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Fed Up With Austerity Policies, #Blockupy Storms Streets of Frankfurt


Fed Up With Austerity Policies, #Blockupy Storms Streets of Frankfurt

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Anti-austerity protests boiled over near the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

Around 10,000 anti-austerity protesters reportedly gathered under the banner of #Blockupy—an alliance united against the so-called 'Troika' of the ECB, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund who oversee bailout packages in the eurozone. The alliance opposes the economic policies behind such packages, saying they harm the poor and middle class.


How “convenient” that the Black-Block types show up in organized groups. Obviously Belgium (oops, see below) is in little danger of US-incited “regime change” but obviously needs to toughen up its “anti-terror” spying and police-state laws. Just like Canada, after Harper had to hide face-down in a closet while a psychologically-damaged man ran around Parliament Hill with an antique, two-shot magazine rifle.

BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. The US’s Bretton Woods/IMF/WTO/World Bankster system’s survival depends on it.

EDIT: Sorry reading quickly assumed this EU main office would be with the rest of the central EU offices, in Belgium.

However the case is even MORE relevant being this happened in Germany, which transgressed US “policy” by brokering Minsk2. So new "anti-terror/spying legislation proposed in Germany in 3…2…1. It’s easy, just lift what the UK and Canada have already taken verbatim from US State Dep’t lips.


Be happy! Very happy! The US’s Bretton Woods/IMF/World Bankster system’s survival is threated by Blockupy! We need to get out on the streets here in the belly of the beast to end the bankster’s control of all life on Earth. Look around you!! Can’t you see the damage that is being done to us all by the psychopathic people in control of the world economy and the government of the United States. They call it ‘violence’ when people get so angry that they break a window or spray paint on a building? Isn’t the real violence the destruction of our human and civil rights? We must respond to the violence this rotten system and corrupt government is doing to the working people of this nation. It is time to express our anger and scare the shit out of our ‘rulers’. We must get out on the street to demand a truly democratic political system to share the wealth of our nation and care for our people and our environment.

Time is running out. When are you going to get angry and DO something the change things?


Stop pepetuating the myth that black-blocked anarchists are undercover agents.

It is “convenient” that there was a black block, because anarchists are the ones willing to take the risks which require protecting their anonymity.

If their actions make you uncomfortable, fine. But you put activists in danger when you perpetuate the myth that those who shield their identity are undercover agents. They are the people who will protect you when you need it. They are the ones who throw back the tear gas, who cut open fences, and who risk prison to de-arrest others.


Sorry, Gandhi proved non-violence is a far better way to maintain the moral high-ground. Vandalism merely gives “justification” for an ever more despotic police-state.


Because burning cars…

Why is it that heterosexuals don’t understand math? More people, less resources.



Ignoramus Americanus, I guess…

Frankfurt is in GERMANY…


How’s about now? I don’t know how to organize, don’t have the time Working and raising 5 kids all by myself. Butt we will take part in the street demonstrations like the one in Frankfurt.


There’s a difference between non-violence and no resistance.


Noted above, makes my case stronger, not weaker.


Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre. It was not the only instance where the Army mass-gunned down unarmed, peaceful people, sometimes only at market. Modern riot squads have nothing on the British Army back then.

And don’t forget the Salt March, and the many beatings endured by peaceful protesters.

Britain left. Shamed, broken. The US-elite will eventually face the same treatment from its 99%.


Both the ECB and the IMF are counterproductive to the general resurgence of Europe. These “businesses”
are more political pawns than helpmates. The scourge of politics is wrecking progress.


A_P: We all fervently hope so. We definitely need a financially social cleansing–big time.
Sooner or later.


Right. Have you ever considered that another definition of austerity is the effects of climate change.

Look at the maps. Droughts, storms, and overpopulation are destroying the habitat for humans.

Those humans continue to ignore it and want to breed and go shopping. So they burn cars in a temper tantrum. A fitting metaphor for this ignorance since cars represent a key element of the problem.


That’s not going to happen. Use Occupy as an example to understand why. What began as an extraordinary people’s movement that could have changed the course we’re on was quickly redefined – by Dem pols, lib media, then many participants themselves – as a Middle Class Only Movement. The rest of us – the poor, and those who get why unrelieved poverty is sinking the country – walked away. Since then, lib media have exclusively promoted middle class elitism. Not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. The US shipped out a massive number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We’ve created a poverty crisis. The longer we ignore it, the wider and deeper it grows.

Now, America has been in this mess before, when the richest few caused tremendous harm to the economy/nation. Each time in the past, the masses – the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless – ultimately united to push back, to everyone’s benefit. That can’t happen today. Liberals welcome the poor to stand in solidarity with middle class workers – just don’t expect a crumb to trickle down. Divide and conquer.


You don’t drive a car, do you? Our millions of privately-owned motor vehicles is our biggest contribution to climate change today.


America has a more complex situation. In a nutshell, the rich are now starting to do to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor. It’s a new situation for the US, so who knows how this will all turn out? Either way, by pitting the middle against the poor, the rich have enjoyed a greater level of safety.


That’s the catch: There is no 99%. The “masses” today are deeply divided and subdivided by class and race.


What do people want today? There’s no agreement, no ideas beyond maintaining a pep rally for whatever remains of the better off, the middle class. I’m not interested.


Absolutely agreed. But by tying all the “issues” back to a small set of easily recognizable 0.01% figures and their groupthink, the 99% can easily be reunited.

The 99% need ot learn how to resist “pushing Milgram’s button” on others or playing Zimbardo’s “prison guard” at the mere suggestion of “authority”.

There is only one legitimate authority, and that grows from the wider consensus of communities and societies, not from the “winners” of horse-race, divide-and-conquer politics or from autocratic boardrooms.

I think the 99% can be brought to understand their role in perpetuating the status quo, and also can be led to understand that by simply questioning authority whenever we are asked to beggar our neighbours, even at the most basic interpersonal level, we can make change happen.