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Fears Intensify as Another Explosion Injures Two in Austin


Fears Intensify as Another Explosion Injures Two in Austin

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Authorities are continuing to search for suspects and motives on Monday after the city of Austin, Texas was rocked by a bombing on Sunday nigh—the fourth this month.


Clear example of the false narratives of “terrorism” that are relentlessly promoted by politicized corporate media.

Why indeed are some acts of violence beamed and re-beamed over and over into our devices, and into our eyes and minds, with a voice-over of terror, while other acts of violence are ignored or vastly downplayed?

Because these selected incidents and their packaged narratives serve political interests that keep us more separated, confused, and hateful.

We need honest media, and honest reporting, and we do not have it. Without that, we need to be extremely dubious about the narratives that are fed to us, and we need solidarity, clarity and humanity to resist the separation, confusion and hatred that are propagated.


This is exactly the attitude we need to understand the grievances of the ME terrorists toward us in the US with the aim in view to ending them.