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Fears of 'Nuclear Chaos and Potential Catastrophe' Rise After US Exits Landmark Cold War-Era Treaty With Russia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/fears-nuclear-chaos-and-potential-catastrophe-rise-after-us-exits-landmark-cold-war

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Gorbachev did more good for this country than Reagan, Bush, Baby Bush, and The Orange Pustule combined.


From the article:

“Now, the U.S. is free to develop weapons systems that were previously banned.”

Wasn’t that the whole point of withdrawing from the INF treaty—guaranteeing yet more profit for the weapons makers?


Who said trump and Putin don’t have a buddy relationship. Is this the result of Putin bribing trump by threatening to out him?
What Russiagate?

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They’re like two children who are playing marbles and get upset with one another. Instead of working any negative issues out thru agreement they both bag up their marbles and storm off for home and their respective mommies.

Under that agreement—which expires on Feb. 5, 2021 unless it is extended by Trump and Putin—the U.S. and Russia can only have 1,550 strategic nuclear weapons each.

No-we want zero nuclear weapons.

This might be a good time to reflect on the fact that the ancient Egyptian scientists held dangerous knowledge from the general public and required their scientists to be of a priestly class. That is, their scientists were required to have a strong ethical foundation. Such knowledge in the hands of those with neither understanding nor concern for the one Life we share is dangerous and why we are witnessing what is transpiring.


And more wasted $billions on weapons.

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I can imagine who will make money from another nuclear arms race and who will pay for it.
Other reports emphasized that the withdrawal was really aimed not so much at Russia but at China.
Hard to see hw to stop this madness. But this is why I would prioritize a candidate debate on foreign and military policy where unlike health care, climate, taxes, the President really rules.

Not that Russian non compliance wasn’t in issue, but you are spot on noting that it constrained us and not the Chinese who were not a major concern in 1987

Oh America—well once again, Trump, Pompeo and Bolton get their way-----which sadly results in easing agreements which work, and getting more and more nations and people everywhere-----NOT to trust anything America says.
Welcome to Infantile America ------"Ho Ho the Dairy -O and the orange cheese brained one stands alone----in his stupidity!

It is inevitable World War III will be fought.
The end of the war, will be the end of life.