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Fears for Turkey's Democracy Build as Post-Coup Crackdown Continues


Fears for Turkey's Democracy Build as Post-Coup Crackdown Continues

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The fallout from the failed military coup in Turkey extended through the weekend, as the number of people arrested rose to about 6,000 and world leaders continued urging restraint from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has said the plotters would pay a "heavy price."


There a lot going on here that raises all manner of questions. We are not getting the full picture.

Just a few months ago Turkey tried to reengage with Russia and in fact sent an apology over the shooting down of that Russian Jet.

Both Turkey and EU member nations who were supporting the rebels in Syria were considering withdrawing that support The Gulf Nation Arab states that were supporting those rebels were growing much less vocal on the issue suggesting they too were reconsidering, leaving the US with fewer allies. Brexit itself came as a surprise to the EU and many of the Brexit supporters were nationalists concerned over a flood of refugees from the Middle east.

Erdogan is claiming that the Coup was orchestrated by a US based Cleric. Added to that he claims it was coordinated from the US Military base at Encirlik.

Now here a strange article suggesting links between Clinton and that Cleric Gulen via the Clinton foundation.

It has been speculated Russia has access to those hacked emails. At the same time multiple reports suggest Erdogan “staged the coup”. Which is truth and which are being fed to us as disinformation? The crackdown plays into Erdogans hands but then why is he blaming the US?

John Kerry went to Moscow for talks on short notice. When queried as to what was happening the US State department was very evasive however it appears to be coordinating cooperation with the Russian Military in attacks on ISIS in Syria something Russia has requested since the beginning.



Now after months of stonewalling on the issue why did the US rush off to Russia and suddenly indicate they supported the Russian position? Something strange goes on here. In a press conference the US spokesperson said they wanted this cooperation all along even as the reporter questioning this line ridiclued that notion.

This is one of the strangest press conferences I have seen.


Pay special attention to the direct question from the reporter asking if Kerry has the full support of the White House.


You have got to know things are not going well in this neighborhood when Obama began referring to known terrorist as “moderate rebels”. Erdogan has been shooting them down like rabbits. Stuff like that could lead to a little mistrust.


One thing is crystal clear, Erdagan has reached out to Russia and the Roseneft pipeline deal is on again.


It is hard not to be confused. I think we all know that many of the articles we read in the mainstream are planted as part of a disinformation campaign and we can not just look at things in a vaccuum. We have to consider every source, even those that contradict another and try and divine the truth when considering the big picture.

The way i approach this is “what scenario best suits the designs of the 1 percent” because history has shown they not the hapless bystanders they pretend to be when all of this goes on.


Right, follow the money, who will benefit.


When Saddam Hussein grabbed power for himself in Iraq in 1979, he rounded up “conspirators” as well. Regardless of who was really behind this coup, I think the effect will be the same.


When I first read of the coup I thought it sure sounded an awful lot like the Clinton Doctrine in action.


Weapons industry and their investors could see some real profits in time to celebrate Christs Birthday.


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??? Deep state off on its own little adventures just before elections? Or, other Foggy Bottoms scheming? I smell lots of over ripe fish. Erdo won and will have balls in hand to secure hearts and minds.Turkey is strategic to lots of players…,.to be continued.


Son of a bitch is crazy, however not at all alone in thinking about nuking Iran, HRC has threatened to attack Iran and so has Netanyahu. Israel needs a nuclear armed rival in the ME for it to finally relinquish occupation of Palestine, nothing else has worked.


Thanks for the links. This thing is freaky. Maybe I’m reading too much in Mr. Escobar’s analysis but what if Washington’s hand was in it and Erdogan new in advance as well?



Sometimes you really earn your avatar, and this is one instance. Excellent investigative reporting. Take me a while to peruse your resources.


No not at all, the US has been behind it all because Erdogan it tilting to Russia. I urge everyone to read Asia Times July 17 article link below:


Interesting article. It leads me to wonder that if Erdogan was alerted to this coup , could it have been the Russians that warned him and if so how did they source that information? Remember that in Vietnam the USA initially supported Diem and then aided in a Coup against him when it became apparent Diem would not advance US Interests in the region.

Is it possible Russia has access to information , that is damaging to the USA and which prompted this hasty visit to Moscow? Ms Nuland seems none to happy about being there.


The article touches on that source as being located inside Syria where the Russians have powerful radar systems and electronic listening devices. The article also points out that Russian intelligence is and has historically been very active in Turkey due to Turkey’s black sea and Mediterranean accessibility.
I personally think that Erdogan was pushed by the US to turn on Syrian leader a long time personal friend of Assad where they used to have family vacations together as well as close ties with Russia and Iran which were mysteriously turned upside down. I think that the US policy of causing trouble with Russia using Turkey to do the fighting has finally dawned on Erdogan realizing that Turkey would become a battleground in a likely war with Russia. Russia has played her cards very cleverly by not reacting to US provocation and simply allowing the west to hang itself. Alas Russia has also been able to demonstrate effective military might against the US sponsored bands of terrorist i.e. ISIS. Notice that the author has also alluded to the fact that Turkish forces inside Iraq and Syria have been ordered to pull out. All these in my view bode well with bringing peace to Syria and the whole region unless of course the CIA the MOSSAD have alternate deadly plans.


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" Sir Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot began the Ottoman Empire’s dismemberment – with help from Arthur Balfour — but it continues to this day." - Robert Fisk (Erdogan Had It Coming: The Turkish Coup Failed, But Another Will Succeed)

Link to the aritcle: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45121.htm

Some reports coming from Turkey are saying that most military personnel were lead to believe they were involved in training exercise and not real world.