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Fed Up With Constant Attacks and Insults, Ocasio-Cortez Slams Pelosi as 'Outright Disrespectful' for Singling Out Progressives

You can’t be su’guest’ing that trolls should spell correctly!?

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Right. The fact that Pelosi’s S.F. phone is not answered by a person speaks for itself.

She just congratulated Modi 2 months ago, Helen.

I have a deep respect for my elders, you included Ed, however, this is not a time for incremental change from the Status Quo Democratic Party.

They need to go bold, or go home.

Medicare-For-All is not only doable, but will save money.

I’m not far behind you Ed, and I want to see some real representation for the middle class before I have my last ice cream cone.

I am pretty sure it’s not coming from either of these corporate parties.

They’ve cashed in their 30 pieces of silver and there’s no turning back for them.

Pelosi is just another Judas as far as I can see.

Power never concedes gracefully.

What was he supposed to do? Tell his people to vote for Trump? Get real - in terms of US politics Stein (and the other guy, whoever he was) was a total no-hoper - and, to be honest, I’ve seen some not very savoury things reported about Stein. One of two truly despicable candidates was going to be elected - and, fair enough, I’m not ENTIRELY sure that Hillary “We Came, We Saw, He Died - Ha Ha Ha!” Clinton, the whore of Wall Street, would have been a whole lot better bet than Trump in some ways. Poor old Bernie, though, was stuck between the proverbial rock and the equally proverbial hard place. I think this time round he, with Tulsi as running mate, needs to have in his back pocket - if at all possible - a cunning and secret plan to run on an independent ticket given the probable machinations of the ‘Democrat’ heirarchy.



Yes, you are.

LOL! You don’t deserve to be treated seriously. I at least make coherent arguments and you type something I would expect from an emotionally immature child. Poorly thought out and poorly communicated. I love that I have triggered you, since you have been so vile and immature in response to my posts. I hope this posts further triggers you. Keep on reading my posts on this site, and please keep on responding. I need comic relief. I truly mean it, please keep on responding to me in a childish manner. Not only is it funny, but you do no favors to the people you are defending. Double score.

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LOL you are a HYPOCRITE.

Explain, small mind. How am I a hypocrite? Give me the logic. You have nothing of substance to say.