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Fears of Radiation Leak Soar After North Korea Nuclear Site Collapse Kills 200


First time I’ve ever seen Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot called a capitalist…


Your examples of what you call socialism are not examples of Socialism. Now really, are they? Come on, think again.


Considering the main stream propaganda media is still pushing the lone gunman responsible for the Las Vegas massacre, and Edgar Allen Poe saying, don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. I will wait and see for more details coming from Beijing. Never believe U.S. press, have we not learned that by now.


Yes, thanks for the clarification…


True. And the fact that the climate denier that was elected POTUS, just proves your excellent point: " we really are the dumbest creature to have lived on this beautiful planet’!


Right you are:  Members of Congress*, Owners of major sports teams,** CEOs of Multi-Nazional Korporations, etc, etc.

  *  We not only pay their salaries, we pay their health insurance and travel expenses in addition.
**  Guess who pays for their stadiums, from which they take home MILLIONS per year – WE do,
     whether we’re fans of their teams or not!!

Yup, man DEscended from the ape (or actually the ape-like ancestor of us and apes).


I suspect that Kim had probably put their program on the “fast track”, inviting mistakes and accidents, largely because he is frightened, and takes very seriously, the threats of our “President”. If so, this is partially America’s fault also. It’s stupid to threaten anyone with annihilation, or to play a game of Nuclear Chicken.


A deadly combination indeed!


You can call those examples whatever you want to. They were not actual Socialism!


Yes. And it is not question of what , but who caused it. It would be nice if the US of A would sign a peace treaty with North Korea to end the war they started & solve this impasse. Unfortunately that does not fit their game plan.


Love it how all failed attempts are “not socialism”. It’s always the next guy that will get right. Maybe let’s try it without the labor camps, political prisons, famine and starvation.


The non-indigenous human species is terribly terribly clever. But oh so very unwise.

The Pachamama, Papatuanuku, Great Mother, in HER infinite wisdom will shake off both the clever and the wise who currently walk on Her belly. Universal karma will deal out what each group deserves.


Maybe let’s try it without the labor camps, political prisons, famine and starvation.<<

Maybe let’s try it without interventions from outside. Two wars on Russia, centuries of trade embargo and invasion on Cuba, war with small underdeveloped and exploited countries like Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Cambodia. Other attempts of socialism have been stopped in time: Iran, Chile…


Those things did occur, and still do, even in so-called “Democracies”. Just because the term “Socialist” was used in a country’s name, does not make it Socialist. Just like the People’s Republic of North Korea, is not the people’s, nor a republic.


Yeah. I remeber the excuses. I was there. It was always foreign reactionary elements that screwed things up and wanted to stop the glorious march towards the ultimate goal: communism. Seems like that excuse never gets old.


True. And Kim also has this to consider:

During the Korean War, the US destroyed more buildings, roads and other infrastructure in NK than has ever been destroyed by anyone, in any country, in world history.

The entire country was practically leveled.


Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Have you heard of even one marine biologist who thinks there is any connection between those two?

“this years salmon count is none existent,”

A very large share of that is due to hydropower. The portion of it which is due to Fukushima would be more like zero percent.

“in other words Japans Fuku plant is killing the Pacific Ocean”

Or so says fake news sites like Enenews or doom-profiteering cranks like Dana Durnford. Actual marine biologists would be a better source of information for people who want their positions to be based on real science.


In what way?

“and so far we have been nothing more than lucky that another major quake has not dumped all of those spent fuel rods onto the ground, and emptied all of those holding tanks into the sea.”

Dumping the rods on the ground at this point would create a local radiation hazard (due to the loss of shielding the water provides). It would be a technical cleanup challenge, but not a serious dispersal hazard. The water that is in the tanks is going to wind up in the sea, so mass ruptures would just accomplish the same thing–albeit in a less controlled and less gradual way.


Yes, you are right. It was always the foreign reactionary elements.

Socialism has never been given a chance to prosper without capitalist attempts to destroy it.

By the way, socialism is an economic system, while communism is a political system and one of various ways of obtaining socialism.
One does not morph into the other.


This really isnt related to Fukushima and Chernobyl. Yes there were radiation leaks in those scenarios that damaged organisms as a result; however in terms of human decision they are not related. The purpose of a nuclear test is to collect data on energy release, impact, challenges and potential damage. The purpose of a nuclear reactor is to control a nuclear reaction for consistent electrical energy production. I am worried that someone may look at your comment and suggest that nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors are made for the same purpose to harm organisms, but that is not true.

We need to ban nuclear weapons, but should continue engaging in nuclear science to maintain nuclear reactors so long as we also implement the necessary precautions and systems to maintain a reaction in the safest way in accordance of production.