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Fearing Sanders as ‘Closet Realist’

After Iraq invaded, there were ads in right wing publications inviting young people to be part of the business revolution in Iraq through a constitution that gave business everything they said they need. In short, make government an enabler of business.

Well an article today in the Guardian shows how well that worked out. Everyone is corrupt. The government has failed.

Post-war Iraq: ‘Everybody is corrupt, from top to bottom. Including me’:
A corrupt political class has led a 13-year pillage on public money in the pursuit of power. As oil prices fall, further jeopardising the country’s revenues, there is little hope that governance will improve

Now, with plunging oil prices leaving Iraq’s revenues in more jeopardy than at any time since the US invasion, attention is shifting to what the custodians of public funds have done over more than a decade with tens of billions of dollars that could otherwise be a buffer from such a budget shock.

If, as projected, global oil prices remain at historic lows, Iraq will be unable to pay some of its civil servants, or honour pledges to build roads and power stations in the next financial year. The gravity of the crisis has created uncomfortable reckonings for Iraq’s political class, military leaders and some senior religious figures, who have led a staggering 13-year pillage that has left Iraq consistently rated as one of the top five least transparent and most corrupt countries in the world.


wonderful isn’t it? we protect Al Queda…things are very twisted…& with HRC they will get worse…I support Bernie 1000%…but if he supports drone assassinations., we have to let him know that has to stop!


The privatization orgy in the west - since reagan/thatcher is the topic of an interview by George Galloway with Dr. Robert Gill looking at the British health system in its current fixes.
War is undoubtedly the arena in which new nefarious methods are tested- and then brought to the domestic front (and visa versa). Most instructive in the interview are the institutional strategies and methods. Folks will recognize familiar elements such as Reagan gutting agency staff, budgets etc, to then be able to point the finger and ‘see they don’t work they must be privatized’. Plus some perhaps new lenses with which to keep an eye on these related clawings of the parasitic model.


There are “realist” conservatives. They despise the radical imperialist neocon/ “humanitarian” interventionist clique that has been running DC for 30 some years. George H W Bush showed little realism, and he was replaced with Clinton. Check out the “American Conservative” blog. Pat Buchanan and company. The only Republican realist of public note is Rand Paul.


“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”
Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


“One is tempted to simply dismiss Ignatius as not a serious person, but he is considered part of the crème de la crème of Official Washington’s current foreign-policy establishment. He’s sought after to moderate foreign policy conferences and he pontificates regularly from the well-read pages of The Washington Post.”

Actually, one is “tempted” to recognize that the entire Establishment Media doing the War Hawk’s and Military Industrial Complex’s bidding is enacting the plans published in The Project for a New American Century.

From its necessary “Pearl Harbor” (= 911) to its plans for “regime change” in delineated Middle East Nations, EVIDENCE shows that this is the PLAN that’s already 85% actualized.

So this nonsensical questioning of why people like David Ignatius “doesn’t learn anything” just adds another level of propaganda to the existing one.

The media is in corporate hands and the MIC is a gigantic consortium of corporations. They profit from war. The bankers profit from war. Propaganda is the oldest form of consensus-making known to mankind.

Is Parry a Left Gatekeeper? He challenges just enough of Official Stories to come off as an outsider, but then too often he reinforces the LIES that all of the insanity is built upon.


This is another phucking false frame!

“But he is really just another example of how dangerous it was for the American people to exact no accountability from the hubristic neoconservatives and their “liberal interventionist” sidekicks for their many disastrous miscalculations and war crimes.”

This idea of accountability would require a functioning justice system and a congress that’s actually answerable to The People.

Is that the case, Parry?

Or was it that the 911 event was used to anesthetize all Democratic processes making them subservient to the metrics of so-called National Security?

Is the Supreme Court anything less than a Processing Center for Big Business’ objectives? (It may change with the awful Scalia sent back to his maker.)

Or is it truer that the falsely-named “Citizens United” made it easy for those with the most money to merely purchase leaders the way they do yachts? (Actually, the yachts cost more.)

And how about congress? As the Page and Gilens Study PROVES, almost NOTHING in the way of legislation or recent policy-making reflected ANY of the majority-public’s interests, wishes, or concerns.

So let’s dispense with the idealistic canard that citizens have a capacity–within a MILITARY STATE–to alter what that muscular entity does.

Karmic blowback will balance the scales of justice and human action MAY help. But it’s straight out of Disney to pretend that citizens’ opposition to these matters will or has made any difference.

Are you unfamiliar with The Deep State and its operations, Parry?

How many Americans signed on for the murder of JFK or others?

How many Americans opposed the big bank bailout?

How many opposed Bush’s rush to (already planned) wars?

Left gatekeepers… THAT sounds about right .


Exactly. These people are idiots. They do not learn from their experiences. That failure, combined with great power, has inevitably led to widespread malaise. So widespread that people - lots of people - who neither pay attention to politics nor understand the source of the malaise, are reacting to it. And the ones among them who are not first-and-foremost “victim blamers” appear to be gravitating, big time, to Bernie.

Senator Sanders represents, for me, a reasoned and moral treatment for the cancer of neoconservatism. But his great power is that he represents a better way for a whole lot of people who don’t know what that is.


“If Americans still had pitchforks, they should have chased down this arrogant elite for inflicting so much pain and bloodshed on both the people of these tragic countries and on the U.S. soldiers who were dispatched so casually to make the benighted policies work.”

Sure, Parry.

How well would those pitchforks work against a LEGION of armed gendarmes some of them returned from foreign wars and TAUGHT to view U.S. citizens as potential “enemy combatants”?

Did you forget about Occupy Wall Street and the police muscle used to break it up?

The obvious brutality aimed at the Black Community that mostly goes without redress could EASILY be applied to any and every (other) demographic.

While it’s known that there are 2.2 million already incarcerated… what pundit talks openly about the FEMA camps and why it is that Wallmarts appear to be being reengineered to possibly act as human holding pens. (I CAN supply links to this.)

What is NOT known is what is the composite number of persons answerable to a government that does NOT respect the will of citizens who ARE in all of the following uniforms:

  1. Homeland Security
  2. Border Patrol
  3. Highway Patrol
  4. Coast Guard
  5. DEA
  6. FBI
  7. CIA
  8. Sheriffs Departments
  9. Police Departments
  10. TSA
  11. Navy
  12. “Special forces”
  13. Contract soldiering operations (like Blackwater)

That is a LOT of muscle AND trained firepower.

Guillotines & pitchforks, my ass! More Disney.

From the article:

“No one ever wants to admit that these “moderates” were always dominated by Sunni jihadists and – by 2012 – had become essentially their front men for receiving sophisticated U.S. weapons before passing the hardware on, willingly or not, to Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, Islamic State and other extremist groups.”

Who is the “no one”? If you mean Establishment Pundits, then be honest about the Military-Media complex. Other than using an inaccurate frame, this is the first potent statement in this article.


I suspect that Bernie stumbles a little on questions about U. S. power and the Middle East because deep down he knows what a lot of us really believe, and would get us labeled as “kooks” by “The Adults” of foreign policy - namely that the U. S. needs to get the f#$% out of the region altogether! Just leave. Quit throwing money and good lives after wasted money and lives. We especially need to quit giving money and arms to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and most of all Israel. All of our interference in the region since WWII has set us up as the universally hated devil by the common citizens of all of those countries (except Israel, where our support is the only reason they continue their theft of Palestine). I hope that a Bernie Sanders Presidency would begin the end of our arrogant foreign policy of trying to be the World’s policeman.


Sander’s foreign policy record is nothing to impress the anti-war movement. I certainly would prefer a better record on funding war. Cutting the war budget is a must-do for his policies to be fully funded, but he has supported (and likely still does) the F-35 scheme, among other pro-military votes.

Everything is broken, including our democracy which makes it damn hard to fix anything, We must get our domestic house in order first, so we can create a better foreign policy. Elect that man and join the movement to hold his feet, and the entire political class, to the fire. We are going to have demand cuts to the war budget in a way the political class can hear it: from the rooftops and streets.


In answer to your questions, “how many opposed…”, the simple answer is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. Not enough, YET!

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In order to have freedom many millions of us must take to the streets and peacefully confront all those who Siouxrose1 so aptly lists in one of her posts. One step at a time, slowly toward those, our fellow citizens, who would do the dirty work of their employers and keep us from those freedoms promised in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Once that effort is made by enough citizens we are only one more step away from those promised freedoms. We will be taking no greater chance than those who lept from the trenches in WWI or stormed Normandy in the 2nd World War. I leave our Civil War open for discussion with but one comment; that war was started with a military bombardment. Did Kennedy die in vain? Did MLK, or the students at Kent State die in vain? They are all great examples of people who stood up for the highest of ideals. However, they stood alone, or they ran in panic. Millions are needed, standing bravely and taking one, slow step at a time toward our own countrymen and the freedom promised to all.


Thank you SR, especially the PNAC accounting as it absolutely is pertinent.

Unfortunately like so many others, Parry refuses to investigate any one of the litany of unanswered questions regarding that seminal event, but has in writing openly maligned those that do.


You nailed it!

I would like to see more, I’ll give you that. But the other side of the equation is that mass media makes movements invisible… as much as they can.

That’s why in spite of:

The dreamers
Black Lives Matter
Say Her Name
Minimum wage increment–movement
End capital punishment
Close Guantanamo
Stop Fracking
Stop the oil pipelines
Opposing the war on women’s reproductive access/care

And so much else… either these activities are framed in a way that makes it seem that they are fringe and irrelevant, or pundits blame the individuals who are trying to change matters (in order to make this nation more just, humane, and fair-minded in its policies).

Good example: Note the percentage of media time that goes to Trump or Clinton (pro-business candidates) versus that which is allotted to Mr. Sanders?

Many waves are taking place but the Status Quo Media Gatekeepers do their utmost to make them all invisible.

Also, the constant invocation that WE are the land of the free is a very strong form of programming. That’s why it seems inconceivable that EACH generation must re-fight battles (thought) already won.

As for peaceful protest, I do agree… but keep in mind that the global economy is imploding and the competition for jobs seldom higher. And often that means lousy jobs… but the only way for many low-income families to retain a roof over their heads.

As you probably know, many employers are using temp. work or job rotations that vary from week to week. That means that some people really can’t RISK taking work days off to attend protests that last more than a day.

There are also LOTS of single parent families and one-parent incomes create enormous challenges. So here, too, for that single parent to establish child care and meet job requirements in order to say “occupy Wall St.” presents serious logistical challenges.

The Black community risked the bullets and ropes of rabid racists in order to obtain the vote and a few moronic Supreme Court Justices set those brave efforts back decades with the stroke of their poisonous pen.

The right wing Christian community with funding from maniacs like the Koch Brothers is able to hire brilliant lawyers who chip away at a “Woman’ Right to Choose” in ways that essentially strip the foundation OUT from the law itself.

In other words, if clinics that provide women’s reproductive health care are not only defunded, but forced to affiliate with hospitals–and in many areas the ONLY hospital is a Catholic hospital–then no form of birth control or abortion will be accessed. That’s an attack by stealth.

So people are fighting foremost for basic survival… control of their own bodies, the capacity to pay rent and purchase groceries, and on top of that… forced back into the OLD TRENCHES?

That’s very debilitating psychologically. And when citizens SEE the wealth chasm grow, and recognize that rich people ARE purchasing politicians, and through them, policy, and sense that media lies… it seems virtually impossible to access JUSTICE in such a system.

I think this is why so many DO lead lives of quiet desperation and why there is an epidemic of obesity (comfort food), drug addiction, vast Depression levels (treated by something akin to Soma as taken out of Huxley’s novel).

A very cool woman moved into my area. She bought a remote property and the city would not give her a permit to put the electricity on so she braved winter without it. Finally she put a little mobile home on the property and the men who set it up didn’t properly secure the heating system. She said no one wants to work in Florida.

I countered that these people are so beaten down by low wages and the realization that they will NEVER get “ahead,” that all they can do is go through the motions until it’s 5 P.M., get loaded on beer, and zone out in front of a TV set.

I’ve LOOKED (and I mean with my empathy gates WIDE open) into the eyes of some of these day laboring types (when I stop for gas at a local station), and they are empty. These people are hanging on by a thread.

When they go to churches that insist that they are guilty sinners… it just beats more trauma into their psyches.

I had to have a new water heater put it… and the guys left me with a leak. When I call, they don’t call back. (I did pay them.) So… this is an example of shoddy work and it’s what I live with here. Some would blame the workers, and I agree they hardly do great work… but I also understand what they’re up against. And I think it speaks metaphorically for MANY within our nation.

The good jobs were vacuum suctioned out.

Nature is dying and every time I drive by another forest taken down without any thought of the ecosystem or animals… I don’t know whether to scream or cry or shut down.

Insanity is running things and it has ZERO respect for life or life’s continuity. I think many people sense this in a visceral way. Perhaps it will come down to standing up against bullets or whatever silent weapons OUR tax dollars have funded in covert operations at profitable weapons’ plants.

After all, after WW II, things like fluoride and other chemical weapons found their way into domestic uses. Why not the ordnance?

The times are fraught with dangers.

I made my own list… which to fear most?

The new talk of a pole shift. The extinction event in slow motion wrought by the still radiation-pulsing Fukushima? The collapse of nature and harvest cycles? The implosion of the global economy? World War III and the introduction of martial law to our land? My personal issues like trying to stay healthy as I age… amid the onslaught of chemical overload from air, water, food, and soil.

What a fun time for all!

This diatribe was offered to put the “appearance of a lack of activism” into perspective. Understanding is far wiser than judgment calls.

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Reading C.D., watching “Democracy Now,” and catching up on a major reading list has perhaps radicalized me. Now I find it easy to see where writers considered LEFT stop their arguments, and I do mean stop them. It’s as if an invisible perimeter was placed around all conjecture. Certainly any honest discussions of the “cui bono” item applied to 911 qualifies as border #1.

I find lots of resistance to Free Energy and the growing evidence that some of the weapons’ developing plants affilitated with the MIC indeed DO have “alien” technology and have the means for shifting all machinest OFF of fossil fuels. Big Oil is more powerful than many nations and THAT is the entity largely blocking the implementation of the very resources that would save our planet.

As a Feminist, I am quite sensitive to how often it is that thinking writers leave GENDER entirely out of their discussions. They strain at times to do so and it would be comical were the results not so tragic.

Astrology truly is the first heresy. Many of the early astronomers were also astrologers and the church’s treatment of Galileo for daring to challenge the earth-centered cosmology of the time has never really altered. But astrology carried the taint all these years. What this field of relationships conveys in the way of a profound understanding of very powerful cycles is necessary to mankind… it’s one of the means for transcending the feedback loops that invariably lead back to the same outcomes: war, primarily.

Anyone who doesn’t hold (or champion) views that align with the Dominant Narratives understands how rigid those narratives are.

Therefore, this idea of Left Gatekeepers has become more and more apparent to me.

Those who are comfortable with the Status Quo parameters take principled opposition to them and turn them into the simplistic narrative that persons like myself just argue with “anyone who disagrees with us.”

That’s a very simplistic way of turning dissent into just the mark of a disgruntled citizen. Nothing more. Nothing to see here, etc.

It’s a means for keeping (the old) Order! And since THAT order is literally killing this planet and all life upon it, naturally, I don’t show much grace when what’s needed to shift things is put under fire. Shades of burning the witch… that’s how the church-state patriarchy silenced women like me centuries ago. THAT is the level of barbarism they stoop to so as to retain this “order.” An order that is anathema to life, the great Yin-Yang balance, and Truth.


Bernie Sanders as foreign-policy realist:

http ://www.thenation.com/article/bernie-sanders-the-foreign-policy-realist-of-2016/

This was news to me. Why do our commanders keep doing this, supporting rebels who are almost always tied to terrorists, and in this case we want to support and arm Al Queda? Like we don’t already have enough history to show that this is insanity and plunges us into perpetual war?!
Oh yeah, but it’s great business for the military industrial complex, isn’t it!