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Fears of Bolsonaro's Threat to Amazon Realized as New Data Shows Rainforest Destruction Up 55%

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/fears-bolsonaros-threat-amazon-realized-new-data-shows-rainforest-destruction-55

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Let’s hope the corona gets to Jair first.


The Earth will not let man destroy her life support system that supports millions and millions of other life forms.
She will adapt and humans will not like the adaption she makes.
In other words life could become a living hell for humans.
We have no idea what we are doing.


When I look at the photo in Dom Phillips tweet, I am reminded of a scene from Lord of the Rings (the first one of the trilogy, Fellowship if the Ring). In it, Saruman the White has joined the evil and is destroying the living forest and burning the trees in order to make weapons of death. He is walking among the forges blasting heat and slaves pounding out sword upon sword. In the scene, he has a sinister (though beatific) smile on his face - he’s unconscious, drunk on his power to destroy. It’s like he’s been elevated to some higher realm, a realm where he feels himself among the all powerful gods. And he can’t get enough of that feeling - he will do anything, absolutely anything to keep his hold on it. And in order not to see the destruction, he HAS to be unconscious. Like an addict who can’t get high enough, who will destroy their living body for a fleeting feeling of …

This is what I see in that photo. The ‘civilised’ among us will destroy every single living thing, without exception, without awareness, for a fleeting feeling of … security, happiness, escape, power - fill in the blank.

May the Pachamama save Herself from those who would destroy Her and all of Her creations.


Fascist in Brazil destroying “the lungs of the Earth.”
The same in the U.S., who wants to destroy the Grand Canyon, and other U.S. national monuments.


Impeachment might get to him, too. Members of his own party are calling for his impeachment & his popularity is south of 30%, so he could get convicted and removed.


Hemp, life is already a living hell for many humans and other beings and a too soon death sentence as well. And many of us do know what “we” are doing. Including and primarily those in power pulling the strings that care only for their own benefit re power and money. You and I both know this.

The shadow side of humanity has been given free rein. The balance on this planet is totally off and has been for quite some time. Now it’s in crisis mode and as you mentioned, earth’s fail safe system is self correcting and our species is going to get a heavy hand slapping.


Fora bolsonaro.

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Yes it is, but you ain’t seen nothing yet I fear !
I don’t get the money thing wanting more and more , how much is enough ?

We need a Maximum wage Now …


Surely this man’s ecocide is so outrageous that enough people can just demand his removal! He seems significant;y more outrageous than Trump in is policies; and more actively ecocidal, wheras Trump does it more casually (-but he of course, does commit it daily too!). WTF is wrong with power tht it attracts the biggest a**holes and psychopaths!? Not always, but quite often!


There’s a pretty good chance that the destruction of Amazon rainforest over the last year could have something to do with the novel coronavirus that has suddenly taken much of the world by storm. Burning of the Amazon rainforest has been going on years, but not at the pace it has been thru 2019 & thru current time. In addition to massive burnings, there is slashing & clearcutting of rainforests, all for the almighty dollars & with usual “don’t give a damn” that such corporate entities are known for! They rape & pillage Mother Earth with reckless abandon & rarely, if ever, forced to face serious consequences. They just take, take & take. Relentless in their pusuit of ever more money & loathe to do it in evironmental ways. Nor do they care about the indigenous people, the amazing plants & animals they kill by the thousands. Nor do they care that so little of rainforest plants have been studied for medicinal properties (think it’s like, 1%?!). The few we do know about DO have medicinal properties, which indigenous people know all about & have been using for many generations! There is very likely cures to diseases that ravage humans around the world. If there’s a cure for forms of cancer, it very well could be in Amazon rainforest’s diversity of plants! But we may never know cuz’ it’s being destroyed without any concern for what is being destroyed forever, for corporate bucks today. They don’t care about anything but orofits & yes, they WILL KILL us all & the planet itself if allowed to & won’t even give it a 2nd thought! And now, Brazil has a political leader who is just as uncaring & money driven as Trump. Brazil also has the largest chunk of Amazon rainforest & is destroying it faster than ever before!
Think about the new virus that humans have NO immumity to & the deaths it is causing daily. Viruses are stubborn survivors! We don’t know where this came from, only guessing possibilities. Well, when acreage of rainforest, thick with plant & animal life, is burned up, it’s easy to picture virus that was living there, likely in/on animals that were the ‘hosts’. The hosts & habitat are destroyed & virus could possibly rise up with the massive smoke from fire & perhaps enter jet streams that travel around the world. It is possible. Now, if a land mammal in forest dies, virus lives on in another host animal…but when there are many being killed & few left are scattered, then where does virus go? Back to smoke rising, heat rising, insects, or whatever else being destroyed rapidly in nature’s largest rainforest ~ “the lungs of our planet”.
Viruses are very good survivors ~ tubborn & hard to kill; mutate rather quickly & take advantage of any hosts available to them. By any means they can. The Amazon has been under attack for years, but never with the rapid forces now at work & over VERY LARGE areas. With reckless abandon & zero regard for any life that lives with the rainforest! (That’s just so disturbing by itself!) Those hellbent on raping & destroying it don’t know a samn thing about what they’re killing & destroying in there! Not a clue! Safe to say that viruses likely flourish in there ~ everything else does. Prime conditions of moisture, warmth, plentiful live ‘hosts’ ~ an ecosystem unlike any other & mostly unexplored. Biggest spiders anywhere, all over in there, so what else thrives? Everything! Quite possibly viruses do too. And air currents can carry them far & wide, alive, until they may come floating down to rest on new hosts NOT burning in fire…
Just a serious thought to consider…preferably before more new viruses come our way. Maybe?!?