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Fearing the Worst, Immigrants and Allies Proclaim They're #HeretoStay


Fearing the Worst, Immigrants and Allies Proclaim They're #HeretoStay

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

People around the country rallied on Saturday to tell the nation: Even in the face of the threats posed by the incoming Trump administration, immigrants and their families are here to stay.


Time to come together. Not for the Democratic Party. No. Woman's Rights. Absolute refusal to fascism. That means the Green Party, too. Black Lives Matter, too. Fight For Fifteen, too. Unions, too. Everyone who sees what is actually looming before our very eyes, in our lifetime! My Green bros and sisters. We gotta step up and stand for justice, even if it means partying-up with the burnt-out shell of a democratic party, whose, YES, talking heads still think they matter, even after their humiliating betrayal of us. Time they find that we only listen to voices of Justice for the 99%, like Bernie and Jill and many, many others.

And what do we mean by "Green"? We have drifted, I'm afraid from the core meaning of Green, due to politics. What is most Earth friendly is the litmus test. So, Green Party, let's get it back together and team up with Bernie. Let's lay all our cards on the table and fight fascism. Not using organic cotton when it's available, as well as hemp in our Green Party memorabilia, was a travesty of minor proportion - yet let's never loose sight of our pledge as Green. We pledge to make life a wonderful green Earth experience for all who want it.
A lifetime of bliss is doable.


I hope we can stop this nightmare in its tracks in 2018.


'Illegals' vs 'immigrants'?? If you are not Native American can you honestly make such a claim or distinction? As far as Mexicans are concerned you can see the indigenous in their faces which might be cause for the racists to be alarmed since they thought they had practically eradicated the First Nations. 'Sad'.

And of course what is going on is Trump and his racist ilk think 'America' was founded for whites only and had very discriminatory immigration laws which caused my paternal grandfather to literally jump from a ship to immigrate to the US. 'Sad'.


Agreed, Bob. We need to come together and form coalitions.


Marches and sanctuary cities and campuses are a good start. People have been very generous funding the ACLU which has a lot of legal experience in dealing with this type of thing. For anyone with some extra money that is one good organization to send it to and there are a number of others. Hiring of additional staff will certainly be necessary for the court battles to follow. People on the left of the political center and people in the political center need to join together to take on these right wing zealots. It appears the most extreme elements of the right wing now have a say in what happens. A wacky as these people seem with their conspiracy theories and views on human genetics they appear to have someone willing to go to bat for them in Trump. Trump seems to be the willing tool for both the top corporations and richest Americans as well as this right wing fringe. Because there is so much widespread hate of liberal in rural America, Trump got elected even though a large percentage of the people who voted for him didn't believe he was really qualified to be president of the United States.


Right you are Bob. Don't forget all third parties, even though together they only make up a few percent of the electorate, right now.

Libertarians, however, are one obvious target to coalesce with since they are the third biggest political party in the U.S. We all should be able to find common ground in the anti-war, anti-nuke planks (need to repeal obomber's 1 Trillion dollar order for nuke weapons.)

Berniecrats are the biggest group, of course, and overlap with many other groups like labor, green, youth, healthcare advocates, retirees, etc.

Bernie 2020!


"We can no longer afford to worship the god of hate or bow before the altar of retaliation. The oceans of history are made turbulent by the ever-rising tides of hate. And history is cluttered with the wreckage of nations and individuals that pursued this self-defeating path of hate." MLK


On Sunday, January 15 at 10 AM PT, join Bernie Sanders, Democratic membersof Congress, trade unions, senior groups, health care activists and all those who believe in economic and social justice to tell Republicans loudly and clearly: we won't let you throw nearly 30 million people off of health insurance, make
massive cuts to Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood
Live stream is here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTUb-HJ55Z8


TJ, I'm thinking that the "privatize everything" Libertarians are no more than rebranded Repubs, favored as much by wall street money. The majority of Main Street (working people like me) see an "us" vrs wall street fight for the ownership of our Commons. The entrenched owners of all that is corporately manifested, mostly in cities, are the "privatize it all" kind of people, i.e. neocons /neoliberals, same thing, different labels. So, no to an invite to others, who cannot equate Earth justice with social democracy.



Then we are forever going to be at One Percent if we can't find common ground with the other groups. To have another 1776, we need the resources of the rich. The most destructive force to the planet right now is MIC pollution and Military fuel consumption.

The true Libertarians are against all foreign wars. War makes us poor, so if we could just get rid of that, there would be money available for social programs and rebuilding infrastructure which creates jobs, is my thinking.

Remember, to be successful, we gotta think like Trump. Get them all on your side, first. Then go after your agenda, once safely in office.

Unfortunately, I just found out who saved the Trump campaign and let him win. The Computer hacker family: The Mercers, who hacked the stock market and all became billionaires. The Mercers are direct relatives of the bush crime family.

We are so phucked....


If we could reduce the number of foreign military bases by half, there would be plenty of money for medicine for the needy, education for all, jobs for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and mass transit systems including high speed rail systems all over our country. The possibilities are endless but we must make decisions that benefit the many in place of the few.


The night mare, has barely begun..............


I am sorry, but... you have not been paying attention. The exponential changes in climate, along with our current entrenchment in "The Sixth Mass Extinction" is the path we are currently on. I am sorry to say that, there is nothing more than a wish .... that could keep us from extinction... very soon. The political will, the will of the masses.... is not there and now, it is too late anyway.... most people, are coming at this problem, as if it is new.... but... the REAL WORK for this predicament was to be done, a couple of decades or more ago.... we will NOT see "a wonderful green Earth experience for all who want it.
A lifetime of bliss is doable."


Ha!! You are so right..... it is ssssoooo ridiculous that "whites" ... think they own this soil... (I am white).... it is all so sad... so so beyond the comprehension of stupid, greedy, ignorant... people.....


I am sorry, I would love for Bernie to run in 2020.... however, I do believe, he will be too old...not that his mind wouldn't be worth it... it may be... but... would he have the stamina? Energy?... I don't know... we shall see..... if we are even still one country... I do not think we will be...



It looks grim, temperature-wise. But we can't just give up all the way. We still gotta do something; right? At least we can rub the climate-denier's noses in it. And demand congress shut down Faux News, since it is Fake News, which is responsible for getting us all killed.

It's going to be up to the powers that be, whether or not they are going to throw a Hail Mary. But their idea of a Hail Mary is probably WWIII.

Trump is erratic. Maybe he'll do something outside of their control that will actually help us.....

That's all I can think of right now. It's been a bad year and it's getting worse!


We have to somehow come together and that means everyone, in some kind of non-violent agenda. I think the best example was when Gandhi threw the British non-violently, out of India.

Imagine, Gandhi wrote this in the 1940's. Talk about Gandhi being prescient:
" America is the most industrialized country in the world and yet it has not banished poverty and degradation. That was because it neglected the universal manpower and concentrated power in the hands of the few who amassed fortunes at the expense of the many. THE RESULT IS THAT ITS INDUSTRIALIZATION HAS BECOME A MENACE TO ITS OWN POOR AND TO THE REST OF THE WORLD".


Libertarians do not believe in "social programs". They also don't believe in public infrastructure investment. That stuff gets privatized. As does everything else.


The Green party is not in opposition - it's common sense. I have been a member.