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Fearing Trump, Congress Holds First Hearing in Decades on President's Nuclear Authority


Fearing Trump, Congress Holds First Hearing in Decades on President's Nuclear Authority

William Hartung

"If a crazy president orders a legal nuclear strike from one of the already vetted war plans, there is no one that can stop him." 

nuclear protesters


From the article:

" ‘If a crazy president orders a legal nuclear strike from one of the already vetted war plans, there is no one that can stop him.’"

Where’s the “good-guy-with-a-gun” when we need him?


What is just terrifying to me is if Trump decides to nuke North Korea as of now, “there no one that can stop him”! Lets hope Congress can restrain his dictatorial authority to start a nuclear war.


i appreciate Derek Johnson’s words at the close of the article, that the proposed Markey / Lieu bill would only be “an important first step” toward reducing the threat of “nuclear catastrophe.”

And we the people cannot rely on our political “leaders” to start and continue down that road to peace.

We need a worldwide mass movement, identifying and demanding concrete steps to peace, and ending the careers of politicians who do not carry out our demands.

And nuclear war is only one of several global crises that we need to get clear about, and exercise real popular power, to prevent self-aggrandized egos from derailing human civilization and crashing the ecology.


The scope of the crime against life itself, committed by Republicans in Congress who put party unity and rich peoples’ wealth above the safety of the country and the world, now comes into view. STILL, they refuse to pass some laws limiting the powers of a president whom health care professionals are screaming is dangerously unstable. Make no mistake: Congress, by working with an Imposter President who totally failed to meet the Emoluments limitation of the Constitution, has become his conspirator! Most guilty of all is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, who administered the Oath Of Office to a man who nowhere near met the Constitutional criteria to take the job. May they all rot in hell for their crimes.


i also appreciate the writer Jessica Corbett including the fact that the supposedly “progressive” Obama led the push to “modernize” the US nuclear arsenal, to the cost of $1.7 trillion dollars.

Nuclear madness is by no means reserved to Trump. It has been solidly bi-partisan in the US political duopoly, ever since they let the genie out of the bottle in WWII.


Even though there are safe guards already built in, the National Command Authority (Wikipedia) gives the president unilateral authority to execute a nuclear strike. The MIC will instruct him to fire when the time is right. Follow the money…


The French could have warned us, and probably did, about a coming Guillotine Shortage, caused by complacent Americans believing our leaders would always be people of ethics and character. The French had seen otherwise.




We have been waiting for years (since the 2001 appointment of a loser to the Presidency, by a Supreme Court that had no such Delegated Power) for the “Fire Department” to arrive and save our burning-down country. Hate to say it, but I don’t think that “Fire Department” of gun toting “Patriots” is going to come out from behind their mommas’ skirts. Looks like we will have to form a bucket brigade with the citizens of the world to protect each other’s homes and loved ones. So-called “Nationalism” no longer meets the needs of humanity.


Or perhaps, the people manning the weapons wouldn’t follow the orders. This happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis in '62 when a Soviet submarine commander didn’t fire a nuclear armed torpedo at one of the Naval ships in the blockade against Cuba,…whew! He was probably sent to some horrible prison and tortured but we should all thank him. I was eight at the time.


You Sir, are absolutely 100% correct.

Thank-You for your service to The Constitution.


What should be absolutely stunning to anybody paying attention is the astonishing amount of treasury spent on an a weapons system that will destroy everything if ever used. Think about it, $trillions to destroy everything; why? The insanity of this can make one schizophrenic trying to come to terms with this built-in madness of everyday life. The figures spent on this one ongoing project to end the world could fund healthcare, education, welfare forever. I grew up and lived during the cold war when the MAD,(mutually assured destruction) was a fact of life. Some folks didn’t give it much thought, others such as myself developed a gloomy outlook that has never gone away. A PTSD perhaps, but also TRD,(traumatic stress disorder) because of this looming monster which if unleashed ended the world. I thought the threat was over when the cold war officially ended in '91. WRONG!! Now it’s back with an idiot at the wheel with less impulse control than a group of teenagers with a stolen car. Frightening, to say the least. Seems like the US diplomats have quit, disgusted with this regime. I’m hoping some of the Generals high up the chain of command can keep his majesty at bay. That’s all we really have left hope.


The waste to assure the end of the world is truly staggering when one thinks about it.


Maybe Trump’s insult of Corker by calling him “short” has something to do with this hearing. No president whether unstable and ignorant like Trump or stable and knowledgeable like Barack Obama should be able to launch a first strike without the approval of Congress. Trump is really a special case because he got much his support from poorly educated Americans who probably have little understanding of the nuclear weapons situation. Trump himself didn’t know what the nuclear triad is and he had an Ivy League education, which I find hard to believe considering the state of his ignorance. Could he be the most ignorant person ever to graduate from an Ivy League school? Is it hard to imagine another graduate who is more ignorant.


I agree also. This action in congress is a good sign but whether they will actually follow through remains to be seen and their record on following through, even on existential issues, is beyond dismal. But I, too, believe the true power to do good still lies in the hands of the people and not just of this country. We see it all the time: people digging each other out of snow drifts in -10 weather, taking hot meals to shut-ins, rescuing animals from floods. There’s power there but, you’re right, people everywhere need to band together against this outdated and dangerous nationalistic madness currently held so dear by the worlds’ insane ruling class. There are millions of us and relatively few of them. It’s past time to identify exactly what is stopping us from removing that threat the few hold over the survival of the many and then DO something about it. At the very least, start by making our demands known at the voting booths. I believe it’s happening here and there already, as the Gross Old Party begins to lose elections in response to their selfish, greedy policies.


I would go easy on blaming Obama for this one as no president in recent history has defied the MIC.


Totally Insane that the deranged orange fraud is not be removed!
He could…yes …start a nuclear war! Get him off the throne!


Actually, I believe he was awarded a “Hero of the Soviet Union” for his action.
Aha! I Googled what he did and this is one of the links.

Pretty neat, eh?


With how crazy the world is these days now one would probably get the death penalty should they refuse to participate in triggering a nuclear holocaust. And then the news media would probably portray it as a treasonous action.