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Fearing He Might Act, Pentagon Isn't Giving Trump Military Options on North Korea: Report

Fearing He Might Act, Pentagon Isn't Giving Trump Military Options on North Korea: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Pentagon is afraid to give President Donald Trump options for a preemptive military strike on North Korea because officials believe he might act on one of them.

"Given the staggering costs of a U.S.-led conflict on the Korean Peninsula...the Trump administration's use of preventive force would be a suicidal reaction to uncertainty."
—Mira Rapp-Hooper, Yale


I can understand why the Pentagon would deny slow-walking their options to rump. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t slow-walking. Keep it slow guys, keep it slow. rump don’t need no stinking options…


True, but the problem is that insane people commit suicide!

Harkens back to the Nixon era. Take away war making, bomb dropping powers from an unstable, sick President.
While unconstitutional, these actions demonstrate and highlight just how The United States Incorporated land is actually governed by a Fascist, military dictatorship. The sacrificial figure head now being, Mango Mussolini.


But-but-but Twumpy Wumpy Poo wants to be remembered as a macho he-man (gag!) WAR PRESIDENT. “Preventive Force”? How about a multi trillion dollar UN preventive FARCE? We currently have a national debt of over 20 trillion dollars and most of that has gone to pay for our wars and military on the other side of the planet. Why do we need to be on the other side of the planet creating wars or otherwise maintaining our troops there at a huge cost to taxpayers.

And in the meantime, the military industrial complex is getting huge contracts for military weapons, advancement of weaponry, etc…

10 companies profiting the most from war - USA TODAY
Based on a list of the top 100 arms-producing and military services companies in 2011 compiled by the Stockholm … making planes such as …


Eisenhower warned the american people and we still let it go. so much taken for granted.


This “man” is afraid of the maid touching his toothbrush, yet has the nuclear codes. #SAD


Yes, and I would argue that the #1 terrorist country in the world, has gotten away with their fascist, world wide empire of terrorism, for far too long using the disguise of fighting for freedom and democracy and being a christian nation.


Got an OOPS! on your link –
… if you want to try again?

Nice post –

On the one hand it can be viewed as a good thing to restrict the power of the executive to exercise war powers.

On the other hand who’s to say that the unelected military deciders won’t abuse the power they usurp?


True –

However, seems more like our “free press” let it go because it had become
our CIA/corporate press.

Those were words of warning from IKE but what was the public to do about it…?
What had IKE himself done about it? Did the average citizen even understand
that IKE was warning them of fake wars and corporate conspiracy to create them?
Did he mention the CIA, at all?

It wasn’t only JFK who was betrayed by the CIA, so was IKE in the U-2 incident
which caused the cancellation of the Paris Peace Accords.
Who wanted that?

The press allegedly exists to give voice to the public, to envision the required
changes. To remind the public of what the issues are.

Did the MIC ever get on a “free press” list of any kind to remind the public …
Maybe something like a banner headline alerting the public that “we all have to get to this MIC issue”?

How anxious was the “free press” or TV anchors/news to interview IKE and find out what
he actually meant and how much time we had to do it – or where to begin?

JFK, unfortunately, put his brother in charge of the DOJ – not the CIA.
Had he done the latter, things might be different today.

Wasn’t there still at that time heavy Cold War propaganda?
Maybe the McCarthy Era had been pulled back a bit – but a lot who still believed in it all.

The very people who had recruited and put Hitler/Nazis in power and funded it all had been
busy since two years before the end of WWII making plans to ensure that Hitler survived and
that a Fourth Reich would rise. Likely they were also working on an atomic weapon.

JFK did begin to show the public that the warmongering of “reds under beds” was farce.
And JFK went out into the world making friends – not enemies.
At the time, there were three leaders who worked for peace – Khrushchev in Russia.
Pope John XXIII at the Vatican moving to Vatican II to make the Church a democracy where
freedom of conscience would rule on all issues.
JFK in the White House

And that secret government acted against JFK by assassinating him.
Needless to say the CIA was very much involved . So was LBJ, Nixon.
Note the website link which shows that JFK had "died in office."
No mention of an assassination or coup.

John Stockwell, former CIA and CIA whistleblower, has made clear that CIA stands for
"Catholics In Action"

Take a look at the “Christians” running our government.

See: CIA’s Operation Mockingbird being drafted 2 years before the end of WWII.
Germany was defeated, but not fascism.
See: John Stockwell/YouTube


OK … so the Pentagon is AFRAID of what Trump might do.

Sounds like a good argument for impeaching this president.

Or forcing his resignation.

Of course, likely we’d have to do the same with the religious fanatic, Pence.


The military is in charge as usual. Whether it is the inscrutable mystery and vast power of this all-pervasive machine, or, its militarized presidents and politicians, weaponized options are the only real guarantors in an aggressive imperial ideology destined to rule the planet.
Brought to you by your tax dollars at work.
Isn’t centrism beautiful? lol


The sad thing about that is that far too many insane people take out any number of sane people before they commit suicide. lf the #shithole fake prez would just take himself out I might actually respect him … well maybe just a smidgeon … but let’s not get carried away here! :smirk::cowboy_hat_face:

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This is both good news and bad news…
It is somewhat comforting to know that cooler heads will prevail over Mr. Trump-
On the other hand the Pentagon is not A place where everyone is in agreement when it comes to War- There are Army, Navy, Air force and Marine Generals, Cia and NSA and of course the Joint Chiefs of Staff who may not all be in agreement…{Then there is the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council}
What I am trying to say is that it is also somewhat un-Constitutional for the Military to be telling the President what to do…Even though in this case it sure is heartening, but not A good precedent…
There are extreme Hawkish groups of Military that might even be worse than Trump-
This is all thanks to the F–KING Congress usurping their responsibilities and Constitutional Authority to make War over to the Executive branch- In an otherwise sane World, the people would insist on these bastards to return to the Constitutional mandate!


I like the way you think!

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You have said in two sentences what took me two paragraphs to say-

I knew this was going to happen eventually.

Think about it. The Joint Chiefs, the Pentagon, the Generals, all know that a tactical strike at North Korea will cause Kim to react and in a highly threatened way.

They all know what would come next. Millions in North and South Korea would be vaporized.

Then, enter China, Russia, and God knows who else.

The Joint Chiefs, the Pentagon, and the Generals, all have families and know that if they allow Trump to carry out his grade school bully threats, it’s game over for the planet.

It’s like I’ve been saying for many months, there are military police officers tasked to protect Trump, at home and away, and if Trump threatens the annihilation of a part of the world to the point that Trump orders a Nuclear strike which goes against Military leadership and their plans, Trump may find himself accidentally shot.

Imagine that, 45 shot with a 45.

How poetic is that?

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Here is an analysis of recent American war making along with an optimistic view of the future from South Front:


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Pb, from your lips to…yesterday…

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