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Fears of Radiation Leak Soar After North Korea Nuclear Site Collapse Kills 200


Fears of Radiation Leak Soar After North Korea Nuclear Site Collapse Kills 200

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The disaster is believed to have resulted from Pyongyang's hydrogen bomb test, which sparked earthquakes and landslides

North Korea nuclear site collapse


Over and Over again, human beings are proving that they don’t understand how to live in harmony with each other and the earth. What is our problem? The ego? Greed? Materialism? We badly need a wake up call. Unfortunately this is one just like Fukushima and Chernobyl but we don’t seem to get it.


Perhaps this experiment gone wrong will spur China to put a shorter leash on Kim.


Like a good friend of mine told me: “WE DON’T DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET”!


Interesting how the “chickens come home to roost.” What is sad are the lossses of innocent peoples’ lives…in this case, 200 and counting.

The original form of this 700 year old expression was, “curses are like chickens, they always come home to roost’” The bad deeds that one may commit in one’s lifetime are being compared with chickens. Geoffrey Chaucer is believed to have used this expression in his Canterbury Tales


The demise of our species could depend on how rapidly we can develop anti-cancer treatments and increasing neoplasms caused by more radioactivity in the environment from leaking nuke plants, nuke tests, spent nuke ammo and nuke war.

Direct Democracy


I surmise it is greed and fear…


Hhhmmm — apparently Kim Jong-un has “hoisted himself by his own petard.”   Literally.  (Look up ‘petard’ in your dictionary.)   And if the reports are true, perhaps the site should be re-named ‘Mount Man-Trap’ . . .


Fuku happened on 3/11/11, our western shores all loaded up with dead things, this years salmon count is none existent, in other words Japans Fuku plant is killing the Pacific Ocean and we have a nut-ball blowing up mountains. It has been reported the dump wants more nuke’s, hey, why don’t we just blowup the whole planet folks, with ocean rise how many nuke plants are built right on the oceans shore’s ? and we have all those waste products to deal with yet…nuclear energy and nuclear bombs are the dumbest thing mankind has ever done.


Yea - by far !


Socialism works just fine in the US—it’s just restricted to the 1%, while the rest of us struggle to survive under good old laissez faire, dog-eat-dog capitalism.

As to “millions of deaths,” the US and its allies have caused quite a few, lest we forget.


I ask myself that question I don’t know how many times a day !

natureboy posts on direct democracy - I like the concept - Lincoln said:

“Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people?”

I note that this was framed as a question.

I look around me here in western Canada - and I wonder - are we really capable of direct democracy?

I was just reading about ‘tired mountain syndrome’ in North Korea in the Epoch Times here in Calgary over the weekend past.

Fukushima is an ongoing disaster of the first magnitude - and so far we have been nothing more than lucky that another major quake has not dumped all of those spent fuel rods onto the ground, and emptied all of those holding tanks into the sea.

Plain dumb luck - and along with Chernobyl, concrete proof that we are not up to the task of managing, even remotely, the genie we unleashed back in '45.

Let me tell you that luck is a poor substitute for judgement and responsibility in the mountains - a death sentence in fact.

And here we are all - running pretend economies in a pretend world -

The Age of Stupid only hints at the problem.


Kind of reminds me of the accidents in Iran


This whole story is strange - as usual written by technology-illiterate journalists. What did this tunnel have to do with the H-bomb test a few months ago? Underground nuclear tests are done in boreholes, not tunnels. “Tired mountain syndrome"?


And it would still be a beautiful planet if humans had never existed.
We have pretty much ruined everything we have touched. As smart as we are, we really are the dumbest creature to have lived on this beautiful planet.


Yes, Yunzer, I think we should not discount the possibility that this is a bullshit story written by the world’s most accomplished propagandist nation.


Coflating big C Communism with Socialism is propaganda.


That depends on who the “we” is referring to–certainly no to the indigenous peoples.


No: you are describing state controlled capitalism.


According to a former DoD analyst and expert on North Korea (and a PhD in political science and author of several books on nuclear threats/Vietnam/Iraq) who just gave a presentation on the NK Nuclear Threat, news reports that it was a Hydrogen bomb that was exploded either before or in the current incident ARE UNTRUE. They are NOT detonating Hydrogen bombs because to do so would be more destructive and disastrous than 10 Nagasakis and Hiroshimas combined. Montbansan would be leveled (the mountain under which their testing takes place ). He also added that China will bring pressure to bear to curtail testing in that region if they find radiation from that leak are detected in nearby China and NK will then have to find somewhere else for their detonation tests. In addition, if the stability of the mountain and surrounding areas are continually undermined, that will also force them to find other areas. The ONLY solution to the NK dilemma is through negotiation and diplomacy because contrary to what Mattis and McMaster say about US military might subsuming that of NK, NK’s ground warfare capability matches and/or exceeds ours (due to their geographic proximity to population centers threatening at least 25 million people’s live). And the upcoming trip by the diabolical despot to Asia cannot be more poorly timed, especially if he visits the DMZ in Korea. Silence the raging orange monster!