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Fed Up With Constant Attacks and Insults, Ocasio-Cortez Slams Pelosi as 'Outright Disrespectful' for Singling Out Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/fed-constant-attacks-and-insults-ocasio-cortez-slams-pelosi-outright-disrespectful


Love AOC! Pelosi is nothing but a 80 year old political. prostitute!

" every time I am attacked I raise more money."


In calling Pelosi disrespectful she is giving her far more respect than she is due, but i suppose one can’t fault Ocasio for being civil.


AOC will be viciously attacked by the DNC and there is currently a movement in the Bronx, throngs neck area to unseat her. I really doubt that they will be successful but she needs all the support she can get.


Someday I hope this valiant woman runs for the presidency.

Remember the word - valiant? It isn’t used much anymore in conversation but that is what AOC is. Valiant!


Pelosi is setting up the progressives as scapegoats if the dems lose to Trump (assuming Bernie doesn’t get the nomination). And this is not a generational spat as is being portrayed by some news outlets. It’s a philosophical divide between what the democratic party has become since Clinton and what true progressives want from their representatives.


What ‘movement’ ? By whom? Scurrilous rumors at best. Trolling with faint praise at worst.

Pelosi must go, that old fa rt corrupt to the rotting bone bitch.


Pelosi is good at sucking corporate d*ck. AOC is really good at kicking balls…


You go girls, Nancy is not with the people but status quo which is moderates which I shouldn’t lump them all into the status quo category.

We cannot survive on status quo and Donald Trump was a good example of that in 2016 but the likes of Pelosi and friends did not learn a thing.


Oops. AOC and other members of her squad are representing the “wrong” people - their actual, voting, constituents. Nancy and the “moderate” Democrats are representing their rich donors. We need AOC and company to keep their voices strong!


Who are the people behind Pelosi and keep supporting her over and over. I have a good idea but more illumination would the helping and enlightening. I don’t think they are the friends of the United States or the average american.


Valiant was the name of my first car, loved it ran like a clock straight 6 Chrysler engine body like steel


Pelosi and moderate democrats are in a business parthership with Republicans; They own a company called, “Presidential Debates.” Pelosi and Trump are in business to centralize capital and maintain a political base to privatize profits and socialize costs,

It’s time to evolve past capitalist government. Try voting for president now at http://www.autonomousDemocracy.org Change your vote anytime until November 2020 once you have sign in account. No emails. No donations.


Pelosi and Trump, the DNC and RNC are all from the same ball sack of corruption.


Pelosi might be smart, maybe not, who knows, but she is functionally stupid because of how out of touch she is. She can’t logically make an argument that the actual left is tiny in her party but then blame them for her own failures, which are now decades long.

And I love the reported response to AOC. She looks at AOC and says that every time she (a self-described democratic socialist) attacks Pelosi, that she gets more bribes, and the horrible, rotten soulless people in her party there cheered. Think about that. Who exactly gives her money in response to a person on the left attacking her? Think working class people, poor people are flooding her with money when someone like AOC attacks her, or the types of pricks her adviser spoke to at that function with healthcare lobbyists where he promised to undermine single payer? Pelosi went on the House floor and paid a tribute to Pete Peterson, one of the biggest enemies of Social Security and Medicare, who spread lies and propaganda about the solvency of those programs, what is called public debt and deficits. She could have paid a tribute to the Koch brothers and it would have been little different. She is part of the anti-Bernie crowd in the Democratic Party that has been meeting with other ghouls like Neera Tanden, racist police lapdog Pete, and Schumer. She pushed for the pay go nonsense and has been an utter train wreck for decades.

She is deeply unpopular nationally and would get absolutely stomped if she ran for president. But she claims that she has a lot of support because other corrupt Democrats in government think she is the bees knees, even though she and those like her are hated nationally. The public, at least on policy, agrees with people like AOC far more than her. But, to her, “support” doesn’t mean popular support. Who gives a damn about the peasants. No, the four singled out have no support from the corrupt Democrats like her, Hoyer, Schumer and the rest.

I hate the Democratic Party. I hope it burns to the ground. I will support Bernie in the primaries, and if he doesn’t win (and him losing is more likely than winning), I will work for the Greens or another third party. Cause Warren isn’t going to be given power either, so someone even moderately progressive is a non-starter from these band of corrupt losers for roughly the same reasons Bernie is.


In no developed country in the world could someone support the policies that she does and be termed moderate. She is not moderate, she is right wing. If she was in Canada or the UK and supported the healthcare policies she does, she would be on the far, far right, which is where she is on many issues. That she was ever considered as being on the left says more about how far right wing this system is than it accurately describing what she is. In a democracy or a democratic republic, public opinion determines what is centrist. The policies Bernie and AOC support, with rare exception, have strong popular support. The public might not support the policies they do for ideological reasons, but that doesn’t matter. On policy, AOC and Bernie are centrists, period. They are the moderates, at least if popular opinion matched what the state actually does on policy.


The right wing slime AND the corporate old school Dems are simply terrified of AOC .No other way to put it.
Her presence is a constant reminder to them of how they have wasted their lives living a lie.


I am with AOC regarding this matter and this morning I called Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington D. C. and I told her so.

I left a message because it seems they (Pelosi’s office) are not talking directly to their constituents. My message was…… I wanted Mrs. Pelosi to quit putting down and dissing our new women representatives. These brave women are representing my views and Nancy is just plain wrong.

Here is where you can call Nancy. Yes, it may be long distance but what is more important for you to do today but to tell the Democrats get a back bone. Quit attacking the people whom I support. I believe these women to have my best interests at heart and they are extremely brave individuals. What more can we ask for in these trying times.

Office Locations
Washington, DC Office
1236 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515
phone: (202) 225-4965
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

San Francisco District Office
90 7th Street
Suite 2-800
San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: (415) 556-4862
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

Maybe Nancy Pelosi has forgotten what brave is.


AOC is rapidly becoming my Latin Queen, man… a woman speaking truth to power is a beautiful sight to behold.