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Fears Grow that Rule of Trump Will Suppress Rule of Law Under Sessions


Fears Grow that Rule of Trump Will Suppress Rule of Law Under Sessions

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

At the same time that U.S. President Donald Trump made clear that whoever leads the U.S. Department of Justice would be forced to uphold the Rule of Trump over Rule of Law, Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday held a tense debate over the pending confirmation of Jeff Sessions.


A courageous patriot - "Col. Ann Wright, a 70-year-old retired United States Army colonel and former U.S. State Department official, briefly disrupted the hearing Tuesday where lawmakers are expected to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. “I’m 70 years old and I’ve got a hip replacement” she protested, as she was manhandled out of the room and arrested by Capitol police."

If only our "opposition party" and its craven lap-dogs had a hundredth the wisdom and integrity as Ann Wright demonstrates!

Ann Wright is an activist of long and well-respected standing!



If there is one good thing about Trump, it is the fact that Trump has exposed the dems. for what they really are! I have been saying for a long time, like many others on these threads, that the democratic party, with a few exceptions, are nothing but corrupt,fawning parasites, and hypocrites for the same people the Republicans support.

And what more proof does one need that no doubt, all Trumps cabinet picks, like the racist Mr. Sessions will probably be confirmed due to the acquiesce of the corrupt democrats?


As I survey the world news - I see a familiar pattern - a missing of the main story, confused as it is, and masked by denial.

I remember when Fukushima happened. The initial reports were all about the tsunami and the loss of life. I remember thinking -

What about the reactors ?

Similar now - various inertially heavy procedures are being documented - this appointment and that - this march or that - this protest and the ones to come.

I truly hope I am wrong - but it seems to this Canadian that your country is now a fascist dictatorship - and the process of consolidating all the levers of power is underway.

Just now I am re-reading all of my material on the Pashtun of Afghanistan & Pakistan.

For fifteen hundred years or so before the prophet was born, they were an unconquerable force - as they remain to this day.

I have "Dust of the Saints", by Sikorski, on order from overseas, and there are many other classics which provide first hand accounts of these areas of central & South Asia, including some surprising ones, for The Great Game was being played here long before the elite forces of the United States entered the scene. And the history of that is but a blink in time compared to that regions focus as a major world crossroads.

This is a worthy field of study - for all of us here and now.

In the mountains - simple is best.

So too perhaps - in resistance.


Trump and his disastrous nominees was made possible through “computerized election fraud.” The exit polls showed discrepancies favoring Trump in the swing states, giving him his electoral college win. And Sanders had the nomination stolen from him through manipulation of the voting machines. We saw widescale voter suppression in both races, but that alone was not enough to swing the elections.

Ignoring election fraud will keep our political landscape distorted and change the course of history. Many races have been flipped at the local, state, and national levels to favor Republican candidates since we moved to electronic machines in 2002. It is emboldening Republican extremism and, as a result, Democrats keep shifting to the right to make sure that they continue to receive big money.

To learn more about election fraud follow Jonathan Simon at http://codered2014.com/. I recommend his interviews and his book “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century (2016 edition).”



Prediction. The occupiers of the Oval Office (the banksters) intend to overload our civil police forces, city by city, with each and every "executive order", to bring on a manufactured "crisis with protestors", what Naomi Klein has explained in her recent books. She calls it "Disaster Capitalism".

We as a citizenry, living in urban-dominated unsustainable consumer "market place" of malls, boutiques and slums, that produce nothing but homelessness and fear, are free-falling down, toward an iceberg-sized problem. For lack of the right words, call it a tundra of fear bigger than Manhattan Island. Our 250-year experiment of governance by us, The People, is in the oligarch's way. Yes, We ARE in their way! lol

We are a free society in brutal jeopardy of losing our Democracy by these thugs - PERMANENTLY. Organize. Time for love and kindness toward each other and our fierce determination to resist the greed-inspired creed of hyper-nationalism!


It's not city folks that are the problem. It's the rural areas and Southern backwaters that produces the reactionary Republiscums' power. ( The suburbs are generally moderate in their political beliefs. ) Aided by very questionable " gerrymandering " in reactionary Republiscums' state houses, they now show their true color. White on white, of course.
We're headed for a showdown. I'll see you at the modern day OK Corral. Wearing white on white will be a dead giveaway, I'd imagine.


I lean in your direction. If a Democrat president were up to Djt regime's antics, Republicans would call out the National Guard....Would have by this last week end....maybe on a different issue, but naked power grabs for sure would trigger military response. Democrats need to cultivate Progressive Chutzpah YESTERDAY. We need more than righteous indignation now. These people mean to turn America into a fascist dictatorship/triumvirate/troika???...whatever works for these fascists? And they're not going to wait for the 2018 election. They've already corrupted this election with serious vote supression. By 2018, that won't even be necessary. There's a reason the NRA is so popular with white supremacists ..God knows how many other gunned adjutants they have besides Eric Prince's minions waiting to satisfy their vampiric power thirst. And this selected SCOTUS candidate is pro NRA. Scalia was only lukewarm toward them... Makes me wonder......I'm sorry folks, but I think this is a bad time to dismiss conspiracy theories.


Having just finished reading Code Red, I'm with you. ISTM that computerized election fraud is acknowledged in the abstract yet dissociated from electoral politics. So that public officials are considered legitimate officeholders, elected by a plurality if not a majority of citizens.

Public blindness #1: Ever since 2002 when computerized voting was introduced, corporations have controlled the voting apparatus, keeping under seal each election's original marked ballots as proprietary property and thereby off-limits to public verification. As a result citizens have no official assurance that electoral outcomes were arrived at honestly.

Public blindness #2: Even when the possibility of fraudulent elections is allowed in the abstract, the "winners" nevertheless take office and in effect are considered to hold office legitimately.

Insofar as electoral winners are chosen on the basis of electronic tabulations of ballots, i.e., via calculations determined by secretive programs, no election outcomes can be independently certified on the basis of public observation of ballots. Whether winners of elections--including entrenched politicians long familiar to the public--hold office fairly and therefore democratically is an open question.

Pass the word.


I watched the hearing and she was literally physically assaulted and dragged out of the chamber by a thuggish female in a U S Capitol Police (USCP) uniform who seriously overreacted to Col. Wright's First Amendment right TO EXERCISE FREE SPEECH. I also saw the same abuse heaped upon a Code Pink member who voiced her objection to Tillerson in that hearing (she was a 72-year old retired school teacher). But, I guess the mean-spirited evil has permeated all buildings, staff, and T-dump/Bannon anointees (and fawning GOP maggots) that places us, our nation, and the world in jeopardy.