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Fears in Spain As Explosion Unleashes Orange Chemical Cloud over Catalonia


Fears in Spain As Explosion Unleashes Orange Chemical Cloud over Catalonia

Jon Queally, staff writer

Tens of thousands of local residents in the northern region of Catalonia in Spain were told to stay indoors on Thursday after an explosion at a chemical warehouse unleashed a toxic orange cloud over a wide area covering approximately six towns.

According to a spokeswoman from Catalonia’s regional fire department, the chemical blast occurred when nitric acid and ferric chloride got mixed while they were being delivered to a warehouse in the city of Igualada.


Bopal! How soon we forget.


Spain’s emergency services are right: This is not a game. This is a war of the corporations against our Natural World, our Earth Mother, our support system.


I find myself thinking of the keyboard as I type. I rarely if ever think about the multitude of components going into its mass manufacture, yet tons of minerals and components are required to travel uncounted (for me) miles for this to be ‘marketable’ - not to mention I will never meet the people who mined, formed and assembled it. Many of those minerals and components are stockpiled in various stages of raw ingredient. So many dimensions of modern technological life. The phrase ‘primordial soup’ comes to mind as an also ‘modern’ trope on the emergence of life - funny to think our rear view mirror projecting and extrapolating back to unknowable millennia also seems to apply to the dissociated condition created through planned obsolescence, transnational marketing and the veiled side of this ‘culture’.
‘Oops moments’, as we see peak technology industry, face the self-mandated dilemma of profit margin versus regulated handling with attendant peak aggregate consequences.
We haven’t yet reach the point of maturation where news contains the actual information on what the electrobiochemical impact on the atmosphere is with this and the constants of other pollution. If one regards this as arrogance in denial of consequence, then we perhaps need to revisit our definition of reaching adulthood.


Love your post… You have nailed it… this is what I am talking about when I say sometimes, that “I do not want to be a part of this anymore”… meaning… I’d rather live as we did quite a few hundred years ago… or more… I mean… ya’ know you are just adding to all the bad… you try to do the least damage…as you possibly can… but… well, what are we?..
Isn’t it true that the earth and all it’s inhabitants would be just fine if we were not here?? I don’t mean that if we go extinct they will be fine… cause we would have caused their extinction, also… but, if we had never developed… into who or what we are now… wouldn’t this place be just beautiful?


In other words …what is our purpose here…?