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Fears of Going 'Through Hell Again' as US Covid Infection Rate Hits Record High for 27th Straight Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/06/fears-going-through-hell-again-us-covid-infection-rate-hits-record-high-27th

From the article:

“With many Americans flouting public health guidelines during the holiday weekend…”

Nominations are now open for this year’s Darwin Awards.


Not to worry my fellow Americans. Our Great Leader has already said that 99% of COVID-19 cases are “harmless” so just go about your regular lives and exercise your freedoms by not wearing masks and by visiting places with lots of people in them. Those 130,000 American deaths were actually caused by car wrecks, bee stings, vegan diets, murder hornets and other things that the “fake news” press won’t admit to. Remember, you can’t go wrong with a “stable genius” in charge.


What was it that Biden said, “He’s a fool.”


The idiots just can not understand that there two issues at work here. There the fatality rate of the infection itself and then there the infection rate.

“It no deadlier than the common flu” is one thing Trump and his cultists continue to claim. The common flu does not generally result in the deaths of Health Care workers anywhere near the amount that have died to COVID in the USA.

If a fatality rate of a given virus is 5 percent and 1 million total contract that virus then 50 thousand will die.

If a fatality rate of a given virus is 1 percent but 100 million contract the virus then 1 million die.

Can they not do math?


Over 600 healthcare workers , and it suggested this an undercount in the article, have died to COVID19 in the USA. Were it “no more dangerous than the common flu” you would not have any health care workers left in the USA.

These people put their lives on the line to treat the ill and you have idiots out there refusing to social distance, or wear masks because of “freedom and liberty”. I do not think I could live with myself if I knew my own idiocy lead to the death of another .


From the article:

The country recorded 43,347 new cases Sunday

Ok, but what’s the breakdown?

Interesting that almost all these articles about new “cases” popping up in various states in the US seldom contain any statistical analysis of any meaningful sort?

Why is that?

Could it be they have an Agenda?

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Chicago has 5% dead of those infected, so far.
Likely a bit higher as people who die at home
may not be evaluated for C-19 as cause.


May I ask a question out of curiosity?

What kind of statistical analysis would be meaningful, in your view?

Here is what I am curious about: Let’s look at the cities with the highest COVID-19 mortality rates between March and June, 2020. Let’s begin, for example, with New York City. Okay. Now, let’s forget about COVID-19 deaths for a minute. Let’s just look at the total number of illness-caused deaths between March and June, 2020. Let’s identify the raw number of total illness-caused deaths in NYC between March 1st and June 30th, 2020. Then, let’s look at the raw number of total illness-caused deaths in NYC between March and June, 2019, or 2018, or 2017, etc, doesn’t matter, you name the year.

I would be very curious to see if there is a statistically significant difference between the total number of illness-caused deaths in NYC from March-June, 2020 and the total number of illness-caused deaths in NYC from March-June of any other year.

We could take the same approach for any other COVID-19 hotspot. This seems like a promising approach to developing statistically significant analyses of COVID-19 mortalities. If there is not a statistically significant difference between the total number of illness-caused deaths in March-June, 2020 and the total number of illness-caused deaths during the same periods in preceding years, this would seem to corroborate your suspicion that corporate media reporting on COVID-19 is driven by an ulterior agenda.


“Facts have a well-known liberal bias.”
–Stephen Colbert


"With American lives on the line, the question now is whether members of the Republican Party will continue to stand by in silence as the President peddles fiction about a deadly virus."

Republican AND Democratic parties. The Democrats aren’t doing anything either. Unless you count multiple bailouts for the rich as doing something.


Of course. Everything in a capitalist system has but one purpose: to make as much profit as possible for investors. Advertising, the capitalist’s most powerful tool, exists to persuade the public that this isn’t true (thanks a bunch, Edward Bernays).


Ever see one of those plexi-glass tube things with bingo balls or cash floating around under air pressure.
Instead of trotting trump out to lie to us everyday, we could just roll out the tube, filled with dollar sized pieces of paper with the word lie on it, and stare at it for 15 minutes and go home.

We have likely already reached the tipping point with trump, and it looks like we are not going to do anything about him until election day. Until then we can blame ourselves for letting him and the administration live on.


Who authored the bailouts? Mitch the bitch.

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The death rate here is actually 9% right now based on the data we have (which isn’t very complete due to lack of testing and reporting the cases honestly) which is down from the 15-25% it was a month or two ago, so it appears doctors are getting better at treating it at least. Even so iit’s still a very horrible disease that is leaving many people who survive it with permanent disabilities such as damaged lungs (and other organs) and missing legs that had to be amputated due to gangrene caused by covid produced blood clots.


And how did he get them though the Democrat-controlled House?


I do not think the death rate 9 percent. You have 2+ million infected and 130000 deaths which is not 9 percent. Overall infections are likely higher than the official rate.

The death rate of 15-25 percent was based on the persons hospitalized for the disease and I think the 9 percent is reflecting that as well.

I think the greatest danger posed by COVID is how easily it spread.


A prediction: The final death rate on a per infection basis will be under .4%.

And while 600 healthcare workers dying is a damn shame, you’re leaving out the crucial statistic: Who is likely to die, and that happens to be old folks, the c-morbid, and those with compromised immune systems. Virtually no one under 18 dies, and an extremey low percentage under age 60.

Yes I did not mention all of the nuances but the example of the elderly is an excellent example. They die at a much higher rate then the rest of the population and this rate much higher then had they contracted “the common flu”.

This just shows how looking at the overall fatality rate of say .4 percent and dismissing it as harmless as trump and his supporters do is NOT the reality of the dangers posed by the virus.


Here’s my question -
Could it be that YOU have an agenda?


Just the Truth Bruce.

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