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FEC Called On to Close Dark Money Loophole Poisoning Democracy

FEC Called On to Close Dark Money Loophole Poisoning Democracy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

An advocacy group called on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Monday to fix its interpretation of a rule that has helped dark money flourish.


From a couple million$ to hundreds of millions. If conservative campaign contributors have nothing to hide, then why are they hiding?

The Shrub and his Supreme Court cut the bottom of a bag that has been filling since the Nixon admin if not before, releasing the corruption of unlimited funding. This went largely ignored by our “watchdog” media who was the ultimate recipient of the corporate largess. Our slide to the bottom was well greased and continues to be the major factor in the media as to who is ahead in the races as if all the money from the Koch Bros represented more than two votes. Where are the voices calling for criminalizing the direct payment of funds larger than fifty dollars and making it the class A felony bribing public officials actually is?

I know you ask the question, already knowing the answer, but we should expand on this a bit. The obvious reasons are that they don;t do well in the light of day. And they don’t want to dissuade others who are on the fence.
It would be great to be able to expose those donations. A bigger problem lies with the all too often disappearance of tax dollars, a trillion here, and a trillion there.

You only need to view the many other countries that have and support modern infrastructure, innovation, and energy applications that we don’t get. Somehow the richest country on earth doesn’t have money for the basics.

By asking that question, I am also poking at how con-servatives keep trying to roll back our rights to privacy. Yet, they don’t want us to know who donates to their campaigns. That sort of self-serving hypocrisy makes me angry.