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Fears of US-Backed 'Coup' in Motion as Trump Recognizes Venezuela Opposition Lawmaker as 'Interim President'

Fears of US-Backed 'Coup' in Motion as Trump Recognizes Venezuela Opposition Lawmaker as 'Interim President'

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela officially cut off dipomatic ties with the U.S. government on Wednesday—and gave American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country—in response to President Donald Trump declaring formal recognition of an opposition lawmaker as the "Interim President" of Venezuela, despite not being elected by the nation's people for that position.


Here we go again.


Great, so when large numbers of people protest Trump and Congress, we can all support a Left Wing Socialist waiting to take his place! The truth is that the people want a ‘more left’ government, but Chavez was unable to wrest power from a handful of wealthy groups in Venezuela. Though this ‘opposition leader’ is not popular, the MSM will avoid any analysis of that aspect of the coup. This is a real reason why Trump should be impeached and unfortunately we have seen that Trudeau has decided to knuckle under corporate America’s iron fist as well.


You can’t impeach the CIA and Pence is worse and that’s possible; but if the
Democrats allow this, not to consider applauding it, a touch of social
spending for public needs (health care), among others, goes the way of


Maduro needs to stop dicking around and round these oligarch scum up and put 'em up against the wall, once and for all. screw the US and everyone else. he has an obligation to protect his people and his country, and the venezuelan rich have done nothing but subvert and undermine everything good there since 1999.

End them or lose the Bolivarian movement.


Damned Washington just won’t cease interfering in the internal matters of other nations. When will it learn that the governance of other nations is the business of the citizens of such nations and not of Americans? I’m glad the diplomats/spies have been told to get out!


Everything is about Elites-Patriarchy – and American Imperialism.

How many coups by our CIA to take over other nations and their resources of other nations?

Venezuela = OIL


The Evil Imperialist amerikan empire needs to end…Soon! Thankfully the empire is sliding into the abyss!


If these fascists keep it up, the whole world is going to form an alliance, (China, Russia, India, Europe, South America, Mexico, etc.etc), with the sole motive being the annihilation of the USA. Since they outnumber us about 19:1 they’re going to utterly decimate us, in no time at all, and about half of America is going to help them do it if we cant get total and absolute control over the NAZI government. History always revisits this scene - Oligarchy followed by popular revolt and collapse, and history has no examples of nations ever surviving this trend.


We have been attacking Venezuela for decades now. We supported coups, the oil industry lockout, economic sabotage. The CIA, the NED, USAID, the International Republican Institute, and a slew of private organizations have flooded the country with money, giving it to right wing and reactionary groups in the country. You can find many of these leaked documents online, Eva Golinger has published them, put them in her book The Chavez Code. A good portion of that support has gone to outright fascist groups. Since 2013, when Chavez died, the economic war has intensified. We have frozen assets, stopped needed imports from getting into the country, we have barred creditors from re-negotiating Venezuela’s debt. The economy has massively suffered. A good portion of its economy is owned by large capitalists that control important markets, and they have outwardly announced that they cut back the supplies of basic items in working class areas as a means of causing economic harm and to further destabilize the country. The media is very right wing, and when the coup happened, the coup plotters went on national TV to thank the media for its help in fomenting the coup. Our ally, Venezuela’s neighbor, Colombia is a death squad state. Can you imagine what its economy would be like if we did to it what we have done to Venezuela? We know from the Panama Papers that the opposition has set up a multitude of companies that essentially steal state subsidized food, and they sell it in neighboring countries. We have used Colombian paramilitaries to destabilize the country further.

Let’s not forget too that when the opposition did a coup in 2002, against what was then the most popular government in the Western hemisphere, we and Canada were quick to recognize that government. The NY times cheered it on, and called for everyone to do so as well. They all wound up looking horrible. But times were better then, and things were at least improving.

The fact is that we have actively made the country worse, and it had massive problems before 1998, which the right wing in the US has no knowledge of what so ever. For the US government to argue that it cares about democracy is absurd. It has done nothing but undermine the democracy in Venezuela and in many countries around the world for decades. And this all isn’t to say that the Venezuelan government hasn’t made some mistakes, it has. It is also struggling with corruption, across the ideological spectrum. But to think that the right wing has any plans beyond massive repression and looting is absurd. Pre-Chavez Venezuela was a bad situation. From 1980 to 1998 the country’s economy shrank by 26%. The country was increasingly under the control of the IMF, and by the late 1980’s, it was home to the first IMF riots in the region. It had multiple coups in the early 1990’s, one of which Chavez took part in, and those coups had broad popular support. Inflation has been high in Venezuela obviously in recent years, but it was actually higher in the pre-Chavez years than it was in the 1998-2013 period, and the economy struggled from a lack of diversification for decades. The collapse price of oil has caused multiple economic crises going back decades. And even Chavez admitted, later in his life, that the country was in no way socialist. There were some elements of socialism, but the traditional private economy grew at a much quicker rate than the public sector during his time, and a number of developed countries have a larger public sector than Venezuela does. Countries like Norway have nationalized the oil industry, and the nationalized industries are often run well. So, to argue that this all is the fault of “socialism”, given all of this, is absurd. To think that we could isolate particular problems back socialism with any clarity is a bit absurd.

The left in the US and other developed countries, however, has simply done nothing at all to push back on what the government has been doing to Venezuela for decades now. So, we are partially responsible for it getting to this point. It might not be a huge part of the responsibility, but we share at least a small part of the blame.


Dear People Venezuela Here is a great line from Shakespeare:
" Existir o no existir, esta es la question." To be or not to be that is the question.
I think that you can BE and without having an American imposed coup either…

OR maybe it’s a QUICK! LOOK OVER THERE attempt! Trump just made up something to change the news from the 800,000 government workers who are starving and losing their rent and homes AND without any money for those workers to buy gas to get to work!


So much for the Canadian Gov’t and Trudeau. They’ve proven to be as big of scumbags as Trump & Co. May they all rot in hell with their Christo-Fascist clergy and phony moral platitudes. Money is their only god, obviously.
Oiligarchies and white people in Canada treat First Nations people’s rights as horribly as The Kovington Katholic Khoirboys treat our Native Americans in the U.S. It’s a real plan, alright. It’s called slow genocide by sanctions and illegal ops. American Foreign Policy: when all else fails, kill people who get in the way.
Tail wagging the dog, too, as Trump’s approval rating slips to 36%. But, real people will be slaughtered by the cowardice and silence of The Uniparty Caucus. Just another day, of many, for Yangui White Imperialism we’re supposed to pay taxes to.
This is just one of the reasons " people hate us for our freedoms ". They always come at other people’s expense.


Its all about their oil and nothing else.



Then there’s the simple,basic fact that we want their oil.Remember Iran,1953?


Joan – great posts – agree – and …

Since the LEFT everywhere does not have majority power in governments – including in US
for decades now – the left is easily ignored. This is why there are no real investigations
happening in government and why right wing coups, violence, conspiracies cannot be brought
into the open and held accountable. (And we see Pelosi and McConnell both ignoring the left–)
We have a FAKE LEFT,. like the Dem Party and imagine that is more true than not around the world.
Except NORWAY!

I’m starting to think that even if Elites put toddlers back into our factories that Americans will still
not come out into the streets … ???


I officially recognize Bernie Sanders as the President of the United States. The 2016 election really WAS fraudulent and rigged and Bernie should pack up and move to the White House now.

Trump and Pence believe they were elected to be king and vice-king of the world.


Tail, meet dog. Wag vigorously!


Flesh it out for me. I realize it is hard to do, but give me a rough argument about how its struggles are not based largely on things outside of the system itself and the decisions of the Venezuelan government. The government has made mistakes, as I said, corruption (including Maduro and his wife) is a huge problem, but look at what we have done to the country, and ask yourself, if any other poor country was on the receiving end of what we have done, what would their economy look like? What if, again, we did to Colombia what we did to Venezuela? Colombia is already poor, has massive internal problems, is a graveyard for the left, social movements and union organizers. So, would Colombia not be in just as bad of shape if it was on the receiving end not of massive amounts of US aid (like now) but instead the attacks that Venezuela has been dealing with for decades now? Take into account the following:

  1. The massive problems in the country before 1998
  2. The massive problems it shares with other poor countries
  3. The massive problems it shares with many other oil producing countries.
  4. The external and internal attacks (including what we know of the NED, the CIA, USAID, the International Republican Institute, etc., as well as US allies like Colombia)
  5. The recent freezing of assets, the cutting off of needed imports, it being barred from re-negotiating its external debt with its creditors, in other words, the economic war against the country.
  6. The reliance it has on oil exports and the massive drop in the price of oil.

Yup, heard the same while growing up in Eastern Europe. Foreign reactionary forces were blamed for all the ills. Including at the end when everything went downhill. In the end it turned the CIA was just as surprise everything went down.