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Fears of Airborne Toxins Mount After Massive Port Explosions in China


Fears of Airborne Toxins Mount After Massive Port Explosions in China

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

This post may be updated.

At least 50 people are dead, and vast portions of the world's 10th-largest port are destroyed, after two huge explosions on Wednesday night rocked an industrial area where toxic chemicals and gas were stored in the northeast Chinese port city of Tianjin.

The blasts took place at around 11:30 pm local time at a warehouse belonging to Ruihai International Logistics, a transportation company that, according to its website, is involved in "cargo declaration, cargo transportation and warehouse storage of dangerous cargo."


China has been getting slammed lately with cyclones, a major currency devaluation, and now these explosions.

In times where inside jobs are propped up in order to “justify” the ongoing inanity known as the “War on Terrorists,” it’s certainly conceivable that some State Dept. affiliate was behind setting this explosion.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) nations are developing their own trade pacts, possible currency, and “silk road” connecting the Middle East with China. Possibly, in accord with “The great chess game,” certain forces wish to thwart China’s larger imperial objectives and ambitions.

Just as significant persons–particularly those committed to Social Justice–end up disproportionately “taken out” by suspicious Cancers and accidents, so-called “accidents” may only appear as such.


You beat me to it. If it walks like Imperial terrorism and quacks like Imperial terrorism, it probably ain’t a duck. I can’t say for sure but Vicki Nuland might just have some time on her hands and needed a new project.


My heart goes out to the people of Tianjin and the rescue operations. In our industrialized world, there are more and more dangerous chemicals in more and more places. It may be that the chemical dominoes are tipping on their own accord, simply because they have gotten out of hand and we/humans don’t fully understand the consequences or I can easily imagine some conglomerates are willing to take such risks for profit, cutting corners or just improperly storing something which is mislabeled.

For some reason, rather than conspiracy theories, what comes to my mind are memories of Texas City and Lac Megantic. The conspiracies I leave to others and I will reserve judgment for now.


I agree with you 4thefuture - conspiracy theories are some people’s answer for everything. More mundane and more likely it was due to mishandling and cut corners etc.

On the other hand the timing is significant and coincidental, if nothing else.

My thoughts went to someone wanting to illustrate the need for more stringent controls by causing what they thought would be a small mishap that somehow got out of hand. Maybe a small chemical fire set to make a point which got out of control and quickly became a catastrophe.

Not a conspiracy just stupidity.


I’m just hoping this wasn’t an outside job.


Halifax 1917, Houston 1941, Texas City, Bombay…Now this one. All major ports severely damaged by having dangerous chemicals in close proximity to large populations. If I were in charge of a port I would make it mandatory that dangerous chemicals be offloaded and stored to a separate site at least 5 miles distant from population centers. Halifax ect al were not conspiracies, undoubtably this one is not one either. Just bad planning.


I think it’s to early to say what happened here. It sure looks like a accident, but you never know. I am waiting to see what the Chinese government has to say about it.


Me too. Prayers out to the families involved.


Do you think that might be somehow related to the facts?


China manipulates the value of its currency. The recent devaluation is about giving China industries an advantage in competing with outside companies. And increasing the trade imbalance also gives China more working capital to apply as leverage with other countries.

And since many larger corporations have relocated production to China, for the cost savings, this devaluation also helps them because they are now effectively paying their workers even less. This disproportionately hurts smaller outside companies, but those are largely competitors with the 1%er corporations, so it’s a double win for them. China appears to have figured out that the best way to advance their ambitions is not by defeating the global 1%, but by offering them short-term riches, and by buying off their lackeys. They have invented a game of chess where instead of removing their opponents pieces, they absorb them into their own ranks. And most of their opponents don’t even realize they are in the game.

We saw a glimpse of how this is playing out last year on a rare earths mining bill in the U.S… A few decades ago, the Chinese decided that rare earths were a strategic commodity which they could gain near monopoly control over by selling at a loss for years thereby bankrupting their international competition. Then they tightened the supply for outside companies, while offering priority supply to companies which would relocate to China, so that they would wind up with all the high-tech production experience. The bill last year would have opened the door for U.S. rare earths mining while costing taxpayers nothing, and legislator support for it was strong–until the Department of Defense stepped in and killed it behind the scenes. The DoD does the bidding of their defense contractors, and all of our high-tech weapons systems that use rare earths are now produced in China. That’s a huge and obvious security vulnerability, but those manufacturers can claim that they have no choice but to enjoy all the lucrative perks that come with cheap Chinese production because there is no domestic supply of rare earths. This bill would have ruined that, and facing the expensive prospect of having to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. it was far simpler, easier, and cheaper to just pull a few strings and quietly kill the legislation before it could ever even come to a vote.

It looks like the same kind of behind-the-scenes manipulation has been going on with the British Hinkley C reactor project. On the surface, China has stepped in as the rescue financier to keep the project on track. But what China gains is a 30 to 40 percent share of supplying the equipment, they preserve an information-sharing agreement they had on this project, they build up a new area of manufacturing, gain credibility for their international sales force, position themselves as the lead candidate to build the Bradwell reactor, and after all that, the actual revenues from finance charges (what would normally be the primary reason for lending) is just the icing on the cake.

The key to the China strategy is cheapness. That means low wages, high pollution, and very lax safety standards. Somebody will be fingered and prosecuted for this explosion so that they can tell the world this was an aberration, but safety regulations won’t be tightened and the present arrangement will continue. Anything goes so long as it saves money and doesn’t hurt the China brand abroad. And if you do screw up or get caught, be sure to have a fall guy ready.


I’m not sure what your trying to say?


I really am trying to figure out what you are talking about…so please, no snarky comments. I saw the news reports and the video from the helicopter from the chinese station…are you talking about something else?


I was speculating on whether what the Chinese government says might be related to the facts?


Still it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it.


The Chinese are simply very effective capitalists. They don’t play chess; they play “Go”.


“Great Song”


Prayers? The Right-Wing lunatic of the board prays to a non-existant deity instead of using common sense. It’s your worship of unregulated Capitalism Mr. Bligh that caused this accident and all the others.

There is NO competent EPA or FDA in China. Many toys and plastics used by Children are dripping with lead and cancer-causing agents used in plastic softeners. An article in the Business Mirror in Asia detailed this two days ago. The month before, papers exposed fake rice made of plastic being exported by China (which causes all kinds of health damage, especially to children.)

The real truth is THAT CHINA JUST DOESN’T GIVE A CHIT what happens to humans or this planet, at all! It’s a slave economy, stupid! Your absurd idea of shipping things away from ports with high population centers is not going to work in China, you dolt. There’s a Billion people, most of them concentrated on the coast.



My perspective, for what it’s worth:
The major Yuan currency devaluation was actually instigated by the Chinese government itself to stem the fall of it’s fake growth rate and rekindle exports in this Global Depression. This was to help move exports like the ones overloaded in it’s warehouses that just blew up. Tampering with the currency value has angered other countries since they are not as competitive anymore. For example the Philippine Peso has fallen to 46.35 to the USD because of it, making Filipinos three percent poorer this year when they go to shop at the store.

This catastrophe is not going to hurt China’s economy very much at all, like the tsunami did Japan. It is Mother Earth and breathing humans who are going to pay the price. So I doubt it’s a target by the Jackals. China is just plain reckless.

Keep in mind that China is a bull in a China Shop right now. They are tearing up endanger species reefs left and right out here, building artificial islands for runways, garrisons and warship facilities in the middle of what used to be a tropical fish paradise. This week, they started beating war drums saying they will not quit destroying reefs, so Korean F-16’s are on the way to make racket for my eardrums delivered next year. Australia has donated Landing craft to the P.I. Japan is giving military assistance. So things continue to heat up.

Who really steers the Chinese Dragon? I suspect it’s the Rockefellers since Standard Oil was huge in China in the 1930’s and turned into many of China’s regional oil companies. The reason China is stealing the entire South China Sea where over 6 countries used to fish, is because there’s oil down there.

Wherever there’s oil, you’ll find a Rockefeller trying to start a war for oil!

JMHO’s and I could be wrong.



Wow, you really are just consumed with hate, aren’t you? I’ll say a prayer for you too.