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Fed Up with 'Dysfunction and Deadlock,' Former FEC Chair Will Resign


Fed Up with 'Dysfunction and Deadlock,' Former FEC Chair Will Resign

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The primary responsibilities of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are to ensure full disclosure of campaign money and fair enforcement of election law, former chair Ann M. Ravel said Monday, before declaring: "Citizens deserve to know it does neither."


Well, that opens the door for Joe Manchin of W. Virginia, a so-called democrat who has rubber-stamped every one of t-dump's cabinet nominees departing from all the Dems in the Senate opposing same (except for Heidi Heitkamp of ND (GOP in dem hat) who was at one time considered for secy of ag). He would gladly do the emperor's bidding and draw one big black curtain over campaign contributions while excavating a giant hole in the ground to bury the evidence.

Kudos to Ms. Ravel for her courage, integrity, and strength of conviction!


She's asking a billionaire to get money out of politics. Definition of irony.


Strangely, here is a person of quality who will no longer put up with the dysfunctional system and leaves. What is strange is that draining the swamp keeps good people like Ann and gets rid of the folks she mentions as reason for her to leave.

Indeed it will be a great task to make America okay, more stable and healthy. There are huge numbers of people who have taken up positions within government for the purpose of blocking one agenda while pushing their own. Drain the swamp. There are loads of good people in our country and there are thousands that can replace those that have become entrenched.


I have yet to hear anyone except maybe Sanders challenge Trump on the idea of drain the swamp----why aren't reporters hounding Trump on this issue????? This clearly was a reason people supported Trump yet the media are all to happy to ignore the issue.


Wonder if this had anything to do with it (smile)



So now. of all times, would seem to NOT be the time to quit. But I'm not in her shoes. And this didn't start in January, obviously.


Media=Corpses. Trump, like DINOs, except more out there, equals corpses. As always, corpses win!


Thanks for the link.


Trump sees the Gators in the swamp as muslims,latinos, Dems , Indep., Progressives, anyone with a brain, those that say no to him,Amer, indians, ETC. So in Trumps mind he is Draining the Swamp.


You are welcome! - have no noticed that none of the so-called "prog" sites reported on this .... (smile)


So, we are losing the committed and competent person who prevented voter fraud, voter suppression, etc. What could possibly go wrong? I fear we will find out.


Jill Stein is still active in voting justice issues, though she and the Green Party have once again been disappeared from the so-called independent progressive media.

"A federal court has delivered an unprecedented ruling against the Commission on Presidential Debates, stating that the bipartisan commission has unfairly designed its rules to eliminate any realistic possibility of independent or alternative party candidates getting on the debate stage. Both the Green Party and Libertarian Party were co-plaintiffs on the suit brought by Level the Playing Field. The ruling means that the FEC must respond to the complaint, and potentially compel the debates commission to change the 15% polling threshold for being admitted into the debate."

"As the recount fight continues in Philadelphia, renowned activist and founder of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Cheri Honkala is running in a special election for Pennsylvania state house to take the struggle for voting justice into the halls of power. To learn more and get involved with this landmark race, go to:"
Cheri197.com https://cheri4staterep-gpofpa.nationbuilder.com/.

There is also a conference Saturday in Philadelphia: