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Fears of 'Collateral Damage to Democracy' as Trump Weighs Withdrawing From Global Postal Pact

Democracy is over. Get used to it. For all of those who support this or that party organ of the oligarchic duopoly–you did this to our democracy. For those in the technocratic mob-gangs who fight for dominance of an utterly corrupt system–there you go. You have succeeded in taking down what little was left of our so-called democracy.

“This land is their land, this land is their land, from California to the New York island…”


Expats are used to being shafted by the US government. Spouses do not receive SS survivor benefits because they are seen as “gold digging whores”, we cannot use Medicare despite medical costs being a lot lower in our country of residence, many cannot move back to the US because we can’t afford it, and the embassy keeps increasing fees on everything. There are roughly 8 million citizens living outside the US but most don’t vote because there are just too many hoops to jump through with many states making it even harder since 2016. Add additional cost and the numbers will go even lower. Tulsi would understand.

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It would appear that we don’t have a majority of grownups in either House. Why hasn’t this spoiled child been addressed yet?

The Dame of Democracy cries another tear.

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If you keep talking like this, you’re going to scare the bejeezus out of the children.


That’s funny Stardust.

Hi PonyBoy:
Sometimes truth and laughter go together so well! : )

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My vote is accessory.


Laughter and music too…

This will have a pretty big impact on Ebay and Amazon. Each has a large number of Chinese sellers offering very low prices on an endless list of small items as in decent fountain pens for 2 bucks, shoe inserts for a buck, and drain clearing products for a buck… with free shipping. There are also two or three sites devoted exclusively to these low cost Chinese products. If you can Wait, it’s Great.

Well she didn’t come by that $120 mil while in office without ‘earning’ it


PonyBoy, I am trying to scare the children.

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Hi PonyBoy----my favorite line: “Speak out against the madness…” That’s why we’re all here! : )

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PP–Thank you for making this point much more simply than I ever could. And in answer to your question–yes it is their plan. They may be corrupt but they are not ‘stoopid’. They know exactly what they are doing–and they get paid for it. It’s a win/win!

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Most likely a functionary working deep in the bowels of Mick Mulvaney’s office, which, if correct, would overrule your initial observation. Chump simply likes taking credit for making the “tough” deals (especially — China!); imagine his surprise when he was informed of this low-hanging fruit.


All of this is Koch brothers shit. Done by mick mulvaney. This Ann Rand acolyte, tea party dick weed has been behind all sorts of bad advice. Like moving the agriculture dept to Kansas. Privatizing the post office has been a goal for years.
There is also the fact that Mike Pence was in the same caucus in the house as Mulvaney.


Who is the real “anarchist”?

Peter Kropotkin praises the way the mail works as an example of cooperation and coordination

The Postal Union did not elect an international postal parliament in order to make laws for all postal organisations adherent to the Union…They proceeded by means of agreement. To agree together they resorted to congresses; but, while sending delegates to their congresses they did not say to them, “Vote about everything you like–we shall obey.” They put forward questions and discussed them first themselves; then they sent delegates acquainted with the special question to be discussed at the congress, and they sent delegates–not rulers. Their delegates returned from the congress with no laws in their pockets, but with proposals of agreements. Such is the way assumed now (the very old way, too) for deal ing with questions of public interest… Anarchism Communism , Its Basis and Principles

As much as criticize Lenin, he expresses some truth when he says

A witty German Social-Democrat of the seventies of the last century called the postal service an example of the socialist economic system. This is very true. At the present the postal service is a business organized on the lines of state-capitalist monopoly…But the mechanism of social management is here already to hand…To organize the whole economy on the lines of the postal service - State and Revolution Chapter 3

I agree with everything quoted above, except for the last sentence.

China is eating our lunch; because we gave it to them by permitting our manufacturing to relocate there. Our manufacturing is never going to return to the US. That’s a given. We’re third-world bound, if not already there; but, we’re so isolated and dumbed down intellectually, we’ve no idea how unexceptional the US is, except for the exorbitant amount of our citizens’ paychecks handed over by our plutocracy to our MIC.

I purchase a lot of items from China, mostly off eBay; and, I’m always more than surprised how little it costs them to ship to me. The last leg of the shipping is usually via our USPS; so, it’s obvious the USPS is losing money on these shipments. Therefore, I think Frump is correct in wanting to leave the UPU, unless new rates, more favorable to the US, can be negotiated.

With regard to military absentee ballots, the MIC should direct some of the almost $1 trillion dollars it sucks from us each year toward shipping these ballots back to the states.

With regard to expats, and others temporarily overseas, my bet is almost every one of them has access to electronic communication equipment that’s capable of sending and receiving their absentee ballots electronically.

So, to me, this particular article, yelling about voter suppression, is a nothing burger meant to excite the easily excitable.


Just after the korean war, I was advised that Americans retired to Mexico were in a gated community and their total cost was $43 per week. Included cook and chauffeur.

I do not know 2019 cost there but Illinois Managers who have been assigned there for two or three years are not fond of the place.

There is no reason that a couple cannot maintain a mainland address, mainland bank accounts, etc and take a long retirement vacation in another nation.

Heck, even Jimmy Carter has a hacienda in Nicarauga.

Here is the direct link to this video with a TON of comments.: https://youtu.be/keH9aZ_XE7o

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