down wind or down current as the power grids fail and the batteries run down.
*Mrs. Minitrue has been saying for forty or fifty years that humanity is the most endangered species. They are intelligent enough to turn it around, but they don’t, and we continue to slide down the tubes.


Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the loyalty oath. Now I can plainly see why some label him a sheepdog.

If Tulsi is the nominee, I will vote for a Democratic candidate for the first time since Jesse Jackson in 1988. Anyone else, I’ll return to either the Green or Socialist Equality Party depending on there platforms. The only thing the Democratic Party has accomplished since Johnson’s Great Society has been Republicanesque legislation under Clinton and Obama. They have done squat towards a progressive agenda so I owe them zero loyalty.